Description: Smart and Brabus have had a very successful working relationship over the past decade. The German automakers and tuners have been collaborating for 10 full years and the duo are celebrating with a spe...
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Description: Limited to only 100 units, the 10 Year Anniversary Edition Smart ForTwo features a complete liquid silver finish which gives the convertible a great look. It sits on a set of matte gray Monoblock VII ...
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Justin Brest Jul 22, 2012
what a dorky car lmao
Aaron Cartwright Jul 22, 2012
Saw a busa smart few months back, that thing was pretty cool, well as cool as a smart can get.
John Serely Jul 22, 2012
Ehh, it looks good, but it is still a smart car
Francisco Solis Jul 22, 2012
i wouldnt mind driving this .. the girls will think it cute hahaha
Andrew Hubbard Jul 22, 2012
That's sick haha.
Description: "The fact that we already produced more than 10,000 smarts together last year shows that we still have lots of potential for further growth and high profitability with this creative and efficient...
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Andrew McNeal Jul 22, 2012
96 mph?! That's unheard of!
Read Mills Jul 22, 2012
8.9 you say? Sounds like even James May would be mad!
Description: As always, Brabus is allowing for plenty of customization options for the Smart ForTwo 10-Year Anniversary Special Edition model. Check out the package (and a few of their other creations) in the gall...
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Kyle Smith Jul 22, 2012
It's not even that fuel efficient, a VW Polo motion would embarrass this thing's fuel economy whilst having 4 doors and seating for 5 with a proper manual transmission. Done.
Paul Lissona Jul 22, 2012
I wish they stopped making stuff like this.
Jordan Jackson Jul 23, 2012
Well.. The engines not too far away from the tail pipes... Maybe if you rev the piss out of it
David Purcell Jul 22, 2012
You think this bad boy can shoot flames? Lol