Comments - Ferrari Corse Clienti Heads to Spa Francorchamps

Published: Jul 20, 2012
Description: In 2001, Ferrari launched its Corse Clienti program, rewarding their most loyal customers with the chance to track the FXX and 599XX models (and Evolution versions of both), while providing feedback f...
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Description: Following the recent Monza and Laguna Seca racetrack meets, the next stop on the 2012 tour was Belgium's Spa Francorchamps circuit.
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Chris Penza Jul 20, 2012
And not a single good rev was given...
Description: Hans van Raaijen was at the famous track and sent us these wonderful shots and videos of the track-only Ferraris and F1 racing cars warming up and undertaking some hot laps.
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Matheus Teobaldo Jul 20, 2012
Olha o detalhe de quando freia os discos dos freios ficam vermelhos de tanto quente é incrível
Kyle Janchenko Jul 20, 2012
That is a pretty badass shot!
Chris Penza Jul 20, 2012
My god those discs look like melting lava
1988BMW325iS Jul 21, 2012
@dillon ya i know thats crazy
Dillon Olson Jul 20, 2012
Wow, look at that brake disc glow
Dennis Choong Jul 20, 2012
Awesome looking machine
Lukas Lebs Jul 20, 2012
The top of the trunk shape looks like the aston v12 Zagato
Joe Lamouk Jul 20, 2012
The 599XX looked much better without that horrible spoiler.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 21, 2012
@chang he was talking about the tail lights and how now they are used to chanel air. The diffuser is under the car, think he knows what that is.. Lol you really should read all of our comments before commenting
Matheus Teobaldo Jul 20, 2012
O escapamento no lugar do farol fico exótico e incrível
Janak Solanki Jul 20, 2012
Chang, the diffuser is under the bumper close to the floor. I'm referring to the empty holes where the brake lights are supposed to be.
Chang Chen Jul 20, 2012
@Janak, it's a diffuser
Aaron Cartwright Jul 20, 2012
@janak maybe the exhaust brake duct?
Janak Solanki Jul 20, 2012
May not be exhausts then, probably an air duct that's designed to remove the wake behind the car. I remember reading an in depth article about it in popular science.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 20, 2012
@janak your thinking of the FXX, the 599xx has its exhaust behind the front wheel.
Janak Solanki Jul 20, 2012
Exhausts where the brakes lights are supposed to be to detach the vortex created as air passes over the car. Brilliant!!
John Serely Jul 20, 2012
Now that is a big diffuser!
Tyler McCready Jul 21, 2012
Anyone else notice the guy who's pants are far too tight..?
Jason Turner Jul 20, 2012
Lmao @Christian. Too funny
Tevin Xko Davis Jul 20, 2012
Damn look at the breaks! =D
Janak Solanki Jul 20, 2012
Are the gonna equip the car with pumas for grip?
Christian De Prisco Jul 20, 2012
Hello? Yes...I can't find the wheels...
John Serely Jul 21, 2012
@el mean the FXX lol
Quinn Beaupré Jul 20, 2012
The only thing I don't like on the car are the headlights..other than that it's beautiful!
Alex Stanzel Jul 20, 2012
That's the fxx. But it's based off the Enzo.
Isaac Rezkalla Jul 20, 2012
God i need to drive one of these
Janak Solanki Jul 20, 2012
I wonder if Ferarri drivers are born with a lower drag coefficient than regular people.
Janak Solanki Jul 20, 2012
Even the helmet has spoilers
Cameron Dean Jul 20, 2012
I agree John, but the 360 is still one of my all time favorite Ferraris
John Serely Jul 20, 2012
Haha the FF's, 612 and 360 CS in the background are no comparison to the 599
Alex Santaspirt Jul 20, 2012
Best cars ever made.