Comments - Biggest Automotive Missteps: Pontiac Aztek

Published: Jul 20, 2012
Description: At this point, picking on the Aztek is almost a cliché, but face it, you would have felt like something was missing from this series if I hadn't included it. The Aztek was such a massive fai...
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George Eganhouse Jul 20, 2012
Breaking Bad made me want a Aztek. Go Walt you bad ass.
Dale Schroeder Jul 20, 2012
I had heard many times that the Aztek was some high level manager's pet project that went to production just because no one had the stones to tell him it was a bad idea. Dunno how true that is but given GM's state at the time, it seems credible.
Zachary Maurer Jul 20, 2012
My friends know the designer for this car, he got fired and went to ford, then he designed the ford five hundred...
Bobert Liu Jul 20, 2012
The designers had no idea what they were doing. All they knew was that they didn't understand how the gen x could appreciate wacky designs that the previous generation thought were ugly, so they took a shot in the dark and made a car just as wacky.
Jerrod Swenson Jul 20, 2012
Canada had a rebadged Sidekick/Tracker by Pontiac named the Sunrunner from 90-97.
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 26, 2012
Starship troppers toors carrier minus the wings
Henz Herrero Jul 20, 2012
Why yall hating on the prius.. At least the prius is an icon and use in a lot of good movies..
Matt Piccolo Jul 20, 2012
Honestly, I'd b caught in a prius WAY before this thing
Chayton Kaes Garverick Jul 20, 2012
edsel was amazing, Tom
Tom Sexton Jul 20, 2012
This the Edsel of our generation.
Alex Vasquez Jul 20, 2012
I've always thought these were pieces of shit, but sad thing is they still sold!!
Justin Brest Jul 20, 2012
breaking bad wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for this monstrosity! lol
Avery Williams Jul 20, 2012
Would rather drive this than a Puke.
Jason Dowling Jul 20, 2012
Now I know what the Toyota Prius was modeled after!
David Justice Jul 20, 2012
How this thing got passed all the design meetings, production evals, and focus groups is beyond me.
Kyle Smith Jul 20, 2012
I'd totally drive around town in one of these blasting some rap beats with all four windows down. Not.
John Serely Jul 20, 2012
No Jim, that looks great, this looks terrible
Zach Sullivan Jul 20, 2012
@tony the reason why I like this car in bb is cuz it fits Walt's character so well at least in the first season anyway and if the walking dead was real I would drive a prius if it had keys in it cuz at that point I would be happy with anything that moved
Chris Penza Jul 20, 2012
I can't help but laugh every time I see this car
chikenbag Jul 20, 2012
it was funnier when it was featured on american dad lolz...
Timothy Hooker Jul 20, 2012
this thing handles like a champ in BB.
Paul Dickey Jul 20, 2012
Yeah tony this car was perfect for breaking bad. Walt is one bad ass man.
Vince DeMasi Jul 20, 2012
Breaking bad didn't need a nice car the person who said this was perfect for that show was because its a low key ugly car and didn't draw attention
Henz Herrero Jul 20, 2012
Omg i wudnt even call this a crossover, gives crossovers a bad name.. My neighbor has one and wow.. Its uglier in real life..
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2012
Might be ugly but it's still more practical than some cars.
Matt Piccolo Jul 20, 2012
A juke looks 17194716383816x better than this
Jackson Michael Jul 20, 2012
Awwwww look how tiny and cute the wheels areee
Jim Bagley Jul 20, 2012
Looks like the BMW X6.
Zach Sullivan Jul 20, 2012
anyone ever see breaking bad? this was the perfect car for that show other then that this thing is a piece of ...
Logan LeMonnier Jul 20, 2012
The juke has grown on me a lot. This never will
Michael J Solimene Jul 20, 2012
Rotten car. I don't get what ppl see in it
Tobias Mersinger Jul 20, 2012
The Juke looks great compared to this piece of junk. And the Juke is one ugly car... This is plain hideous...
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 20, 2012
Who was the boss of pontiac at this time? Because i cannot understand who was the one that said: " beautiful, and now let's start the production, i'm sure that this is going to be our top selling car ". UGLY CAR!!
Michael Horne Jul 20, 2012
In my opinion, this and the Juke are on even terms in the ugly department.
Donte Perino Jul 20, 2012
It still isn't that bad...
Description: The Aztek was priced well out of reach of the majority of Gen X buyers, and all of the weird "youth oriented" options didn't exactly appeal to anyone who might have actually bought the ...
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Chayton Kaes Garverick Jul 20, 2012
I have an Aztek, and the tent is good. not great, but good
Stephen Wicoff Jul 20, 2012
Jeep wranglers come with tents... And I'ld totally take this with a tent, it's cheaper too.
Chris Penza Jul 20, 2012
Well you can probably get an aztek with a tent cheaper than a tent at the store
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jul 20, 2012
I liked the tent... awkward... haha
Description: Carmakers still haven't given up trying to sell hideous cars to young people and the Aztek was hardly the only weird-looking, mutant vehicle which was pitched as being "Xtreme", "a...
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Hektor Yberg Jul 20, 2012
I like snf to =(
Daniel Eads Jul 20, 2012
I actually have and like SNF on vinyl. I feel hurt.
Bracey Wright Oct 27, 2012
Idk why alot of people hate it. I really like this car.
Theviper007 Jul 22, 2012
u would drive a the Yugo or mustang 3 from top gear America
Alex Vasquez Jul 20, 2012
It should be driven into the sea
Zachary Maurer Jul 20, 2012
That was one of the few good American top gear episodes
Chris Penza Jul 20, 2012
@Dylan the mustang 2 fake led zeppelin story was tue funniest
Kyle McCullough Jul 20, 2012
@ Dylan: Yeah, that was hilarious!
Henz Herrero Jul 20, 2012
Haha ur right.. The front doesnt blend right.. Looks like two cars smahed inz
Joel Haberli Jul 20, 2012
This isn't even the worst looking version. Early models had grey cladding covering the bottom third of the car that made it look pudgy and ridiculous.
Nick Benz Jul 20, 2012
If they wanted it to sell, theyhouldve made it more of an off-roader. That would have at least been a little better
Logan LeMonnier Jul 20, 2012
The back end was the problem
Tobias Mersinger Jul 20, 2012
The front looks like two cars welded on top of each other
Stephen Wicoff Jul 20, 2012
The cheap plastic cladding ruined it.
Jason Dowling Jul 20, 2012
Is that a Prius?
Josh ?hompson Jul 20, 2012
I like the cladding on my avalanche, its bullet proof
Matt Piccolo Jul 20, 2012
This is Absoloutely hideous lol
Ariana Laxdal Jul 20, 2012
Can't miss the three spoke wheels. Makes it super fast.
Zach Sullivan Jul 20, 2012
two tone hell yea
Jt Collier Jul 20, 2012
Goddamn those are some sexy panel gaps
John Serely Jul 20, 2012
I agree, zachuary, but even without the cladding, it is terrible lol
Boyd Boudreaux Jul 20, 2012
Pontiac was famous for body cladding, it gave paint and body shops hell
Tobias Mersinger Jul 20, 2012
And the rims. And the shape. And the lack of a fuel cap.
Brandon Whybrew Jul 20, 2012
as in plastic ruins it
Brandon Whybrew Jul 20, 2012
just like on the avalanche!
Zachary Maurer Jul 20, 2012
See the plastic trim ruins it...
Description: The styling was absolutely hideous, and the Aztek has been included in pretty much every list of ugliest cars ever made. This included a couple lists in Time of the 50 Worst Cars of All Time and even ...
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Dale Schroeder Jul 20, 2012
Wow, I had forgotten the Aztek had only barely passed the crash tests. It's even worse when you consider crash safety was supposed to be the big selling point of SUV's in that time period.
Description: Perhaps a bit overpriced, but J.D. Power and Associates rated it as the "Most Appealing Entry Sport Utility" in 2001. It scored very well on the Customer Satisfaction Index in every way exce...
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Kyle Anderson Jul 20, 2012
If they would've taken the top headlights and enlarged them and gotten rid of the lower headlights altogether , I feel like it would look much better.
Mike Casselton Jul 20, 2012
I Liked the Top Gear off road version. Still a horribly ugly car though...
David Jagiello Jul 20, 2012
Looks like something Lada would make
Nick Sti Jul 20, 2012
I kinda like the front. The rest sucks though
Joel Haberli Jul 20, 2012
This is not horrible. But the front end just doesn't work.
John Serely Jul 20, 2012
Ugly color on an ugly car
Bruno Rocha Aug 17, 2012
Hahahahahahahahahaha That's the worse thing I've ever seen hahahahahaha horrible!
Bruno Rocha Aug 17, 2012
In Brazil it costs R$ 1.200.000,00 this price in the USA is about U$ 700.000,00 so, it's overpriced. VERY OVERPRICED! The brazilian govern is the worse of all! I HATE THIS COUNTRY.
Colin Dzendolet Jul 23, 2012
take off that stupid sloping rear hatch job, make it into a small 4door ute with a mini truck bed, and its side profile wouldn't be that bad
Jack Williams Jul 21, 2012
Mmm. The aftermarket wheels and yellow calipers really add a lot. Lots of swag.
Chris O'Brien Jul 21, 2012
this isn't even a production model. it was just a concept on posters in dealerships. has anyone EVER seen one on the road that looks like this?!
Colby Church Jul 21, 2012
Or how about a production model with aftermarket wheels, rack, and side pieces? Lol. Come on guys, just pay attention.
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Jul 20, 2012
No, I believe this was a concept, or "unveiling" car. Not 100% sure though.
Henz Herrero Jul 20, 2012
Top of the line trim? Still doesnt make it appealing.. Pontia prolly paid off jd power..
Tobias Mersinger Jul 20, 2012
Mm, Prius rear...
Description: And thanks to GM's near-religious devotion to platform sharing, they only needed to sell 30,000 units per year in order to break even. But even breaking even proved to be overly ambitious for the...
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Description: Plenty of companies have survived making a terrible car, and if GM hadn't put Pontiac in a position where the success of the Aztek was something they needed in order to stay afloat, then Pontiac ...
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chikenbag Jul 20, 2012
I've said this for a while, the australians are better at making american cars than the americans are!
chikenbag Jul 20, 2012
pontiac as the american version of holden was awesome. loved having the monaro and commodore over here, and would have loved to see the ute make it too...
chikenbag Jul 20, 2012
at the end of pontiacs life, gms rebadging strategy was starting to make some good cars- gto, g8, solstice( not exactly a great car, but better than alot of the crap they had in the nineties )... shame the g8 st never got a chance to live, it would have been awesome
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2012
Keaton I think Saturn was GMs red headed stepchild.
Nick Benz Jul 20, 2012
I dont think the aztec caused the downfall of pontiac. Its not like alot of the other models had much appeal. They had some, but you could always get something else from GM or Chevy (not to mention imports) that was much much more attractive.
Keaton Schelir Jul 20, 2012
Pontiac always has been GMs Red-Headed Stepchild
Description: On the plus side, the Aztek served as GM's styling low point. The lessons learned have helped GM to produce generally more attractive vehicles in the 11 years since the Aztek was unveiled. Of cou...
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Alex Vasquez Aug 08, 2012
Hmm some weird Korean car, no offense to any Korean people. We have weird shit in America too like this crappy aztek
Benni Serious Jul 22, 2012
Aztek parked in front of a korando - the car has met its match
Simon Trépanier Jul 21, 2012
@Bijan It's a Ssangyong Korando !
Alex Vasquez Jul 20, 2012
Bijan I would like to know also!! Wtf!!
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 20, 2012
Wtf is that car behind it
Kyle McCullough Jul 20, 2012
This actually doesn't look as bad as most. Matte paint isn't too bad from this angle
Jackson Michael Jul 20, 2012
Why would they put matte pair on that
David Eslava Jul 20, 2012
That plate means that someone actually tool the time and the money necesary to actually ship one to Europe...
Alex Vasquez Aug 08, 2012
You people are great! xD
Jack Williams Jul 21, 2012
No I would give it a little more credit than that. 24hp for sure.
Trey Villarreal Jul 21, 2012
Rims? Watch out, we've got a baller over here.
Dale Fredriks Jul 20, 2012
@Alex I'm assuming you mean that's the total now, right?
Alex Vasquez Jul 20, 2012
That rally badge gives it like 23 HP!!
Nick Benz Jul 20, 2012
Ooooh a rally version. lolol
Trey Villarreal Jul 21, 2012
I'd rather walk to work in the rain.
Quinn Conner Jul 20, 2012
I'll take the 2 door golf.