Comments - Biggest Automotive Missteps: Lincoln Blackwood

Published: Jul 21, 2012
Description: The Lincoln Blackwood was another case of badge engineering gone wrong, but here actual rebadging itself is a very small factor when compared to all of the many, many other things which were wrong wit...
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Jack Howard Jul 24, 2012
So are we talking about half on vs half ton? Because the trucks are way different than even the SUVs
Caner Ozdemir Jul 24, 2012
Thats funny because my family owned 2 fords with the same problem and 3 GMs that were perfect, look at the odds...
Danny Reed Jul 24, 2012
It's rare that I ever see a "new" model like this. I have to say I'd buy one because it will be worth a fortune soon
Jack Howard Jul 22, 2012
Yeah my 12 year old Ford has 205000 miles and my dads 3 year old Chevy has 125000 miles and the tranny is slipping already.
Taylor Little Jul 22, 2012
My family had a Chevy that always broke down, it was a never ending struggle. There will always be cars like that don't judge the brand off one experience. That's ignorant.
Caner Ozdemir Jul 22, 2012
We got a chevy after that and it still runs great with 100k miles after 10 years with no problems
Caner Ozdemir Jul 22, 2012
I Hate ford because my family used to own one and it always broke down, even though it got proper mantanance. It once broke down at an intersection as the ford and a semi were turning, the truck ran over the ford and my brother almost died.
Lee Goodman Jul 22, 2012
thats a very good pickup theres alot of space inside too :)
Jack Howard Jul 22, 2012
But there is no reason to hate something that didnt do anything to you or has anything wrong with it for that matter. I need reasons for why he said he hated it because my mommy and daddy told me that "hate" is a strong word.
Felix E. Romier Jul 22, 2012
@Jake let him have his opinion. If he doesnt like Ford and he likes Chevy, that's just the way he is. Personally I like GMC's and Seat's.
Jack Howard Jul 21, 2012
How do you "hate" a good truck? Im a Ford fan and i still respect all of its competitors. They are all good trucks.
Caner Ozdemir Jul 21, 2012
Ok guys i was kidding about the lift, i just like the body style, i personaly hate fords, i like chevy's. Im not gonna lift a $52,000 truck -.-
DeUahn Wells Jul 21, 2012
That ish is ugly
Rockesh Boulder Jul 21, 2012
Eh, Lincolns to me are for old men, but this is for someone who doesn't know the term "Ford F-150"
Malachi Monteiro Jul 21, 2012
Lincoln tries too hard to be bling.
Jack Howard Jul 21, 2012
I see no point in getting a super nice truck. The highest trim i would get is a Lariat and whatever the equivalent is to the other trucks. But all you really need is the XLT trim(Ford)
Henz Herrero Jul 21, 2012
I jst cant get over the 52000 price tag.. Id get a navi for that price..
Justin Brest Jul 21, 2012
O and I would remove the decal on the bed
Justin Brest Jul 21, 2012
i think its a nice truck. no, your not going to go mudding or come in first in the small dick contest when it pulls up next to a hic ass diesel but if I was going to be on road for most of the time towing a small boat or trailer I would of considered this... especially for the mark down which made it just about equal to a 150 xlt.
Anthony Dillon Jul 21, 2012
Looks like a skoda truck
Henz Herrero Jul 21, 2012
Haha.. Thats a funny comment.. Why wud u pay premium price for a lincoln if you can get a nice f series truck for a lot lower price..
Michael Davidson Jul 21, 2012
Too bad it was only 2wd.
Caner Ozdemir Jul 21, 2012
İ think it looks nice, its an american truck, foregien trucks are the misstep. All it needs is a 6 in lift with some 35s
Description: The Blackwood, however, was the only one which failed outright. There is a very good reason for this, but we'll get to that in a bit. Since it was such a spectacular failure, the Blackwood tends ...
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Description: So Lincoln saw nothing wrong with slapping a new badge on a Ford, if anything, the recent success of the Navigator had served only to reinforce this idea. The decision to build the Navigator was simp...
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Dale Schroeder Jul 21, 2012
I distinctly remember a Ford PR person writing an angry letter to the Detroit Free Press claiming the Blackwood wasn't a rebodied F-150. The editor's rebuttal was basically "Yeah, you aren't fooling anyone, pal."
Max Rose Jul 23, 2012
I like the mazda b series better, idk why, but it seems more unique. And ive owned a b2300, and now i own a ranger.
Paul Lissona Jul 21, 2012
We had a Mazda b4000 which was exactly a ranger except for the grill and brake lights etc, but I liked rangers better.
Jack Howard Jul 21, 2012
Weve got 205,000 on our 2001 F150 and no problems at all except for changing the spark plugs so id say that the 5.4 is a beast. Its got more torque than my dads 2010 Silverado with the 5.3
Vince DeMasi Jul 21, 2012
The Lincoln pick up truck helping America's yuppies since 2001
Taylor Garry Jul 21, 2012
I completely forgot about these before the mark lt
Daniel Levy Jul 21, 2012
The second generation navigator was really the ugly lincoln, Its just awful
Zachary Maurer Jul 21, 2012
I have only seen 2 of these in my life too...
Zachary Maurer Jul 21, 2012
The front looks like a mazda b2000 or whatever their rebadged ranger was...another automotive misstep there too!
Steve Waskiewicz Jul 21, 2012
Like all Lincolns since.
Matt Greenlee Jul 21, 2012
the 5.4 was actually a really good engine.. especially in the GT
Jason W. Evers Jul 21, 2012
Lol 5.4. Those were cute
Tim Preisinger Jul 21, 2012
I personally think it looks pretty good
Caner Ozdemir Jul 21, 2012
The front end actuly looks nice
Boyd Boudreaux Jul 21, 2012
That frontend was just awful on a pickup, come to think about it was awful on a suv
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 21, 2012
Lol I remember I wanted one of these when I was in high school. It was actually a nice ride with an exaggerated price tag
Jack Howard Jul 22, 2012
Anything CAN be great. Some just can be greater which is not this
Alex Vasquez Jul 22, 2012
I think it's bad ass, slap a chip, headers, and a supercharger.. Also an exhaust! This could be great
Malachi Monteiro Jul 21, 2012
How to give yourself blackwood, wrap a rubberband around you di-- dear lord this truck is a fail.
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jul 21, 2012
I think it looks damn good.
Description: Since Lincoln was under no illusion that anyone would so much as attempt to take one of these off-road, some changes were made to the suspension to make the Blackwood more road-friendly. This include...
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Description: If the obviously fake wood didn't quite succeed in making you scratch your head, the bed was redone as a trunk, finished in stainless steel, thick carpet and topped with a power tonneau. There wa...
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Dale Schroeder Jul 21, 2012
Take an entry level vehicle, add a few gimmicks, rebadge it with a luxury marque and jack up the price. Didn't work with the Cimmaron, didn't work with the Maserati/Chrysler TC, didn't work here.
Michael Davidson Jul 21, 2012
Wayyyyyy over priced, and not even that useful.
Boyd Boudreaux Jul 21, 2012
That bed would have made a nice little trailer
Description: By 2002, nobody was really expecting an SUV owner to use it for anything utilitarian, and the EXT was obviously much more SUV than pickup. You could install a hot tub in the bed of an EXT and nobody ...
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Daniel Kenneth Babler Jul 21, 2012
@Andrew That's exactly right
Andrew McNeal Jul 21, 2012
When I visited NYC I hardly saw any trucks at all, nevermind "country" people. Come to Texas, you'll see fake country people everywhere (and real ones too though)
Malachi Monteiro Jul 21, 2012
I like driving the EXT, very good for road trips.
Jack Howard Jul 21, 2012
At my high school, 85% of the kids there drive trucks.
Stephen Tyler Learn Jul 21, 2012
@Dylan yes. Those same country girls usually have loaded parents and have no idea what's it's like to work on a farm
Taylor Garry Jul 21, 2012
Jason now that i think about it, that's a big selling point
Jason W. Evers Jul 21, 2012
I always drove a truck cause I needed a bed for the empty beer cans.
Dan Ruth Jul 21, 2012
I like to use the word "overcompensating", when it come to people who buy pickup trucks, and never use them.
Description: But the Blackwood said the exact opposite. It was too utilitarian for pure conspicuous consumption, but not utilitarian enough to project rugged independence. The Blackwood was a failure of epic propo...
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Christian De Prisco Jul 21, 2012
The driver weighs at least like the engine....
Description: Blackwoods sat on dealer lot for ages after that, and dealers would finally end up selling them for a fraction of the original price, just to get rid of the damn things. In the end, only 3,356 Blackwo...
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Description: The real lesson of the Blackwood is that luxury versions of full-on pickups don't work. If a luxury vehicle is going to have a bed, there needs to be an implied wink, and both the Blackwood and t...
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Alex Vasquez Jul 22, 2012
If it was a long bed hah
Aislin Cooper Jul 21, 2012
You could sleep in there I guess
Kyle Nistler Jul 21, 2012
I've got a buddy that has one of these and he has no problem with it. Plus it looks good, not saying I would own one though...
Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
If it weren't so expensive at the time, it probably would have made a perfect family vehicle, especially for vacations
chikenbag Jul 21, 2012
huh.... I've never seen the bed of one of these before.... looks weird, but i think i like it?