Comments - 5 Killer Electric Roadster Concepts

Published: Jul 27, 2012
Description: There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you're behind the wheel of a roadster with the top down. There's just something about driving a two-seat convertible that feels so pu...
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Keenan Casteel Jul 27, 2012
Sorry to change the subject... I don't like convertibles. They ruin the aerodynamic aspect of the car and therefore reduce performance. I drove an SL 500 the other day with the top down and it felt wrong the whole time.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 27, 2012
andrew, 1910's as well. detroit electric was the first i think
Andrew McNeal Jul 27, 2012
You guys do know that electric cars are not a new concept, they had electric powered cars in the 1920s. They actually out-sold gasoline powered cars at that time too because they were quiet and wouldn't scare horses or other people.
Daniel Kenneth Babler Jul 27, 2012
Paul I agree I never ever want an electric car
Paul Lissona Jul 27, 2012
I'm not into electric cars at all. I still want gas or diesel, and Ik now this is one of the things that won't change for me.
Daniel Eads Jul 27, 2012
We won't be using hydrogen for a long time which is fine by me.
Zachary Maurer Jul 27, 2012
What's with carbuzz and all the ev cars l8ly
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
@nick: yes, at first it would need a lot of fossil fuels, but eventually you could produce more hydrogen and use wind, hydro, and solar power to make it
Nick Benz Jul 27, 2012
As appealing as hydrogen is, its incredibly difficult to produce efficiently. The electrolysis process uses water and electricity, which will have to come from some other source. Possibly one if the renewable sources like solar, wind, hydro etc
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
@Read: and it appeases the hot rodder And tuner crowds because ICE's can burn it as fuel too, and still only produce water
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jul 27, 2012
I feel like they could eventually fit a hydrogen refinery right to your car and you could pull it right out of the air.
Read Mills Jul 27, 2012
Hydrogen fuel cells are the answer to all of our fuel problems.
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
And (i realize I'm adding too much, lol) the only byproduct is water, so you can't get much greener than that, lol
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
And if hydrogen becomes our new fuel of the future, it can eventually be made at the gas stations
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
Agreed, hydrogen fuel cells and continued use if internal combustion engines, just need to figure out how to fit more of it in the cars tank
Sam Oglesby Jul 27, 2012
Electric cars are not green the electric is produced from fossil and nuclear fuels the battery's are made from cadmium which causes acid rain and it is shipped half way around the world to be refined creating more pollution. The future is hydrogen
Description: The Morgan Plus E is unlike many electric roadsters in a lot of ways. One big way this model differs from its contemporaries is with its retro styling. Another big thing that separates the Morgan Plus...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 27, 2012
I saw an electric cobra on tv once.. Almost killed tv for me.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jul 27, 2012
Why Morgan why would you build an electric car!
Walker Carroll Jul 27, 2012
I like to call it Clarence.
Sebastian Grey Jul 27, 2012
Clarence looks good with the top up.
Nick Benz Jul 27, 2012
I wonder if the chassis is still wooden like its "supposed" to be
Description: It shouldn't surprise anyone that Dartz is behind this windowless electric roadster known as the Jo-Mojo. The ridiculously named concept has an 80hp electric engine that can be charged using the ...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 27, 2012
Ariel-no fenders. This-bought super thick racing tires, did nothing to the body work to cover it. Difference..
Josh ?hompson Jul 27, 2012
The Ariel is more of a track car with a narrow light body. This looks like one of the cars with 6 inch spacers crammed in
noah collins Jul 27, 2012
so obviously ( tell me if I'm wrong) you think the Ariel Atom is stupid looking as well
Sam Oglesby Jul 27, 2012
It just looks stupid withe the wheels sticking out like that
Christian De Prisco Jul 27, 2012
Yes this is a killer car, it will probably kill you very fast too
Andrew McNeal Jul 27, 2012
I'd drive it for sure, but the thick race tires need to go. Other than that it looks awesome
Description: The Saba Motors Carbon Zero is a little roadster with a no nonsense name. This pint-sized convertible is lightweight, weighing in at 1,900 pounds. This slim construction is what helps the Carbon Zero ...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 27, 2012
I see an obsene amount of tvr in this..
Wyatt Gordon Jul 27, 2012
@walker, its spelled Fiat Barchetta. but yeah, our right
Trey Reilly Jul 27, 2012
Not a fan at all...
Quinn Beaupré Jul 27, 2012
The sides and back definatly resemble a mx5
Walker Carroll Jul 27, 2012
Fiat parquetta. (I think that's how it's spelled)
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
Throw a wiseman In there to make it a foursome, lol
Jon Joly Jul 27, 2012
looks like veyron, Porsche and a mx5 had a threesome
Mark Donnelly Jul 27, 2012
the front reminds me of a tvr but i dont like anything else about this
Description: Peugeot celebrated its 200th birthday by creating the EX1 electric roadster pictured here. This concept was made by Peugeot and has a 340hp electric engine that channels power to all four wheels. The ...
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Cameron Vandygriff Apr 27, 2013
By is it that all of Peugeot cars that they put into production are ugly slow compacts and they keep proving to us they can make amazing cars but never put them into production
Wyatt Gordon Aug 02, 2012
@Darrellbell24, "poo-poo"? really? are you that f*cking stupid?
Ben August Jul 28, 2012
From the windshield forward = design study/future Peugeot look; From windshield back = extensive camo designed to divert attention from the real design (front)
Phillip B Jong Jul 27, 2012
Why isn't this available??
Andrew McNeal Jul 27, 2012
The exotic car of 2040
Claudia Alexandra Raposo Jul 27, 2012
I thought of the same Batmobile thing Baily!
Colby Church Jul 27, 2012
Not putting this into a limited production is a stupid call. This is a great design.
Bailey McLendon Jul 27, 2012
look like A short and reversed Batmobile/ Tumbler
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
Batman? Or power rangers? Not cure, but it looks like cool ride, swap the crappy electric for a turboed engine and it would be better
Sam Oglesby Jul 27, 2012
Those seats are a long way from the steering wheel
Ray Liu Jul 28, 2012
No plans to put this into production? Pity
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jul 28, 2012
Great color combination!! Looks so sick. Best electric car i've seen
Rocky Rocker Jul 27, 2012
Sort of reminds me of the Dodge Tomahawk. Made for each other...
Description: Nothing is more awesome in an EV sense than a car that looks good and has an outstanding range. The Mitsuoka Himiko roadster's retro styling is stunning and elegant, and its maximum range is 341....
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Nick Benz Jul 27, 2012
Yea but it probably takes two days to charge right?
Wyatt Gordon Jul 27, 2012
it looks like it belongs in cheshire
Andrew McNeal Jul 27, 2012
If good, creative, original styling had not been lost in the 70s/80s, I think this would be what most cars today might look like instead of the plastic, generic looking turds on wheels we have now.
Paul Lissona Jul 27, 2012
I like the chrome a lot, just hate the electricness.
Justin Pedoto Jul 27, 2012
That looks very nice, except the electric bit.
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
Morgan ripoff... They're at it again
Paul Lissona Jul 27, 2012
I like the chrome on the bumpers a lot.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 27, 2012
Citroen gt? Citreon survolt? I thought I would see these! Not a morgan-wiesmann offspring..