Comments - Unearthed: 1973 Alfa Romeo Spider

Published: Jul 21, 2012
Description: Some cars become popular simply because they look good, and that's just fine, but when there are certain mechanical issues that can increase the driver's risk of injury or even death, that&a...
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Description: But you know what, who cares? Alfa Romeos are not only beautiful, but they also sound wonderful and provide pure driving pleasure. From 1966 until 1993, there was one Alfa that gave owners endless hou...
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David Liebe Hart Jul 26, 2012
My grandfather sold his spider a few months ago unfortunately, fun car.
Colin Dzendolet Jul 23, 2012
I drove a late 80s model and it was fun, like a miata, but much less refined in my opinion
Wyatt Gordon Jul 21, 2012
i love these things
Paul Lissona Jul 21, 2012
I'd really like to try one, probably like they say very unreliable though.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 21, 2012
Such a fun and amazing little car!! Love these things!
Description: It was also a relative bargain, selling for just under $4,000, making it even cheaper than other European competitors such as the Lotus Elan and MGB. It was given a power upgrade to 118hp in 1967 alon...
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Buddy Robinson Jul 23, 2012
But it's an Alfa
Andrew McNeal Jul 21, 2012
A bargain?? Back then a Mustang GT with all options didn't even hit $3k...
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 21, 2012
Have about 15 of these in my town..
Description: The Series 2 Spider came out in 1970 and remained in production until 1982. Besides from receiving a more powerful engine, it was given some exterior updates such as a redesigned rear-end, front grill...
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Description: Series 3 made its debut in 1982 with an all-new 2.0-liter engine with fuel injection. It was also given yet another exterior update that was not particularly well received by Alfa fans. In 1986 the &q...
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Description: The engine received some improvements, but with the introduction of the Mazda Miata in 1989, it was clear the Spider was long past its prime. Production finally ended in 1993. The owner of this 1973 S...
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Description: The owner claims he's spent thousands of Euros so far and he'll likely pour even more money into it in the future, but he doesn't mind simply because the car is a joy to drive. And that...
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