Comments - Racing in Slow Motion IV is Drama-Filled Cross-Era Epic

Published: Jul 21, 2012
Description: Things happen fast in motorsport. Blink and you can miss a high-speed overtake or near-fatal crash.
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Ben Knorr Jul 22, 2012
the best racing video ever made, truly epic. to whoever made this; many thanks!
Jackson Rojas Jul 22, 2012
speechless fantastic video
David Liebe Hart Jul 22, 2012
Incredible video
Douglas Goncalves Jul 22, 2012
Truly amazing video! Should be enjoyed by everyone, even if you're not a true racing fan. RIP Ayrton Senna.
Mehdi Toumi Jul 22, 2012
We will miss you supersic!!! R.I.P. #58 ... :(
Thibault Leroy Jul 22, 2012
wow awesome video gave me goose bumps
Luke Murray Jul 21, 2012
Absolutely brilliant sort of video that makes you want to keep on watching never seen anything like it epic masterpiece
Danny Gonzalez Jul 21, 2012
Wow, that was amazing * wipes tears * :')
Rowan Rdizz Welch Jul 21, 2012
awesome video.. this is my goal to race in motorsport one day
John Serely Jul 21, 2012
That was a great video! Whoever made it should be very, very proud
Seth McCormick Jul 21, 2012
Wow that was incredible!!!
Jason Turner Jul 21, 2012
One of, if not, THE BEST short films I've ever seen. Incredibly well done.
Justin Tucker Jul 21, 2012
That was the most touching video I have ever watched.Thats just made me cry, that was truly amazing
Garrett Smith Jul 21, 2012
Cool video for race fans.....vrooooom
Ken Kirtland Jul 21, 2012
that was just inspiring, got to love that transformers theme song
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 21, 2012
What a beautiful video. Awesome job
Nick Zabrecky Jul 21, 2012
That was a truly beautifully put together video. Very powerful and moving. Really makes you see the true beauty behind motor sports. Just absolutely awesome!!
Michael Henderson Jul 21, 2012
And i miss the glory days of motorsport ie British Touring Cars and The WRC, it all seems a little too political now. Like it's a shame that the owners of the Nurburgring have filed for bankruptcy.
Michael Henderson Jul 21, 2012
What an absolutely brilliant film, this guy should be doing bigger things than this, he has got a real talent. And i was there for the clip at 11:30 and it really was a case of blink and you'll miss it. Awesome film.
Dillon Dixon Jul 21, 2012
*wipes tears from eyes* That. Was. Beautiful. I loved how it showed the ups and downs of it all. The beginning voiceover was incredible also. That, that is how to produce a video. Thank you for making such a masterpiece!
Description: That's where slow motion racing footage comes in. It gives us the chance to relive the action at our leisure. In this beautifully compiled video, racing from a range of disciplines and eras can b...
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Stefan G. Whittaker Jul 24, 2012 game shot. A damn nice one though.
Yousef Khorsheed Jul 22, 2012
European shootout
Thibault Leroy Jul 22, 2012
there goes carbuzz again with their random end of article pictures XD
Chris Penza Jul 21, 2012
I don't know but it definitely isn't real
Eddie Fok Jul 21, 2012
Is this a cgi clip from a racing game? R-Factor racing - touring cars...
Mikey Barro Jul 25, 2012
This has been my background for two months.... Ironic
Yousef Khorsheed Jul 22, 2012
Where is the Aston Martin DBR9 #007
David Liebe Hart Jul 22, 2012
That Shelby crushed...
Walker Carroll Jul 21, 2012
I love that Renault livery.