Comments - The Definitive Batmobile Documentary

Published: Jul 20, 2012
Description: As Hollywood director Joel Schumacher remarked, "There is no Batman without the Batmobile." Being the car guys that we are, we can't help but agree. Besides, Schumacher should know a th...
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Description: Check out the preview of the documentary below and, should it tickle your fancy enough, drop a few bucks on the Blu-ray or digital download when it is finished for the Holiday Season 2012.
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Andrew McNeal Jul 20, 2012
Apparently not cool enough to go to the movies in Colorado!
Matheus Teobaldo Jul 20, 2012
Realmente incrível , todos os carros do batman foram incríveis com as mesmas semelhanças , e todos pretos , vale a pena ver este vídeo
Jonathan Tjandra Jul 20, 2012
I love the video so much Two thumbs uppp
Chris Penza Jul 22, 2012
Is this based off the futura?
Tyler Torres Jul 21, 2012
My favorite still
Reece Rhys Loughmiller Jul 20, 2012
"you can have it any color you like, as long as it's black" -Henry Ford.
Andrew McNeal Jul 20, 2012
This is THE Batmobile, best looking by far, but the newest one is almost a tie...
Henz Herrero Jul 20, 2012
I think this one was the most shows.. Unlike the batmobile from tdk which didnt show up a lot..
Corey Mullis Jul 20, 2012
This still is the best batmobile. although Christian Bales new ride is a close second
noahcollins Jul 20, 2012
I have seen this one in Atlanta it was pretty cool
Kenneth Williams Jul 21, 2012
This is rice in the world of bat mobiles. Lol
Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
I loved this one when I was a kid, now, not so much
Rockesh Boulder Jul 20, 2012
"Hot Wheels, beat that :P
Eddie Nash Jul 20, 2012
It has always looked like a bad cross-training show to me.
chikenbag Jul 20, 2012
silly val kilmer batmobile....
Andrew McNeal Jul 20, 2012
Like a 30 year old at a college party, this batmobile tried too hard to look cool, and came out looking weird and ugly IMO
Bob Jones Jul 20, 2012
Nope, Chuck Testa.
Di Nero Jul 20, 2012
Hey look, it's Joe Rogan!
Kenneth Williams Jul 21, 2012
Wth? What batman was this in?
Joshua Minh Tran Jul 23, 2012
This actually inspired the military to make a vehicle bad on this design.
Laguna Seca Jul 21, 2012
I had a 1985 Honda 3 wheeler that this reminds me of. I hope to see more sleek vehicles in the future batmans, ones you that might actually be fast and not "bounce" during filming. Can't they weaponize an Aventador or ducati bike in flat black?
William Downs Jul 20, 2012
the new batman trilogy has been the best and most realistic batman movie series period.. bale did a great job as bruce wayne.. sad its over with this new movie
Cameron Dean Jul 20, 2012
I hope the new movie dosn't tank because of the shooting at the premier.
Clay Higdon Jul 20, 2012
The ones with Michael Keaton were great. The couple after that sucked. The new ones with Bale are great also.
Thomas Mackey Jul 20, 2012
You guys wouldn't know a real movie if it kicked u in the sack! Are you kidding??? No story line? Too dark?? The old ones were more cartoon-ish which isn't that great. The second movie was pure epic.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 20, 2012
Best bat mobile, by far!!
Michael Page Jul 20, 2012
When did batman lose its way? Did Adam West give more meaning to the character than Christian Bale?
Henz Herrero Jul 20, 2012
Ya but he is a vigilante.. I dnt think a vigilante wud want to be associated with the military..
Kylyn Kinsey Jul 20, 2012
That is the point. This Batmobile was supposed to be a military prototype designed by Wayne Enterprises. The most recent Batman trilogy is supposed to be a what if he was real. That is why the car looks "military".
Boyd Boudreaux Jul 20, 2012
This just doesn't say batmobile, to military
Sea Wolf Jan 20, 2013
its from the bat man begins
Yousef Khorsheed Jul 23, 2012
What batman is this car from
Kenneth Williams Jul 21, 2012
Hoosiers, the better to run over you with.
Jordan Jackson Jul 21, 2012
I'll take one, period
John Philip Sousa Jul 20, 2012
I'll take it in black because I'm not a fa.g
Alex Vasquez Jul 20, 2012
I'll take one in red so people know in coming.
Samuel Farias Jul 20, 2012
I'll take this one in Navy cammo blue.