Posted on: Jul 21, 2012
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Big Daddy Customs Makes a Range Rover out of a Tata

New Delhi customizer turns Indian SUV into a make-beleive Evoque.
There's a wide chasm in the SUV market. At one end you have simple machines like the Tata Safari. At the other end, a Range Rover. Now Indian tuning house Big Daddy Customs has bridged the gap with its latest project. Dubbed the Moon Rover, the tuning package includes an Evoque-replica front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights, new headlamps, alloy wheels wrapped in chunky rubber, a custom white paint job, new tail lamps and quad chrome exhaust tips.
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Inside, meanwhile, the cabin has been smartly dressed in red leather. Inspiration for the project may have come from the fact Land Rover own Tata, or perhaps this is merely a coincidence. Either way the finished article is not as bad as we first feared. A Range Rover it is not, but as far as replica jobs go, well... it does look better than the donor car.

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by Adam Lynton
Big Daddy Customs Makes a Range Rover out of a Tata

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