Comments - Subaru BRZ Unleashed on Isle of Man

Published: Jul 20, 2012
Description: Equidistant from the UK and Ireland, slap bang in the middle of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is famed for its lethal TT motorcycle racing event and absence of any speed limits.
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John Serely Jul 21, 2012
@justin are you talking about the frs and the brz? If so, you are completely wrong lol. The brz is NA and RWD haha, just like the frs
Justin Brest Jul 20, 2012
scion fr-s and Subaru are pretty much identical aside from awd and a turbo. I'd still take the subaru
Description: Being the same size as Columbus, Ohio, but with about a tenth of the population, the island is fairly sparse, which combined with being able to go as fast you dare, makes it one of the best places to ...
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Domi Bsaibes Jul 20, 2012
The stock brz already weighs 1200 kg imagine if they strip out the ac and radio and like shave some weight and boost some power, it'll fly!
David Guerrero Jul 20, 2012
Sometimes, but more importantly it is way lighter, which is more effective then just boosting power, rally cars have really high power to weight ratio. The rally brz must weigh like 2k lb.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 20, 2012
Rally prepped. Does that mean more horsepower too?
Yousef Khorsheed Jul 23, 2012
This is a copy of the gt86
Malachi Monteiro Jul 20, 2012
I really like the BRZ, but I like my WRX better!