Description: Apparently this is how rich people entertain themselves. In a display of ballerinas and Europeans drinking champagne, this 1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud was just unveiled a few days ago at the Four Se...
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Kenneth Williams Jul 23, 2012
Swarovski has some pretty cool. Stuff. And yea it's not cheap (price wise) But I don't have any personal experience with the jewelry so I can't say if you just were having bad luck with it or what.
Bradley Walter Jul 22, 2012
Isn't this liberace's?
Aaron Crisp Jul 22, 2012
They should donate the money to orphans or kids with cancer or something...
Malachi Monteiro Jul 22, 2012
I hope it doesn't make anyone relapse to do Crystal Meth
Eric Dare Jul 22, 2012
Unless you are buying the and grade of crystals as they put on this car, no one cares
Michael Gallagher Jul 22, 2012
Maybe I always acquire "lemmings" though. But I doubt it. They have cool looking things, but I will never buy from them again
Michael Gallagher Jul 22, 2012
Swarovski.. Cheap stuff. And I'm not talking about the price. The quality. I bought a gf at the time a bracelet by them and it fell apart in two days. She hadn't even worn it yet. Got her another one, also fell apart after a short time.
Description: Why the organizers wanted to cover a car with expensive crystals is a bit strange to us, considering the fact that it is a classic Rolls-Royce.
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Rocky Rocker Jul 23, 2012
I think the person whom did this to a very fine Rolls, is in need of help themself. Probably to do with there own drug issue
Danny Burns Jul 23, 2012
The woman in red should have showed more leg.
Shawn Sullivan Jul 22, 2012
Woman in red dress not worth watching for and neither is this car. Likely was a nice rr is now a crappy jewel encrusted waste of money. Stop doing drugs people or at least do drugs that don't make you mentally crazy: ie stop doing chemical drugs!
Chris O'Brien Jul 22, 2012
sorry i didn't see...i was looking at the woman in the red dress ;)
Kenneth Williams Jul 23, 2012
I would've charged 2 dollars per crystal for this thing
Jordan Jackson Jul 23, 2012
I feel bad for the person who had to use the bedazzler on it, lol
Ryan Spencer Jul 23, 2012
Never would I ever...
Brandon Whybrew Jul 23, 2012
waste of an old Rolls Royce and waste of crystals.
Justin Brest Jul 22, 2012
lol no, no I wouldn't.
Craig Lafey Jul 22, 2012
Can't imagine the price this will fetch.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 22, 2012
im sorry, dafuq?
Jerrod Swenson Jul 22, 2012
It looks like an acrylic bowling ball.
John Jenkins Jul 22, 2012
id drive an old rolls... I'd be scared the crystals would fall off every time I closed the door
Description: The Silver Cloud was built from 1955 until 1966 and this second generation model is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 and it weighs 2.11 tons (sans crystals). It has a top speed of roughly 144 mph and include...
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Gordon A Morrison Jul 24, 2012
This'll be Paris Hilton's wet dream
Zach Pate Jul 23, 2012
Looks like some shit Katy Perry would buy.
Austin Taylor Jul 22, 2012
Looks like somebody got happy with a bedazzler
Ashen Fonseka Jul 22, 2012
Not really a glue and paste job is it
Wyatt Gordon Jul 22, 2012
the crystals make it look like my 4-year-old sisters cheap sparkly leotard.