Comments - McLaren Pulls off Fastest Pitstop in F1 History

Published: Jul 25, 2012
Description: Jenson Button's podium finish at the German Grand Prix over the weekend was due to a great start from sixth on the grid, some typically decisive moves, and what was the fastest pitstop in the his...
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Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 28, 2012
Want to be one of them) no comparison to Hussein Bolt. That is genetics, hard work an just a gift he has. You Dont have to be special to change a tyre
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 28, 2012
Haha funny comments, just saying..... If their fulltime job is changing 1 tyre which has only 1 center nut and they train for it all year round then they better be fast! Otherwise fire them and train another 4 monkeys to be fast (not saying i wouldnt
Sivert Grande Jul 27, 2012
@Patrick, I think you're the pinhead here. Usain Bolt? Really? You don't have have to run fast to change a tire on a formula 1 car. Like I said there are at least 20 people in the crew. They just have to move their arms real quick.
Patrick Joseph Jul 26, 2012
If its a new record it must be because it's not so easy to be that fast. Come on Todd. You are a massive pinhead. I guess Hussein bolt isn't that good. All you have to do is move your legs very fast. He gets good shoes and Gatorade on top of that.
Sivert Grande Jul 26, 2012
@Das Stig, Every single wheel on a formula 1 car is attached with just one bolt, and there are at least 20 people in the crew. I think Todd is being very realistic.
Matt Piccolo Jul 25, 2012
@ Todd... Let's see u do that
Das Stig Jul 25, 2012
my car weighs 2984 pounds. with Todd's logic I can change all my tires in 6 seconds. ya right.
Todd Versteegh Jul 25, 2012
Well..for crying out loud, with 4 tire changers all sitting stationary with a jackman lifting a car that weighs all of 640kg (1,411 lbs) I would certainly hope that they could perform a tire change in under 3 seconds.
John Serely Jul 25, 2012
Wow less than 3 seconds, I wish I could do that...
Chris Penza Jul 25, 2012
They were especially bad is Bahrain
Josh Banning Jul 25, 2012
This just about makes up for all their crappy pitstops at the start of the season
Lyomp Jul 25, 2012
That is absolutely ridiculous. Just count 2 seconds out loud and imagine all 4 tires being changed.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 25, 2012
That is very fast.
Dylan Bruder Jul 25, 2012
Dang that was fast lol
Description: "I think it's important to place some of the credit for Jenson's second place with our pitcrew: their second stop for Jenson was the fastest Formula 1 pitstop of all time, with a statio...
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Samuel Bonorden Aug 23, 2012
He probably had to be told to go because it was so fast
Josh Santoro Jul 27, 2012
They need these guys at Walmart lol
David Liebe Hart Jul 26, 2012
Proper racing chaps haha
Victor Castillo Jul 26, 2012
Incredible. O_o speechless
Tevin Xko Davis Jul 26, 2012
Damnz!!! X-X epic!!
Christian De Prisco Jul 26, 2012
Wow, he couldn't even release a fart that it was already time to go again
Stewart Hanks Jul 25, 2012
Do they have special axles/rims which only need to be bolted in the middle? Or did I just blink...
Bob Jones Jul 25, 2012
Oh thanks Matthew, wow I didn't think he would get penalized for that.
Jason Johnson Jul 25, 2012
That's what I'm talking about. And I live just 45 min away from the new f1 track in Austin! Can't wait!
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jul 25, 2012
That made me tear... That was beautiful
Ed Ashby Jul 25, 2012
Wow they jack off quick
Malachi Monteiro Jul 25, 2012
Nice pit stop, That was one of the best races I have seen (speaking as an Alonso fan, not a Hamilton one)
Bradley Masonn Jul 25, 2012
@manuel, they don't refuel anymore because they have got a huge fuel tank behind the seat that has layers so it doesn't affect weight distribution and lasts the whole race
Matthew McKernan Jul 25, 2012
@bob, he made an illegal off the track pass on button near the end of the race and was given a 20 second penalty a little after the race which put him in 5th I think.
Justin Brest Jul 25, 2012
good god that's incredible
Bob Jones Jul 25, 2012
I thought Vettel was third, how'd Raikkonen get past him?
Carlton Salmon Jul 25, 2012
@ Chris. Alonso won, Button second, Raikkonen third. I've had to watch that a few times and I'm still in disbelief in how quick that pitstop was! Well done McLaren Mercedes.
Chris Penza Jul 25, 2012
Who won the race?
Frank Dreitlein Jul 25, 2012
Brilliant! Congrats McLaren!
David Purcell Jul 25, 2012
Wow now that's team work and a lot of trust in that driver that was awesome
Austin Lark Jul 25, 2012
1 Mississippi. 2 that was quick. I thought those guys worked for Lightning Mqueen.
Manuel Pulgarin Jul 25, 2012
they don't refuel anymore
Greg Lewis Jul 25, 2012
Quick in and out is always the way to do it!
Craig Lafey Jul 25, 2012
Congrats McLaren for the new record.
Kevin Haeberle Jul 25, 2012
Sweet baby Jesus!
Sam Oglesby Jul 25, 2012
Damn that's fast must just be hamaltons there mess up then
Brady Fereday Jul 25, 2012
Holy shit I can't even pee that fast lol xD