Comments - Cooking Steak on a Corvette V8

Published: Jul 28, 2012
Description: The Brits over at RecombuCars have found a new and clever way to utilize the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. The clip, starring Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf comedic fame, appears in human form to gri...
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Wyatt Gordon Aug 02, 2012
@Darellbell24, I mostly agree with you, but you did say one thing that made me flinch a little, when you said to Colby, "I thought we settled this yesterday, I told you to keep your opinions to yourself". That is, by a long ways, the most retarded thing I've heard all day. telling someone to keep their opinions to themselves, On a F*cking COMMENT WALL.
David Liebe Hart Jul 29, 2012
Didn't have the patience for this video haha
Craig Lafey Jul 29, 2012
What are these guys thinking?!? They ruined a gorgeous car!!
Tim Preisinger Jul 29, 2012
Keenan, so....your saying you respect what the vette can do, while at the same time you said "this is about the only thing the vette is good for"...?
Chaz Neal Jul 29, 2012
ZR1 IS KING haven't saw anyone post it in awhile thought I would just drop it
Theviper007 Jul 28, 2012
I'm just defending the guy
Abraham Mendoza Jul 28, 2012
So respect equals the ability to insult? How does that work?
Theviper007 Jul 28, 2012
He likes the old one's
Theviper007 Jul 28, 2012
@Colby he didn't say he hates vetted he said he is not a big fan of the new vettes
Theviper007 Jul 28, 2012
lost what never mind
Keenan Casteel Jul 28, 2012
That was a valiant attempt at an insult. But you kinda ruined it by using a possessive.
Keenan Casteel Jul 28, 2012
Don't let one guy's opinion bother you. I have no desire to make you mad.
Keenan Casteel Jul 28, 2012
No, I'm not looking for an argument. I just don't like the new vettes. I prefer the older ones. And I know a lot about vettes, Colby. When I say I don't like them, it doesn't mean I don't respect what they can do.
Alec Lindgren Jul 28, 2012
Cook on my Cherokee's engine lol it would have cooked that stuff in 20mins lol
Jon Burleson Jul 28, 2012
Top gear did this when gordon ramsay was on the show.
Jordan Smith Jul 28, 2012
Are you looking for an argument, Keenan?
Keenan Casteel Jul 28, 2012
That's about all a vette is good for.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 28, 2012
of course anycar can do this even a PS3
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 28, 2012
Asparagus n Bacon.... Wtf
Jordan Richardson Jul 28, 2012
America and Britain in perfect harmony. C:
Grant McHendry Jul 28, 2012
Oh my gosh. Thats awesome.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 28, 2012
I've gotta try this
Corey Alan Kelley Jul 28, 2012
I heat my burritos at work on the engine of my work truck
Description: "We lumped each of the ingredients into its own foil-based take-away container and sealed it. Each container was then placed next to the exhaust manifold - the part of the engine most likely to m...
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Alec Lindgren Jul 28, 2012
@Flymcbean I6 Cast Iron block is where its at
Dillon Magee Jul 28, 2012
U could cook the whole cow on a veyron's engine
Brady Fereday Jul 28, 2012
They should have tried this with the buggati that thing gives off heat like the sun
Flymcbean Jul 28, 2012
I always say don't cook steak if you ain't got a V8
Nathan Geiter Jul 29, 2012
So much greatness.
Quinn Conner Jul 28, 2012
Where's the beef?
Aaron Cartwright Jul 28, 2012
No way that light naturally does that lol
Nick Sti Jul 28, 2012
Lol photoshop at its finest