Comments - Unearthed: 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT

Published: Jul 28, 2012
Description: For people such as myself, you may remember growing up hearing a Pontiac Fiero joke or three. In fact, listening to an owner's horror story about his Fiero is one my earliest childhood car memori...
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Matt Howard Aug 11, 2012
The fire history was actually 260 out 0f 270,168 cars produced. Thats 0.07%. I did a research project/speech on the history of the Fiero. I got the data from the NHTSA VSR archives.
Herbert Beltran Jul 29, 2012
Sadly it was lost due to an engine fire
Herbert Beltran Jul 29, 2012
My dad had an 84 Fiero pace car replica. I remember that thing looked like a baby Ferrari, and turned heads like one too. I was a kid and we were driving along Waikiki beach in Hawaii and a guy walked straight into a palm tree cuz he was staring.
Laguna Seca Jul 28, 2012
+1 re-earth it. Along with the Aztec
Brandon Bairian Jul 28, 2012
Stick that back in the earth...
Kyle Cherry Jul 28, 2012
The Fiero had the engine fire problem in 84. I had an 86 and 87 and had no problems, and several guys I know never had issues. The car handled and drove great.
Michael Page Jul 28, 2012
Ha Jonathan!, you beat me to it. I've had lots of crappy cars, none ever caught fire. I think a 20% fire history is pretty bad.
Jonathan Bowen Jul 28, 2012
Lol 4 outa 5 ain't bad, right?
Bull Dogone Jul 28, 2012
@Jared Thanks for adding facts. Hate when people make negative generalizations, especially admitting, "...never owned one..."
Jared Palmer Jul 28, 2012
Between myself and other family and friend, we have collectively owned five Fieros. Only one of which ever had a fire, due to a leaking oil pump.
Matty Michaels Jul 28, 2012
Paragraph 2: That hasn't stopped Ferrari!
Description: Whenever I see one on the road today I wonder whether the owner has taken great care of it (i.e. spent a lot of money on upkeep) or whether the thing has been locked up in storage for 20 years only to...
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kolton Jul 29, 2012
I might be crazy but in think it still looks good.
Joshua Jul 28, 2012
Put a 377 sbc in the back... you got yourself a sadistic animal
Paul Lissona Jul 28, 2012
One of my uncles had one the same color.
Description: Development soon began with the goal of building a fuel efficient small car with some sporty flare. The intention was not to build a true sports car, but to have something that looked like one. Despit...
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Paul Lissona Jul 29, 2012
Yah wow that reminds me my 92 civic stick shift, all stock not rices out gets 42 freeway 30+ city. Yah some old cars get better than new junk.
BurlyDolphin Jul 29, 2012
@Paul that's pure fact actually, that gas mileage is easy to get with the iron duke. I own a fiero and have heard many people say the same thing.
Paul Lissona Jul 28, 2012
Yah they're incredibly slow and stupid, not even making sense with what they're trying to do obviously.
Joe Fats Harper Jul 28, 2012
Some newer regulations, especially things like ethanol, have really hurt cars gas mileage in recent years. Gotta love government
Paul Lissona Jul 28, 2012
27/40 gm out of all the American cars has always been the most fuel efficient, but I think ^/^ is an exaggeration.
Description: When it was launched in 1984 it became an immediate hit and the Pontiac factory couldn't build them fast enough. Enthusiasts, however, could see right through GM's cost-saving techniques and...
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Description: Further improvements were done by completely redesigning the suspension and updating both the four-cylinder and V6 engines. Although turbochargers were planned, the idea fell through because productio...
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Jordan Jackson Jul 28, 2012
Gotta love the media...
Jared Palmer Jul 28, 2012
Eat the Corvettes lunch. This is what killed the Fieros.
Jared Palmer Jul 28, 2012
Carry over into the following year. With the increase of power and refinements to the handling the Fieros was a scheduled to be a fierce little car. However, when GM started testing the new Fieros thee was concern that this little rocket was going to
Jared Palmer Jul 28, 2012
The prototype scheduled for 1989 was to use the dual quad 3.4 literV6 220 hp from the Lumina z34/ mote Carlo z34. Lotus had already improved on suspension in 1988, so that was to
Description: There are still plenty of used Fiero's still around today and this one currently up for sale on eBay is a 1986 GT model that's supposedly in good conditioning, considering it has over 85,000...
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Phillip Greene Jul 29, 2012
those miles are nothing for a car that old i bet its mint should go for a lot more then that
Paul Lissona Jul 28, 2012
That's a lot probably.
Frank Dreitlein Jul 28, 2012
Moulding is missing...that should drop the price..a lot..
Description: Whether or not that's money well spent is up to you, but due to the Fiero's mid-engine layout, this could become a great project car to swap in a V8 and further improve the suspension. There...
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Cody Andree Jul 28, 2012
The non dentable fenders Saturn was using didn't catch on for a reason, like many things when they got hot from the sun they expanded. Causing you to chip your paint every time u opened the doors.
Colin Dzendolet Jul 28, 2012
I used to live near a guy who had a series II 3800 supercharged engine from a 2002 grand prix gtp, that thing was fast as hell
Bull Dogone Jul 28, 2012
A local owns one with an LT1 V8 engine transversed mounted. Bit of a Frankenstein but hugely popular at car shows. Like the Solstice, poorly executed great idea, but it was cool when it came out. Certainly more popular than Ford's Probe was.
Bull Dogone Jul 28, 2012
Wow, near fail on this editorial. How could you possibly omit the body panels being resistant to dents and dings??? As a precursor to Saturn, the modular body panels were revolutionary at the time, but never caught on in the industry.
Tin Nguyen Jul 30, 2012
Except for the steering wheel
Tin Nguyen Jul 30, 2012
Everything is so square.
Phillip Greene Jul 29, 2012
i actualy like old interiors and if you think any make was doing better than this in 86 your full of crap bmws mercs porches ad a strip of fake wood grain to this and its strait 80s german lux
Andrew McNeal Jul 28, 2012
Typical boring 80s-90s American car interior, glad they stopped doing the "all gray, all plastic" thing.
Zachary Maurer Jul 28, 2012
I don't even have words for this, please feel free to comment what words you have for this...interior
Adam Beiersdorfer Jul 28, 2012
I just want to point out the disfigured steering wheel on the top left... I'm pretty sure it's made of soft clay painted black... Just sayin...
topgear164 Jul 28, 2012
This interior would make an ideal spot to blow my brains out.
Chris O'Brien Jul 28, 2012
they should name this interior "fifty shades of grey."
Dale Schroeder Jul 28, 2012
@Neil: Sadly that's par for the course for most American cars from the '80s.
Neil Vickers Jul 28, 2012
Jesus that's horrible, looks like its made out of plastic airfix parts, also the last lady who had a lift left her handbag stuck to the door.
Jerrod Swenson Jul 28, 2012
This is either a poor respray or Fieros came with black door jams. Either way it's a poor respray.
Dale Schroeder Jul 28, 2012
I don't think I've ever seen a Fiero with an interior that clean before. If it's well maintained $4k would be a great deal for this one.
William Pitts Jul 29, 2012
A fully trimmed LS7 weighs over 450 lbs. Why would you waste such a good engine by putting it in a fiero anyways?
Cody Andree Jul 28, 2012
Ls7 only weighs 200? Relle?
Jordan Smith Jul 28, 2012
You read my mind, Trent.
Trent Bourgeois Jul 28, 2012
Humm. Take out the death engine, do a little fab work, drop a 200 pound ls7 in it = sleeeppppper carrrr madness!
Christopher Gamache Jul 28, 2012
A case of putting lipstick on a pig.