Comments - Unique of the Week: 1971 Pontiac Le Mans GT-37

Published: Jul 21, 2012
Description: Oh Pontiac, how we miss you - before circa 1980. Beginning in the eighties, General Motors was having a difficult time trying to define their so-called "Excitement" brand. Unfortunately they...
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Description: This strategy only became worse into the nineties when Pontiac simply added tons of plastic body-cladding to their models in order to try to somehow differentiate them from Chevrolets and even Buicks....
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Jimmy Bartolotta Jul 21, 2012
No, the article is just saying that Le Mans and GTO were originally trims of the Tempest. It wasn't until they dropped the Tempest name that the GTO and Le Mans became separate models (although they were very similar looks wise)
Jesus Alberto Lopez Aug 01, 2012
2nd on my top 5 Pontiac Cars :D
Tim Preisinger Jul 21, 2012
Beautiful car! Will probably sell for a decent price too
Description: Before then, buyers could opt for a V8 (the 326 and 350 cu in units were the most popular) as well as a variety of body styles including a coupe, sedan and a wagon. Still, the GTO was way cooler and i...
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Description: In addition to the standard 350 and 400 cu in V8s, buyers could opt for the GTO's 455 cu in V8 as well. However, GM didn't want the GT-37 infringing upon the GTO's territory so they si...
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Craig Lafey Jul 21, 2012
So beautiful. Would love to have it
Vince DeMasi Jul 21, 2012
I almost bought a blue Le Mans as my first car but it had a ton of issues and I didn't know how to work on cars at the time, would have been an awesome project car
Avery Williams Jul 21, 2012
It has a Chevelle type look to it but still it's a great car.
Description: The GT-37 package was long gone by this point and the Le Mans became a shadow of its former self. The GTO disappeared in 1974 and the days of which Pontiac actually built excitement were clearly fadin...
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Description: Powered by a rebuilt 400 cu in V8 mated to a factory manual, the exterior was given an all-new high quality paint job followed by the reassembly of the chrome, glass, trim, and gaskets as well as a ne...
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Vince DeMasi Jul 21, 2012
Hey at least it has a Pontiac engine in it
Zachary Maurer Jul 21, 2012
There was an option for a 455, but the 400 was one of the stock engines, that's what it said in the article at least that's how I read it
Will Revene Jul 21, 2012
If the gt-37 came with a tuned down 455, and this has a rebuilt 400, how is it a real gt-37? It's not original?
Andrew McNeal Jul 21, 2012
That's one of those stupid looking steering wheel covers from walmart, it comes off pretty easily
Kyle McCullough Jul 21, 2012
That steering wheel looks horrific, but I love the rest of the car
1988BMW325iS Jul 21, 2012
4 speed... very nice
Dillon Dixon Jul 21, 2012
When there wasn't so much crap under the hood and you could see the ground. That's what I call weight reduction.
Miguel Jimenez Jul 21, 2012
Ahh the good ol' days when they used the actually paint the engine instead of putting on plastic covers.
1988BMW325iS Jul 21, 2012
what a great engine. dads old gto has it