30 Vipers Run Out to the Hamptons

The Long Island Expressway plays host to a group of high-powered American supercars.
Last Sunday saw a fearsome group of 30 Dodge Vipers from all generations make a trip along the Long Island Expressway to the Hamptons. Amongst the snakes in attendance were an ACR in black and silver (just like the one that set the lap record at the Nurburgring), a second ACR in white, a GTS in the classic blue/white guise and one in red with white stripes. They were joined by a pair of Lamborghinis and two Nissan GTRs, and finished their journey at Oakland's Restaurant & Marina at the Hampton Bays.
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The terrific photos, shot photographer Dani LaManna of Smithtown, NY, show the best of Dodge's work, and after viewing them we can't help but look forward to SRT's deliveries of the 2013 Viper to hit showrooms across the States. Thanks for the photos, Nick!

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