Comments - The Arab World's First Supercar

Published: Jul 25, 2012
Description: Brainchild of newly established Beirut-based company W Motors, the Hyper-Sport and Super-Sport are set to become the Arab world's first supercars. During a swanky event at Sursock Palace in the L...
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Abdel Idoubiya Jul 28, 2012
No racism in this app, if you wanna be racist go some where else . By the way Morocco has already made a super car, check your resources author of this article, it's called fulgura Laraki
Max Bonds Jul 26, 2012
I wonder if 72 virgins is an option or comes standard
Matthew Park Jul 25, 2012
Arabian? Probably comes in a gold or chrome wrap...
Alexander Gomez Jul 25, 2012
Maybe they'll make a prototype and say they "sold" it. That way nobody will ever see it. *BOOM* Exclusivity at its finest.
Ivan Rudnitsky Jul 25, 2012
What a creative name. I think "Really fast and expensive car" would have been more original.
Keenan Casteel Jul 25, 2012
At least 10 Arabs will die or be severely injured trying to drift in this.
Dillon Magee Jul 25, 2012
That is a good question
Sam Oglesby Jul 25, 2012
Most exclusive high performance car in the world there are several veyrons that are one of a kind how can you be more exclusive than 1
Description: Limited to five cars worldwide, it boasts signature diamond encrusted LED lights, a gold-plated hood, a carbon-fiber chassis and a "fully functional holographic display with interactive motion.&q...
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Tyler Crook Jul 29, 2012
Sounds more like a dream project..."Yes it will be veddy veddy fast. The fastest of all. It will be faster than a jet! yes yes yes, and more comfortable than sleeping in the clouds. veddy veddy comfortable, yes." Shoutout Magna Steyr, Weapons manufactur developing a lebanese car ........... hmmmmmmmm....
Ryan Spencer Jul 26, 2012
So far, I'm seeing some faux-designs and faux-stats... I'll believe it when I see it.
Michael Gallagher Jul 26, 2012
Lol, I see what you did there lee. Nice
Domi Bsaibes Jul 26, 2012
Brian, believe it is the place it must come from, not because from finance stuff but from the enthusiasm we have here for racing and drifting...
Lee Cascio Jul 25, 2012
The ones they ship to America will explode when started.
Brandon Lidy Jul 25, 2012
5 whole cars?! I don't think this is gonna happen
Extremis Colson Jul 25, 2012
Damn the car sounds like a beast!
Brian Snyder Jul 25, 2012
Interesting it's coming from Lebanon, not where I would have guessed.
Hank Austin Jul 25, 2012
A fully functional holographic display with interactive motion... I'll believe it when I see it
Jason Cotugno Jul 25, 2012
leave it to the Arab aristocracy to develop a car so expensive only a Prince could afford
Alan Baars Jul 26, 2012
Haha Elijah! And good point, mystery lighting on shots probably meant to be a slow reveal, but if you're going to show a concept off might as well hit the lights.
Michael Gallagher Jul 26, 2012
No, Cory is just ethnically accepting
Domi Bsaibes Jul 26, 2012
Oh u guys are just pure stereotypes aren't u
Cory Allen Jul 25, 2012
How much is it for the bomb rack option?
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jul 25, 2012
It's bad enough we give them oil money, now super cars? Arabs are gonna want imports not local cars
Elijah Chet Roseberry Jul 25, 2012
Looks good! But the shadows make me feel like its gonna have a a girl who looks good when your drunk but when you wake up realize she is a 2.
Justin Brest Jul 25, 2012
cool shadows??? just show us the damn car
Saravana Pawan Jul 25, 2012
Already looks like a monster!!!
Nick Schnee Jul 25, 2012
Seems legit. Really like the design.
Dylan Bruder Jul 25, 2012
Looks like it could be pretty good
Michael Gallagher Jul 26, 2012
That's the plan though.. With that kind of engine it will explode on contact. Not just air war anymore.. Taking it your streets
Anthony J. Mitchell Jul 25, 2012
Looks great, hope it doesn't run into any buildings.
Victor Castillo Jul 26, 2012
I see an aventador led headlight pattern going on there
Luke Bailey Jul 25, 2012
its a sturgeon!!
Christian De Prisco Jul 26, 2012
No they just Stole the tyres dude, it's lebanon
Sam Oglesby Jul 25, 2012
Now that's exclusive worlds first hover car
Jason Levy Jul 25, 2012
0-60 at the speed of light!
Alexander Pecheny Jul 25, 2012
Talk about light-weight!!
Erik Scherer Jul 25, 2012
Anyone remember the tv show, Auto-Man? This looks like Curser!