Comments - Lotus Scraps Dany Behar’s Grand Ambitions

Published: Jul 26, 2012
Description: There's little question that, when Dany Behar took over at Lotus, he bit off more than he could chew. When Lotus' parent company was sold, its new owners put him on probation and then fired ...
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Sean Win Jul 27, 2012
He has the point lotus should build more supercar but the company is pretty damn broke ....
Timothy Hooker Jul 26, 2012
ambition can be good..when u have business sense...which he did not
Josh Banning Jul 26, 2012
Should've just scrapped the city car and the eterne
Shaun Conroy Jul 26, 2012
Behar got on my nerves anyway, he sounded like an arrogant ass!
omarSV Jul 26, 2012
all 5 models looked pretty much identical anyway. Glad the Espirit is making a come back :)
Kris C. Lopez Jul 27, 2012
If I recall they were thinking bout the LFA's V10 but they instead opted for the IS-F's V8
John Serely Jul 26, 2012
@kyle which Lexus engine was it? I know it most likely will never happen, but the LFA V10 in this would be absolutely amazing!
Kyle Janchenko Jul 26, 2012
Originally they were looking at sourcing a Lexus engine... But that got scrapped at the time. Maybe they will try it again?
John Serely Jul 26, 2012
@colby I read that lotus was considering building their own engine, which would be great!
Colby Church Jul 26, 2012
Agreed. It would be awesome if they slapped an LS3 in there.
Description: Now Lotus has reportedly canceled them all, except for the new Esprit that was already in development. The new Esprit will revive the nameplate of the mid-engined supercar produced from 1976 through 2...
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Christo Savaides Jul 26, 2012
Noooooo! A lot of those were so nice. At least they're keeping the Esprit.
Timothy Hooker Jul 26, 2012
if they aren't gonna use them u think I can have one if I ask nicely?
Adam Wieland Jul 26, 2012
All of those concepts were great especially the elite. Sad to see them kill them off, but at least the Espirt will be made. Maybe it's success will bring back the others
Ken Louise Jul 26, 2012
I like the Eterne and the Elite. Both very good looking cars that I think would sell well. I was excited when they unveiled the 5 in 2010. Now I'm just greatly disappointed.
Jordan Jackson Jul 26, 2012
I hope it's at least the v8 espirit
Description: The IndyCar program was a total flop, with all but one of the teams that had signed on to use the Lotus-branded engines switching over to Chevrolet and Honda. The F1 team now has little more to do wit...
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Dale Schroeder Jul 26, 2012
Watching the Indycar program fall apart was just painful. The cars were so uncompetitive and no one seemed to know what to do about it.
Colby Church Jul 26, 2012
Not a fan of the rear window, I think the sloped rear window would look better, but overall it's a very clean looking car.
Corey Mullis Jul 26, 2012
are you serious? thats the one they didn't kill
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 26, 2012
That looks awesome, too bad they killed it.
David Liebe Hart Jul 26, 2012
Great looking livery
Colby Church Jul 26, 2012
It's called a Lola LMP2 racecar and it has a lotus paint job. It is not a lotus. Just like the F1 car. Waste of money bigtime on Lotus' behalf. Nobody is paying Lotus any attention in those races. They need to develop an affordable beautiful car.
Nick Schnee Jul 26, 2012
It's the Lotus LMP2 racer, they've been talking about earlier in the article...
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 26, 2012
LMP car of some sort, i dunno. Looks amazing tough.