Description: What's the best way to show off a luxury car? Why, take it to Spain with some skateboarders, of course. That's what Mercedes did with its new C-Class Coupe.
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Morgan Dame Jul 20, 2012
i love longboarding, i do it all sliding, down hill, flat land
Daniel Bellafonte Jul 20, 2012
Always wanted to try longboarding crusing down hills and curves on trick boards is pretty fun and thrilling though.
Nathan Rothschild Jul 20, 2012
That was nothing my civic si couldnt do. The longboarders were more impresive.
Description: The German automaker sent the Sport model along with DTM driver Susie Wolff to meet up with the Longboard Girls crew in Mallorca for a bit of fast-paced fun on the twisting mountain roads. The Longboa...
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Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 20, 2012
Im cool wit 369 pound-feet of torque. Use that more than hp anyway
Nick Sti Jul 20, 2012
Stereotypical people in the car, apart from the fact one is a DTM driver
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2012
Guess Doug can't get any of these chicks so he must take his anger out on a car app.