Comments - Acura NSX and Lexus LFA go Head 2 Head

Published: Jul 27, 2012
Description: Few supercars epitomize the best Japan has to offer quite like the Acura NSX and the Lexus LFA. So for the latest episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend scribe Jonny Lieberman pitted the modern Toyota ag...
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Zaire Wilkins Aug 18, 2012
thank you levent lol NSX is labled a sports car ppl on auto blog tried to tell me it wasnt but they failed
Levent Taskan Jul 29, 2012
I think the control issues on the LFA are mostly caused by lack of ability of the driver doing the comparison. An (arguably) 270 odd bhp sports car is easier to drive than a 552 bhp super car. Shocking!
Sam Hansen Jul 29, 2012
Does Honda make a V8...?
Laguna Seca Jul 28, 2012
The NSX can only dream of putting out a glorious sound like that of the LF-A.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 28, 2012
well honda is making an all gas NSX while the acura stays a hybrid i think both will be like good vs evil
Daniel Eads Jul 27, 2012
I really don't think we can go back today and say what is and what isn't a super car from 20 years ago.
Kyle Smith Jul 27, 2012
It's all good, and yes I was solely referring to V6s. The E46 M3, though, that's a beast of car as well.
Rubo Harutunyan Jul 27, 2012
I'm sorry if I misunderstood ur comment but u said no NA V6 can do 0-60 in sub 5 sec but the e46 m3 is a NA I6 it does 0-60 in 4.7sec and again srry if I misunderstood
Miguel Jimenez Jul 27, 2012
Definitely not a super car.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 27, 2012
sounds like he was saying 278 but its really 210 even in forza 4 but i dont think this is a super car
Kyle Smith Jul 27, 2012
Yeah, and the NSX-R is capable of sub 5 second 0-60 sprints. No NA V6 can do that.
Scott Gracey Jul 27, 2012
Still puts down decent times today, 0-60 in 5 seconds is still pretty quick IMO, especially for a car with an NA 6cylinder
Jack Howard Jul 27, 2012
And back in early 90s, that was enough power.
Jack Howard Jul 27, 2012
Oh i thought the guy said there was 278 lb ft
Matt Piccolo Jul 27, 2012
@ Jason, yes, really!! Thing handles like an absoloute dream, and with how light the car is, u don't need more power
Jason Dowling Jul 27, 2012
"270 Hp" Supercar! Really?
Paul Lissona Jul 27, 2012
Ik I don't want electric cars but some people do oh well.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 27, 2012
First sentence-*cough *cough *gtr... *cough.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 27, 2012
yea i never heard a of honda or acura with alot of torque
Kyle Smith Jul 27, 2012
It's 210 torque. The specifications are as follows: 1st Generation - 270hp 210tq 2nd Generation - 290hp 224tq
Jack Howard Jul 27, 2012
It has 278lb ft of torque not 210.
Little Dai Jul 27, 2012
I will also miss engines built that way. I have always has a great love for the NSX and i still stick to that. I am looking forward to seeing a electric super car.
Description: Eschewing the Nissan GT-R he loves so much, Lieberman waxes poetically on the control and drivability of the NSX while chiding the LFA for being squirrelly and detached. He does give the Lexus due cre...
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Jackson Bond Jul 31, 2012
I'd take the lfa, sell it and buy an nsx and fully legally import an r32 gtr and still have money left over for other things
Zaire Wilkins Jul 31, 2012
they put a sports car against a super car
Josh Santoro Jul 28, 2012
Why didnt they use a new nsx instead of an old 1 it makes no sense
Laguna Seca Jul 28, 2012
Pretty easy to control a car with only 270hp...
Harry Chagger Jul 28, 2012
i would so have the LFA no mater how much it costs! The LFA is sooo sexy n that exhurst note is just amazing!
Zach Sullivan Jul 27, 2012
o my bad I misinterpreted what u said:)
Scott Gracey Jul 27, 2012
Zach if you read what I said I agree that MOsT of the cars he listed can keep up with the LFA but the NSX can not
Miguel Jimenez Jul 27, 2012
I'd take the LFA, drive it for a good month, then sell it and buy a the new Viper.
Henz Herrero Jul 27, 2012
By his reasonings.. Everyone shud get a mid 20k v6 mustang..
Zach Sullivan Jul 27, 2012
but I would pay the 375k for that sound alone that v10 screams!!!!
Zach Sullivan Jul 27, 2012
@Scott exactly colby's point all those cars he listed can hold there own against the lfa if not then beat it for 1/3 the price
Scott Gracey Jul 27, 2012
Colby all the cars you listed have similiar specs to the LFA except for the NSX so how it's a better bang for your buck performance wise I don't know, like saying a 3 series is better bang for your buck than an M5
Kris C. Lopez Jul 27, 2012
Two of my all time favorite cars being tested like this my love for the LFA knows no bounds but my love for the NSX runs even deeper
Paul Lissona Jul 27, 2012
The lfa is supposed to be a more exclusive car than the nsx. I like Honda more than Toyota a lot, but idk here.
Nick Sti Jul 27, 2012
If I didn't have to pay for them, I'd get the LFA... that sound
Shane Conner Jul 27, 2012
Good video, makes me want to go for a ride.
Colby Church Jul 27, 2012
Yellow NSX-R with black wheels and fixed headlights. :) The LFA is so overpriced. It's ridiculous. It may look decent, but I would never buy one. I prefer bang for the buck. A GTR, ZR1, Viper ACR, or NSX would be a much better buy.
Eric Anthony Jul 27, 2012
Go wit tha lfa sell it & buy one really nice nsx & save tha profit.
Matt Piccolo Jul 27, 2012
I would honestly have to think about it for a while, which one I would want! If it was one of the nsx's white fixed headlights... Oh god that would be a hard choice!
Rockesh Boulder Jul 27, 2012
I'd like an NSX-R. :D
Justin Maples Jul 27, 2012
Id rather have one of the rare hardtop (non targa) na2 nsx 3.2 liters of jap power!
Kyle Smith Jul 27, 2012
Love both of these cars, the NSX is just pure legend and the sound of the LFA is second to none
Jack Howard Jul 27, 2012
NSX for the win but the LFA is nice too.
Seth Graham Jan 28, 2013
Weak host
Arthur Salvado Jul 29, 2012
Black not its best color.
John Serely Jul 27, 2012
I love the rear,
Arthur Salvado Jul 29, 2012
It's a Honda guys. Call it what you like in the's a Honda all over this planet. Nice car but not a Lexus. Possibly drives better ??
Abraham Mendoza Jul 28, 2012
I hear the clutch has to be replaced often and its expensive.
Jack Howard Jul 27, 2012
Buy it Aiden, BUY IT!!!
Bob Jones Jul 27, 2012
The NSX is a Honda in the rest of the world, it's just rebadged as an Acura in North America
Paul Lissona Jul 27, 2012
Most Acuras are very similar to Hondas even, well tl or integrA for example.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 27, 2012
The ZL1 definitely pushed the pony car race into a stallion race of champions..
Corey Alan Kelley Jul 27, 2012
Im pretty sure the engine even says Honda on it as well..
Wyatt Gordon Jul 27, 2012
id have this in white with black wheels and the fixed headlights
Zaire Wilkins Jul 27, 2012
nice sports car this is what made ferrari step up its game just like the ZL1 is doing to ford
Eric Anthony Jul 27, 2012
Acura is tha luxury brand of Honda, same engineering.
Matt Piccolo Jul 27, 2012
I would call that a reasonable price for sure! For 30k miles I think that's a steel
Sankar Shanmugam Jul 27, 2012
It's an Acura not a honda
Johnny Francis Jul 27, 2012
For 30k miles that's a reasonable price
Tin Nguyen Jul 27, 2012
It's a Honda. How expensive can it be?
Aiden Bass Jul 27, 2012
There's one for sale near me, a '94 I think, black with stock wheels and a set of nice black wheels for $33,999 and it has only 30k miles. Are they expensive to maintain?
Paul Lissona Jul 27, 2012
It's owned by Acura too with that distributor license plate.
Malachi Monteiro Jul 27, 2012
This car is just cool, especially this generation, with the taillight spoiler and popup headlights.