Comments - Approved for Production: Next-Gen Honda Civic Type R

Published: Jul 22, 2012
Description: According to a report from UK website Autocar, Honda has just approved for production the next generation Civic Type R. As with previous generations of this hot hatch, there are currently no plans to ...
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Michael Hough Jul 23, 2012
Anyone else think 210hp is a fail? The focus is putting out 250hp without a turbo. A stock vw turbo will match this. I expect more from Honda. My 1 liter 1000rr is not far off from this number out of the box!
Luke Murray Jul 23, 2012
At last they've seen sense turbocharge way forward it's gonna be epic
Samuel Bonorden Jul 22, 2012
This car rides like the suspension is made of bricks
Matt Piccolo Jul 22, 2012
Considering the civic has been the best selling car in canada for 14 years and it's ahead by like 9k already this year, I really don't see why Canada doesn't get these
Brandon Lidy Jul 22, 2012
Yeah, I dunno what I would do if I didn't get to see even more civics on the road.
Paul Lissona Jul 22, 2012
I was hoping they brought more civic models to the USA.
Caner Ozdemir Jul 22, 2012
It was the older version though*
Caner Ozdemir Jul 22, 2012
Im in turkiye for vacation and saw this same car yesterday, looks nice, still a civic
Description: However, Honda was forced to discontinue both the car and engine due to the fact that it no longer complied with European emissions regulations. Details about the new car's engine are still a bi...
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Sasa Jungic Jul 23, 2012
It needs a bit more power. I bet Honda will make that happen and I hope it still revs like hell. 250 hp rev to 7,500 and make it sound like the FN2. That are the demands if the want people replace there Ep3 and Fn2
William Smith Jul 23, 2012
@caleb, I agree. The outgoing 2.0l na was good for 200hp stock so now with boost they have gained an entire 10hp? Someone at Honda doesn't know what a turbo is for.
Jack Howard Jul 22, 2012
Apparently anything that has under 300 hp is crap to you? What do you drive
Jordan Jackson Jul 23, 2012
@Jordan Smith: I agree, lol, this thing is odd looking, The focus is much better looking
Jordan Smith Jul 22, 2012
The whole thing is just gross in my opinion. I'd rather have a Focus ST.
Paul Lissona Jul 22, 2012
I don't like the back at all either.
Matt Piccolo Jul 22, 2012
The front looks pretty good but the back is.... Ya
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jul 22, 2012
Their main aim was making most of the car with we know that it wa a stupid one
Garrick Rainey Jul 22, 2012
Honda needs to ditch some of their designers! This is beyond ugly. Honda's designs haven't been to great for awhile.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 22, 2012
Cross between a Nissan leaf and a Mazda= ugly What happend Honda?
Paul Lissona Jul 22, 2012
Me too I have a 1992 civic lx stick shift now, stock with tinted windows and custom wheels looks really good compared to newer ones. Also had a 1997 ex coupe stick shift that looked way better too.
Zachary Maurer Jul 22, 2012
As much as I respect you Honda...WTF were you thinking! Did a 3 year old draw this for you?
Matt Piccolo Jul 22, 2012
The old ones looked SOOOOOOO much better... I loved the old ones but this... Ew
Sam Oglesby Jul 22, 2012
Why have they stuck with that rear end and spoiler design it looks awful it's not practical you can't see out the window
Kyle Smith Jul 22, 2012
This is either the 1.4 or 1.8L European model, they don't redline high as they are tuned for fuel economy and power lower in the rev range. There's also a diesel model in Europe with 280tq as well.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 22, 2012
Ya this interior looks a lot better!
Matt Piccolo Jul 22, 2012
What happened to the 8k red line though
Matt Piccolo Jul 22, 2012
At least They did the interior right.., I like it
Will Ridgway Nov 16, 2012
The taillights on the new one look way worse than the old one. WAY too many rough edges and not as streamlined as before.
Cham Khiev Jul 22, 2012
Euro style.. So odd lol but still a type r
Zachary Maurer Jul 22, 2012
@matt...untill the back
Matt Piccolo Jul 22, 2012
See the old one looks great!
Rahson Powers Jul 25, 2012
They should move the wing to the back top of the roof right above the window!
Sasa Jungic Jul 23, 2012
I have one of these and it's a shame they are going turbo on the new gen. The k20 sounds absolutely amazing. Guess is because of the global worming! :P
Nick Schnee Jul 22, 2012
It's actually nice. I see these on the street a lot, and I like them.
Walter Alexander Thomas Jul 22, 2012
Very ugly car. Keep away from the US.
Brandon Lidy Jul 22, 2012
The rear looks pretty bad in person too. At least this photo has a nice background
Andrew Hossann Jul 22, 2012
Move the spoiler and it will be fine
Caner Ozdemir Jul 22, 2012
I think it looks nice in person, you guys are judging by a pic -.-
Matt Piccolo Jul 22, 2012
I love this one! But the new one is absolutely horrible
Sam Oglesby Jul 22, 2012
My thoughts exactly and you can't see whats behind you
Danny Reed Jul 24, 2012
Still miss the CRX
Dominic Keilty Jul 22, 2012
The helicopter is supposed to distract us from the ugly car
Matt Piccolo Jul 22, 2012
It does look far away, it might just be the photo though... This is a nice interior though
Matt Liong Jul 22, 2012
Is it me or is the navi all the way in the firewall??? God it's far away!
Cham Khiev Jul 22, 2012
Only part of this model i like lol n the badges