Comments - 2013 Lexus LS Shows Up Early

Published: Jul 27, 2012
Description: Lexus is set to release its new flagship LS sedan in San Francisco on Monday, but a trio of images have emerged ahead of schedule to give us a glimpse at the new model. That first dark 3/4 shot wa...
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Joel C Hughes Oct 02, 2012
Great looking car. Lexus does a great job.
Jackson Rojas Jul 27, 2012
I hate that front end Its ugly as hell
Arthur Salvado Jul 27, 2012
Nice car. Should show up the German over rated trio.
Will Ridgway Jul 30, 2012
Plenum grille", it was totally over the top especially on the TL. Many people thought it looked like a beak, so in 2012 they toned it down and now it looks much more refined and good looking. I think that this is exactly what Lexus will soon have to
Will Ridgway Jul 30, 2012
While it does seem to have taken a step regarding an athletic design, that is all kind of ruined with the huge black hole they put at the front. This is basically the same story when you look back at Acura in 2009 when they debuted the "Shield/Power
Harry Chagger Jul 28, 2012
soooo tru Arthur! cnt have said it better my self
Ray Liu Jul 27, 2012
Prefer the GS model
Stephen Reed Warren II Jul 27, 2012
Hope it has more than 380hp
Scott Gracey Jul 27, 2012
Extremis hahaha dirty biggie line
Thomas Mackey Jul 27, 2012
Not a fan at all. Y the massive fish mouth on it??? The proportions of the entire car are way off. It's got the Leno chin. Never been a fan of Lexus and they are def not winning me over now.
Matt Piccolo Jul 27, 2012
Wow this looks great! Nice job lexus
John Serely Jul 27, 2012
I was never a big fan of the LS, but this looks really good
Jackson Rojas Jul 27, 2012
hate the new ugly grill they put on every car
Extremis Colson Jul 27, 2012
Lexus LS, 4 an a half, bulletproof glass tints if I want some a**.
Scott Gracey Jul 27, 2012
I like the look, aggressive
Timothy Hooker Jul 27, 2012
looks like a wide mouth bass I caught the other day. and fyi bass aren't good lookin
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 27, 2012
@Arthur you should know that they are working on a high performance version of the GS, despite being a big saloon , and they will probably work also in this one
Arthur Salvado Jul 27, 2012
Another great car no doubt. Lexus philosophy different to the overrated Germans . Buy the Lexus for ride comfort and luxury. You want a sports car, buy a 911.
Description: As an F Sports model it features a styling package with distinctive front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and faux rear diffuser with larger tailpipes. Expect the updated range to include the LS 460 (w...
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Scot Churnoff Jul 28, 2012
The GS F is indeed coming out and it will have a similar engine to the LFA
Ray Liu Jul 28, 2012
Yes Ryan rumor has it that Lexus will give us a GS F with a down tuned engine from LFA if I recall
Ryan Morrow Jul 28, 2012
Rumor is that they may come out with a real F version. Like they did with the IS F. There is an F and F sport. F sport is mostly cosmetic and a few small performance enhancements. The F is a different animal all together.
Ray Liu Jul 27, 2012
Sadly F is only more makeups not performance upgrades
Walker Carroll Jul 27, 2012
It's like the "M" badge. It's on the M5, yet it's on the X5 M.
kolton Jul 27, 2012
I love Lexus, but they really need to figure out what F is going to be. I mean, is it a body kit or is it a high performance vehicle? I just think it's ridiculous that the same F logo on the LFA is on the RX when the RX has no performance aspects at all.
Laguna Seca Jul 28, 2012
Took the Audi front end and crushed it a little to make it their own. Good job.
Terrance Parker Jul 28, 2012
Wow that's quite the grill it reminds me of Darth Vadar
Dillon Magee Jul 27, 2012
That looks great. I like the look of the new Lexuses.
Henz Herrero Jul 27, 2012
That almost made sense..
Tanton Stoneman Jul 27, 2012
That just looks devilish!
Arthur Salvado Jul 29, 2012
In the old days they tried to copy German designs. Now they going their own way and deservedly so. A job well done. Own one and then you realise that the German trio have brainwashed the public. I know, I've owned the top range (7series) beemers. They are NOT better
Ryan Delano Thomas Jul 28, 2012
Looks like a refresh to me, we have the current ls460 and we love it, but until there is a new chassis and engine I don't think we will be running to the dealer anytime soon.
Bull Dogone Jul 28, 2012
I rushed out of my 2010 lease into a 2012 IS F Sport in case I don't care for the 2014 IS redesign. I have been assured by a Lexus insider IS will retain V6 power, RWD, minor changes to body including front and rear fascia. Hence, all look the same.
Bull Dogone Jul 28, 2012
@Jordan, that's exactly what I meant. In addition, all new Lexus interiors are going with the BMW style horizontal dash. I have always felt the "waterfall" vertical center stack console design was the most ergonomic in the industry.
Jason Whitworth Jul 28, 2012
@Barry. You have to b crazy to think Lexus will b closing their doors anytime in the next 50 years. All they do is keep getting better. They are ahead of the game in every aspect of automotive design and technology.
Harry Chagger Jul 28, 2012
lookin good lexus
Ray Liu Jul 27, 2012
Word is that Is will also be identical only uglier; talking about being homogenous, hey, isn't every Audi looking the same?
Mohammad AL-sulimani Jul 27, 2012
Looks like a monster Such an amazing light
Henz Herrero Jul 27, 2012
Youre joking right.. Do you go out or you just stay in your house? Lexus is one of the top selling lux car maker..
Barry Stewart Jul 27, 2012
I want to like the new Lexus image, but it seem like their copying the Germans just to stay in the game.. I'd say Lexus will be shutting their doors 20 years from now at the most.
John Serely Jul 27, 2012
@sankar actually BMW grills are very different, if you know what your talking about.
Jordan Jackson Jul 27, 2012
I get what he's saying, you can make your cars look identical, but not so much that it's difficult to tell which one your looking at unless your a follower of the brand
Sankar Shanmugam Jul 27, 2012
Lol are u going to complain about all the BMW grills next? Why change the grill from the e's to the ls if they both work?
Bull Dogone Jul 27, 2012
Not really sure about the homogenous nature of all new Lexus sedans looking identical. Recently released ES and now LS are identical to newly redesigned GS. All now share same flat square rear ends and trunks, identical front grills. Next IS same?