Comments - Ferrari California in its Natural Habitat

Published: Jul 25, 2012
Description: Ferrari clearly had a certain market in mind when it made the California. (Hint: it's right there in the name.) Now Motor Trend's affable editor-at-large Angus MacKenzie has taken it for a l...
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Dillon Magee Jul 25, 2012
Idk about that, I saw 2 in CA today.
Jerrod Swenson Jul 25, 2012
I always thought it's natural habitat was some rich middle aged guy's heat regulated garage in Miami Beach. Learn something new every day.
Description: The lighter, refreshed California is powered by a 4.3-liter V8 that now delivers 483 horsepower (thanks to new exhaust manifolds and an ECU tweak), enabling it to run from 0-60 in a very Ferrari-like ...
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Read Mills Jul 25, 2012
I would have liked to seen him take it sideways a bit when around the track at the end- otherwise cool video!
Description: Arguably "softer" than other Ferraris, the hard-top cabriolet may be the boulevard cruiser of the Prancing Horse stable, but its howling exhaust note has a thing or two to say about that dub...
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Thibault Leroy Jul 26, 2012
@John if you go on google and just type used F430 for sale you can find a few for less than 100k but they will have alot of miles and will be the base model with not too much options
John Serely Jul 26, 2012
@thibault I've only seen one f430 go for less than 100k, and it had like 97k miles! I think the least you can get a decent one is around 120k (at least where I live)
Thibault Leroy Jul 26, 2012
you can get a used F430 for less than 100k$
John Serely Jul 25, 2012
@craig for 200k for a brand new Cali w/options, I would go for an lp560-4 or a f430 scud like you, but for 160k for a used Cali, you could not get a scud, so I would get the cali
Craig Lafey Jul 25, 2012
@Matt. exactly what I'm talking about
John Serely Jul 25, 2012
@joe actually, they start at 192k lol. But I said 170k because you can get a nice used one for 160k-170k
Matt White Jul 25, 2012
F430 scud rocket for me please!
Jordan Jackson Jul 25, 2012
These are really nice
Craig Lafey Jul 25, 2012
But if you look at as far as money would u pay 200k for this or spend a couple extra thousand for an F430 or a 612. I guess it depends on what your looking for. Personally if I have 200K I'd get a F430
Joe Talerico Jul 25, 2012
They start at $200k.
John Serely Jul 25, 2012
I absolutely love these. Some people don't like them, but if I had 170k lying around for a car, this would be one of my top choices
Paul Lissona Jul 25, 2012
Yah I think it looks great, sporty and classy. I like it better than a lot of them.
Craig Lafey Jul 25, 2012
Idk why people don't like these there gorgeous. A nice daily driver.
Thibault Leroy Jul 26, 2012
yeah those are seats. In Paris you can rent a california for about 20min and you pay 100 bucks. I once saw a guy rent one and they were 2 in the front and 2 in the back
Matt Piccolo Jul 25, 2012
Well... Mabye if you sit cross legged... And, if your really short... Like 4'5, u could sit in the back? :$
Bobby Deslis Jul 25, 2012
Such spacious back seats! Lol
Justin Carter Jul 25, 2012
Seat belts: seats
Grant McHendry Jul 25, 2012
Holy crap. No backseats!!
Adam Beiersdorfer Jul 25, 2012
I believe those are known as luxury storage... Not seats.... Haha
Nico Canarino Jul 25, 2012
Nice back seats...