Comments - Ford Excursion Limo Thinks it's a Benz

Published: Jul 25, 2012
Description: A Ford Excursion Limousine is up for sale on eBay. Why the interest, you ask? Because this particular Ford has been made up to look like a Mercedes-Benz GL. The knock-off GL-Class Ford, located in Hol...
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Chris Penza Jul 26, 2012
Oh I thought they meant California
Chris Penza Jul 25, 2012
Hollywood, Florida?
Description: It comes with 100,000 miles on the odometer and the claim that, with the Mercedes front and rear, you can command twice the average hourly salary than you would get with a regular Excursion limo. We&a...
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Jordan Jackson Jul 25, 2012
Unfortunately, you right, lol
Paul Lissona Jul 25, 2012
Yah people are dumb with cars.
Chris Penza Jul 25, 2012
A lot of people would probably believe it's a benz too
Chris Penza Jul 26, 2012
Harpeet that's classic
Harpreet Ahluwalia Jul 25, 2012
I once saw a Kia with a jag hood ornament and black tape over the badge in the back
Colin Dzendolet Jul 25, 2012
the angle and placement of the headlights are so off, a little more metalwork would have made this slightly more convincing* *to those who would only look at badging
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 25, 2012
Lmao the paint on the Mercedes part doesn't even match the excursion part
Cameron Dean Jul 25, 2012
Or how about the lowered silverados with a Cadillac front end and emblem.
Zach Sullivan Jul 25, 2012
@dad drug the best badge switch fail I've seen was a civic with acura badges on it
Gurpreet Jassal Jul 25, 2012
this is by far the worst thing that ive ever seen!
Adam Mitchel Jul 25, 2012
The regular excursion looks better than this
Das Stig Jul 25, 2012
I hate when people change the manufacturer emblems on a car. like when people put Bentley emblems on a 300c, I want to murder them!
Paul Gladman Jul 25, 2012
that piece of $hlt looks exactly like what it actually is....a Ford Excursion. Especially in the back. Besides the emblem theres no signs of it being a benz gl
Extremis Colson Jul 25, 2012
wow, what a fail... Lmao.
Alexander Gomez Jul 25, 2012
Identity theft has reached an ultimate low. lol
Chris Penza Jul 25, 2012
The front looks pretty good. But it's obviously an excursion from the side
Chris Penza Jul 26, 2012
Most people in general would probably believe this l
James E Caldwell Jul 25, 2012
Most girls who would want to hire this would not know the difference.
Will Ridgway Jul 30, 2012
They should have gotten the actual taillights if they could get the headlights!
Jake Marra Jul 26, 2012
Its just poorly built and with a 100,000 miles on a ford i would never trust it
Jordan Jackson Jul 26, 2012
Hate those tail lights, can't justify putting those on anything that's not "riced out"
Victor Castillo Jul 26, 2012
@nick mexican tail lights? Really?
Josh ?hompson Jul 25, 2012
Those are called euro style, well looks like Europe is just across the border lol
Miguel Jimenez Jul 25, 2012
@Charlie what facts? How do you know for sure this a Mexican creation? Stop being a faschist you narrow headed douche bag.
Jack Howard Jul 25, 2012
Haha Nick, funniest thing ive seen in a while!
Colin Dzendolet Jul 25, 2012
the barn door tailgate? really? not fooling anyone, I agree with the taillights looking" stereotypical" lol
Michael Nascimento Jul 25, 2012
@Adam I don't think anyone though about that! lmao
Cory Allen Jul 25, 2012
You think GL stands for "Gross Looking" in this case?
Charlie Austin Jul 25, 2012
@miguel quit denying the facts you liberal
Miguel Jimenez Jul 25, 2012
@Nick quit stereo typing you douche bag.
Adam Mitchel Jul 25, 2012
How do you open the back doors with the Benz badge?
Nick Benz Jul 25, 2012
The tail lights have mexican written all over them
Paul Gladman Jul 25, 2012
this is pathetic, the taillights have ford written all over it
Colin Dzendolet Jul 25, 2012
of course, you get the glint of false advertisement
Nick Benz Jul 25, 2012
Was this pic REALLY necessary?