Comments - Chevy Unveils Camaro NASCAR Racer

Published: Jul 26, 2012
Description: NASCAR is a key battleground for General Motors, which is keen not to be outdone by Ford - or worse, by Toyota - and so, after the Blue Oval rolled out its new Mustang stock car for the 2013 Nationwid...
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Luke Gordon Jul 27, 2012
Psh there's no compition between the big three anymore. It's all about who drives the best. Go back to the late sixties to see the big three really duke it out with their cars not drivers.
Woods Dent Aug 10, 2012
Wyatt's a bitch. Wyatt's a bitch. Wyatt's a bitch. Juan Pablo Montoya even said the reason why he switched form formula 1 is because NASCAR is harder and takes more balls. Go take you're 4 banger home.
Josh Knight Aug 07, 2012
Ovals Wyatt they drive around ovals you bitch
prodrag Jul 28, 2012
I think its great on how they are useing mustangs, challengers, and now the camaro. I just wish the the hole body on all three cars would look like they came from the factory.
Tim Preisinger Jul 28, 2012
Yes Wyatt. Ill go drop an Anchor in poo-bay. Lol... Idiot.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 27, 2012
@Tim, and you should go drop an anchor in poo-bay, you idiotic deuche. seriously bro, dont be such a twat
BurlyDolphin Jul 27, 2012
Power steering is highly unnecessary.
Josh ?hompson Jul 27, 2012
And remember they don't have power steering either, or ac.
Dillon Dixon Jul 27, 2012
I love how most of you are acting like 200mph is slow. NASCAR is the fastest form of Motorsport. These are V8 powered monsters. Most forms of racing don't use the same exact car as the public cars.
Tim Preisinger Jul 27, 2012
Thomas, I wouldn't take what Wyatt says too hard. He's probably a 12 year old kid who just enjoys speaking out of his rear end about stuff he knows nothing about.
Thomas Mackey Jul 27, 2012
David you really have no idea do you??? Have you driven in any professional or non pro series??? Probably not so you cant tell us you know what is harder can you??? No. You cant. And Wyatt...what the hell? You know these men and women are not trailer trash right? These are people who have families and work hard for what they do and earn. I have very close family ties with the Hendrick family. Don'...
Flymcbean Jul 27, 2012
Lol im guessing you were taking about my joke David, I actually do like Nascar but making jokes isn't a bad thing
Tim Preisinger Jul 27, 2012
And Wyatt... Your brain is "rubbish". Try learning about something before you bash it like that.
Tim Preisinger Jul 27, 2012
I have never driven a NASCAR but I used to be a fan of it. In order to really appreciate the skill it takes to drive those cars I think you really need to be around it for awhile. There is ALOT more to it the. Turning left every few moments
David Justice Jul 26, 2012
I know there are road coarses, but only two. The series might be better if it were reversed with two oval tracks and the rest road ones.
Theviper007 Jul 26, 2012
this car should be black and red
David Justice Jul 26, 2012
Yeah, it's hard to 'go left and fast' like some of you have put, but you know what's harder and needs more strategy? Going left, right, accelerating hard, braking hard, then left and right, etc. in actual car bodies people can actually purchase.
Mark Newfangled Jul 26, 2012
@wyatt, nice disclaimer. If that was you trying not to ruffle any feathers, I'd hate to see you actually try.
Colby Church Jul 26, 2012
And people making the old "left turn" comment are so ignorant. Look at any sport. They just go "back and forth". See how that works? And turning left isn't easy when 42 other guys are trying to turn left better than you and go faster. Yeah not easy.
Colby Church Jul 26, 2012
NASCAR is packed with excitement, it's just an acquired taste for some people. There is a lot of strategy involved and it takes great skill to do what they do. And riding in one of them is crazy, better than a roller coaster. Ha
Justin Brest Jul 26, 2012
???? ignorance ????
Wyatt Gordon Jul 26, 2012
not trying to ruffle any feathers, but ive always found nascar absolutely idiotic. I mean honestly, its just a bunch of southern trailor-trash idiots driving stupid, redneck, shapeless, cars in a circle at 200 MPH while rednecks with nothing better to do besides harvesting the corn, wait for some of these rubbish cars to crash!
Justin Brest Jul 26, 2012
NASCAR isn't too bad. I didn't grow up with it. I'll tell ya what is very entertaining is Mazda club racing, GT1 and the hardest racing in my opinion, rally racing.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 26, 2012
It's a spectator sport, for the person that likes to see cars crash. When they go on a road course its complete carnage. But that's why I like LeMans, you can see a pretty exciting battle.
Tim Preisinger Jul 26, 2012
I guess most people don't realize how much skill it takes to drive these cars. And yeah, these cars can handle and they do go through a couple road courses throughout the year. I'm not a huge NASCAR fan, but I do respect it
Jordan Smith Jul 26, 2012
Hey Chris, NASCAR does road courses as well. So those cars are perfectly capable of handling corners.
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jul 26, 2012
A face only a mother could love IMO
Michael Kozlowski Jul 26, 2012
@ Dillon. Absolutely right, some of these people don't understand how hard it is to drive those cars and race like those guys,yea it appears boring to most people but once you go to an actual race I guarantee it'll change anyone's perspective on it.
Brandon Lidy Jul 26, 2012
Anyone else think this looks worse than the Impala and Monte Carlo they used to use ?
Dillon Dixon Jul 26, 2012
I would live to see all of you try going around some of these tracks at 200mph with less than a foot between the other racer. Some of you should watch a good Daytona race. It can get to be some amazing racing.
Chris Cook Jul 26, 2012
i think nascar is one of the dumbest forms of motor racing..all its it is just one long banked corner..and nascars are boring to look at and cant go round a proper corner
Guzman Isa Jul 26, 2012
They should have gone with Black!!
Sam Oglesby Jul 26, 2012
I've never understood what people see in racing around a banked oval
Nick Schnee Jul 26, 2012
I never understood why people put these fake lights and stuff on NASCAR cars...
Flymcbean Jul 26, 2012
Nathan Curtis Jul 26, 2012
They should use the ACTUAL vehicles and not a frame with a kit that's painted to look like something. Stupid NASCAR
Abraham Mendoza Jul 26, 2012
I wish we could go back to the Trans Am races we used to have back in the day. Or some long distance races across the country. A kid can only dream...
David Justice Jul 26, 2012
They should do like in Europe and Japan with the GT/GT3 races. The have more to do with 'stock' cars than these.
Chris Penza Jul 26, 2012
What does it borrow from the camaro besides the painted on front bumper design?
Jacob Mullner Jul 26, 2012
Aside from the front bumper and "lights", this looks nothing like a camaro at all. I understand the reasoning (rules/regulations) but seriously why do we even bother calling it "stock car" racing?
Jordan Jackson Jul 26, 2012
Yea, I do wish that stock cars were actual modified STOCK cars off the showroom floor again, I might actually watch more
Mitchell Cherry Jul 26, 2012
It's less about aerodynamics and more trying go back to the "stock" racing.
Jordan Jackson Jul 26, 2012
@lukas: hey, it's Chevys fault they built a brick, rules are rules and they chose the camaro instead of one of their other cars
Lukas Lebs Jul 26, 2012
I just dont see a reduced drag coefficient witht this new body, but i am probably wrong
Description: "Our team of Chevrolet designers and aerodynamic engineers did a fantastic job capturing the great looks and styling cues of the production Camaro," said Pat Suhy, manager of the Chevrolet R...
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Paul Lissona Jul 26, 2012
Yah I like that idea.
Greg Lewis Jul 26, 2012
Should be the same cars, like in the 70's. Just some safety mods.
Darian Vorlick Jul 26, 2012
It's about time the cars started looking more like the actual buyable cars.
Barry Stewart Jul 27, 2012
Looks highly cartoonish LOL
Kevin Carlin Jul 26, 2012
Anyone else notice how they refuse to let us see the back end? Must be really ugly
Woods Dent Aug 10, 2012
In NASCAR they don't even have fuel gauges, F1 however has computers for everything. NASCAR is all about driving. And redneck trailer trash drives better than you your punk ass.
Josh Knight Aug 07, 2012
Haha if he hates NASCAR so much why read the article???
Thomas Mackey Jul 27, 2012
@wyatt then keep them to urself.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 27, 2012
@Ryan, I think what you said is exactly what everyone on carbuzz needs to hear, however i wasnt insulting anyone. I was just saying my opinions on nascar in a rather more rude way
Ben August Jul 27, 2012
Do NASCAR's "new rules" require ugly/shitty reincarnations of otherwise beautiful cars? This is just plain horrific. Bring back the previous stock car, PLEASE!
Michael Kozlowski Jul 27, 2012
Relax guys, it's not like I went off on the guy. I just told him 2 road courses driven in NASCAR. So pump the brakes on the "insulting each other" and calling me ignorant
Thomas Mackey Jul 27, 2012
I'm glad they picked the camaro. The new "impala" is hideous. Chevy is doing something wrong in styling. Bring back the styling of the G8!!!!
Ryan Sansossio Jul 26, 2012
I agree with darrelbell. Grow up and stop insulting eachother. I dont mind nascar but this car really is crappy looking. No flow at all. U cant make an oval from a rectangular car. One or the other
Colby Church Jul 26, 2012
Wyatt is a narrow minded retard... I love how all the people who talk shit about NASCAR have only seen about 5 minutes of actual racing in their lives and they always seem to not know shit about what they're saying. Learn your facts morons...
Michael Kozlowski Jul 26, 2012
@ Wyatt, I guess you've never heard of Sonoma or Watkins Glen, have you??
Nolen Duss Jul 26, 2012
what a car, they took a gra
Wyatt Gordon Jul 26, 2012
all these do is go round a banked circle endlessly, cant handle a proper corner. long live F1!
Jared Oaks Jul 26, 2012
Nationwide racing is the 2nd highest rated racing in the U.S. only behind Sprint Cup. Everyone screams race the cars like in the 60s-70s. Those cars were built like tanks. Go crash a Camry at 200mph and see how you make out
1988BMW325iS Jul 26, 2012
ya its really bad. new fusion is where its at
Terrance Parker Jul 26, 2012
Now that's just hideous
Corey Costello Jul 26, 2012
Race them in the big cup, not nationwide that no one watches.