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Published: Jul 21, 2012
Description: The Nissan Leaf is the white bread of the electric vehicle world. It's bland and boring, but it gets the job done. Nissan's EV has been slowly racking up the sales stateside, but there are s...
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Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
I din't care if they do come out with a sporty version, that just means (again) long ass charge times, a limited top speed with no way to change that, and no way to get more power...
David Liebe Hart Jul 21, 2012
They've done articles on three of these all ready, what's the point?
Description: The Nissan Esflow is a sporty concept with the electrical components of the Leaf and the styling of the 370Z. Nissan's concept is designed for performance, with two electric motors placed near th...
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M 616 Jul 22, 2012
id drive electric if this was available
Bobby Junior Jul 21, 2012
No, you van also have hydrogen
Trend Setter Jul 21, 2012
What's wrong with EV Dylan? Only way to go. Accept it.
Dillon Dixon Jul 21, 2012
Ummm yes! The design is superb!
Dillon Dixon Jul 21, 2012
This. This is how the leaf should've been.
Avery Williams Jul 21, 2012
I can see this being the new Z in a couple of years.
Description: The Nismo RC Leaf has very little in common with the production Leaf, and that's a good thing. Nissan's electric race car loses all of the Leaf's creature comforts, including its backse...
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Charlie Stratton Jul 21, 2012
now this is good
Description: Nissan showed a jazzed up version of the Leaf at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon. The Aero Style concept was essentially a Leaf with a new body kit and wheels. The sleek new design fit the Leaf surprisingly...
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Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
This kit makes it look a bit like a prius
Description: The Embassy suites hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, is the proud owner of the world's first and only Leaf limousine. The hotel stretched the Leaf out, adding 400 pounds to the bulky EV in the proce...
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Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
Your either a gay hippie couple getting married in this or your getting laughed out of the high school prom with these, lol