Comments - Kia Slaps new Quoris Nameplate on K9 Flagship Sedan

Published: Jul 21, 2012
Description: Kia's all-new flagship sedan hit Korean showrooms back in May. While it carries the K9 moniker at home, abroad it will be known as Quoris. Kia's first rear-drive sedan, which slots above th...
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John Serely Jul 22, 2012
I really, really hope they bring it to the US,
Shaun Conroy Jul 22, 2012
It would be much better if they called it the Chorus.
Paul Lissona Jul 21, 2012
Edmunds said its one of the worst car names ever.
Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
"core" and "quality"... Right
John Serely Jul 21, 2012
Um...I am not a fan of the name at all
Keaton Schelir Jul 21, 2012
It's not derived in any way from whore?
Description: Speaking on the new Quoris, Thomas Oh, Kia's Executive Vice President, explains that "the name of our new flagship sedan hints at the attributes at the very heart of the vehicle. The word &a...
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Samuel TheGentleman Harris II Sep 26, 2012
I don't care what it looks like I want one lol
Pranay ImaGiraffe Person Jul 25, 2012
took a LOT from the new 5 series
Zaire Wilkins Jul 25, 2012
those LED headlights are going to put highbeams HID's to shame
Selim Husni Houssami Jul 23, 2012
Developed in 2008 the BMW had designed and planned the new model of the seven series in the mid 2006 when BMW introduced the face lift on the earlier model
Selim Husni Houssami Jul 23, 2012
So y so long to release the example to the world
Jason Brown Jul 23, 2012 Developed in 2008 release a few months ago in Seoul.
Selim Husni Houssami Jul 23, 2012
They even copied the idrive out of the bmw
Selim Husni Houssami Jul 23, 2012
I strongly doubt that BMW would copy from Kia and if it were to be designed first why did it take so long to come out the new 7 series came out in 2009 where as this Kia in 2012 and not even for sale yet so I think that Kia are the ones who copied
Janak Solanki Jul 22, 2012
I don't care what anyone says this is a complete rip off of a BMW 7. It's obvious with the lights body panels and other styling details. I believe that they have been gunning for BMW from the start. Be original, Cadillac did it.
Jason Brown Jul 22, 2012
The K9 was in the works long time ago. Here in Korea, it is very expensive. Around 70k base and close to 90k full option. It is really a big car with so much tech and luxurious features. If you get a chance to see it at motor shows go inside of it.
Timothy Hooker Jul 21, 2012
people are so dumb when they get on their looks like soap box..this came out before the new some research. just because BMW is the better known company doesn't mean they were the ones copied.
William Downs Jul 21, 2012
hey vincent u must not know this but this car was out before the 7 series redo.. there just changing the name.. who copyed who?
Vincent Chong Jul 21, 2012
A complete rip off from a BMW 7 series. Everything from the grill, the eyelid headlights, the proportion, the side profile, the rear end, the interior, the shift knob, even the head up display is s copy. SHAME on you Kia!
Selim Husni Houssami Jul 21, 2012
Too much like a 7 series
Jackson Rojas Jul 21, 2012
great for Kia but its average for a bigger luxury car company
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 21, 2012
Nice car and nothing will beat it for the price
Ahmad Al-Ashqar Jul 21, 2012
I saw this car in a mall couple of weeks ago and it looks stunning, great job kia u earned my respect :p
Matt Piccolo Jul 21, 2012
Yea never mind, this doesnt look good, after looking at the next photo, I've changed mind lol
Matt Piccolo Jul 21, 2012
"even if there are better cars for the price"
Matt Piccolo Jul 21, 2012
It's not a bad looking car FORSURE, but I don't like Kia's grill that they have on there cars at te moment... But don't get me wrong, this is a pretty nice car for te price, Ben if there are other cars I'd buy first
Justin Chavez Jul 21, 2012
ch has the same swooping out shape as most bmws have, which looks really nice but it seems they just followed a design path taken by bmw but put their own flare and interpretation on it. Dont get me wrong though, i really like this car
Justin Chavez Jul 21, 2012
I think it looks really nice but many aspects were taken from the 7 series like the front fascia with lower air intakes which looks identical almost, the gear lever which is electronic and the same as in the bmw, but also the whole center console whi
William Downs Jul 21, 2012
not bad at all, ive driven every model they have, i currently own. 2010 koup sx, still drives like its brand new and looking at an optima now, i really liked the rio, thats a fun little hatch back for turns but just to slow for daily life for me. i cant wait for this now.. and since kia is supposed to be a sportier counter part to hyundai they should off a true manual with that v8 option
Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Jul 21, 2012
It actually looks better than in pictures
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jul 21, 2012
i want a test drive. Then ill decide
Description: "Our decision to give this striking new sedan an unconventional name means it will stand out even further from the established crowd, driving Kia sales in what is a new segment of the global auto...
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Paul Lissona Jul 22, 2012
My parents have a 2012 forte ex, it's pretty good for that type of car.
Zachary Maurer Jul 22, 2012
@stephen&mike, thank you! That will shut up the haters
Mike Aguilar Jul 22, 2012
A lot of people on here need to do their research. This vehicle was designed well before the BMW 7 series that they claim it was ripped off from. People who dislike the brand, have probably never driven one of the vehicles being made today.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Jul 22, 2012
If I could only but the Left half of the photo
Stephen Wicoff Jul 21, 2012
Just so you know, but this Kia existed before the 7-series redesign...
Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
It's got wasp eyes, where's my bug spray, lol
Dylan Bruder Jul 21, 2012
Looks like a bug
Zaire Wilkins Jul 21, 2012
it has 16 LED headlights next will be the acura RLX
Zaire Wilkins Jul 21, 2012
well it can definetly pass the 7 series in looks
John Serely Jul 21, 2012
I think it looks great, sure it seems like it has some 7 series influences, but the 7 looks great, so that's not a bad thing at all! At least it is miles better looking than the genesis, which IMO, is one of the most boring looking luxury cars
Zachary Maurer Jul 21, 2012
On the other side of things, those lights...
Zachary Maurer Jul 21, 2012
@curtis, some people here are Korean racist a$$ hole
William Downs Jul 21, 2012
yea they just need to change the inside of the headlights, and this design has been around for awhile, before the new 7 series, its based of an existing model thats been around for a couple years.. this is just a face lift basically
Matt Piccolo Jul 21, 2012
Ok a retract my statement on the previous video, this looks terrible
Walter Alexander Thomas Jul 21, 2012
It's like buying a fake high end clothing brand.
Walter Alexander Thomas Jul 21, 2012
This car is pretty nice for a Kia. But I could not find myself even putting it on my shopping list. It looks like a replica of a BMW 7 series and I think that is what make the car look weird in a way.
William Downs Jul 21, 2012
the headlight shape is fine but what is going on inside them, i love me some kia but those lights ruin it
Avery Williams Jul 21, 2012
What up with the lights? They look weird and out of place.
Reece Agland Jul 21, 2012
looks like an angry if somewhat better looking vmw 7 seriea
Jerry Singh Mar 24, 2013
This is a cool looking small car. I think it looks better than my S 65 Amg which is stock. I don't want to mess with what the Germans do beautifully.
Jerry Singh Mar 24, 2013
My Phantom and Ghost are both stock and they look pretty cool, but this is just plain awesome.
Sankar Shanmugam Aug 05, 2012
Lol u can't compare this to the seven series in any way, the seven series is it a different class and destroys this car
Jason Brown Jul 22, 2012
Just go sit in one. I am sure you guys will think it is far more comfortable than the BMW 7 series. The 7 series uses mostly fake leather in compliance with the EU laws. The K9 is 100% real fine leather.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 22, 2012
most of those german companies have the same setup interior wise i dont really care for them but exterior wise germans got it right same with the japanese
Zaire Wilkins Jul 22, 2012
in my eyes it looks better than a bmw but those wheels have got to go
Alex O'Brian Jul 22, 2012
Asians are copying euro cars. it looks like a bmw 7 series.
William Downs Jul 21, 2012
yea audi interiors are very nice an clean with a touch of style
Miguel Jimenez Jul 21, 2012
Looks like the new Lexus GS.
John Serely Jul 21, 2012
Same here, Paul. Audi usually has the best interiors IMO
Paul Lissona Jul 21, 2012
Yah but like you said BMW interiors are very good quality. I like Audi interiors a little more I think.
Dillon Dixon Jul 21, 2012
It's still too bland for my taste. But I feel they designed the rear and front better than a BMW. I wouldn't own a Kia, but they are doing one heck of a job right now.
William Downs Jul 21, 2012
i think this looks better then a bimmer minus the inside of the headlights and i think bmw onteriors are one of the most bland and boring interiors, they may be of good quality materials and build but just so boring to look at
John Serely Jul 21, 2012
@zaire I disagree, it's good, but no where near as good as bimmer
Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
Those wheels suck
Zaire Wilkins Jul 21, 2012
looks like they beat BMW at there own design i like this alot
Dan Marino Jul 21, 2012
It reminds me of a 5 series gt
Dan Anton Jul 21, 2012
Is it just me or does this look just like a 7 series? The back does and so does the front lower facia.