Comments - Top-of-the-Line 2012 Kia Sportage KX-4 Revealed

Published: Jul 02, 2012
Description: Kia has just released the latest, greatest Sportage to make its way off the South Korean manufacturer's production line. The 2012 Sportage KX-4 is set to top their range both in terms of power an...
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Tyler Chess Jul 03, 2012
@ frank lol damn right it won't. Something with auto makers not wanting small diesels. I'm still waiting for a diesel powered Chevy Cruze and Kia borrego.
Frank Alberto Baez Jul 02, 2012
46mpg, I bet you it won't be available for USA.
William Downs Jul 02, 2012
yes they should, the koup we have is an amazing car for the price, im still shocked at how well it handles the mountain roads... should build one based off the genesis coupe
Carlton Salmon Jul 02, 2012
This is a great looking SUV.
Brendan Bell Jul 02, 2012
Kia really should make a sports car
William Downs Jul 02, 2012
what they need to do is make an awd version with the v6 or the turbo 2.0... cause these are fun when u drive the manual one
Description: A less efficient six-speed automatic gearbox is optional and returns 39.2mpg while emitting only 189g/km CO2. All told, the added power is good for a 0-60mph time of 9.4 seconds and a top speed of...
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Jordan Jackson Jul 02, 2012
Top-of-the-line huh? Lol
Kyle Smith Jul 02, 2012
Autos have lower gearing (e.g less revs at 100km/h than a stick). However they suffer from worse acceleration.
Matt Piccolo Jul 02, 2012
Why is the top speed a tiny bit higher with the auto... It doesn't really matter cuz it would take too long to get to 121 anyways but jw??
Cody Fullerton Jul 02, 2012
Sounds like it would be a decently comfortable nap too
Nathan Curtis Jul 02, 2012
wow. I could take a nap while I wait to get to 60 MPH.
Description: The 2012 Kia Sportage KX-4 prices at £27,195 with the efficient manual transmission while the automatic gearbox carries a £28,500 price tag.
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Josh Negron Jul 06, 2012
I could care less if you gave a crap about Kias... So, I don't know why you're even here in the first place. And you don't even know Joplin--except that we've endured the worst EF-5 in history. At any rate, nice classy touch at being a punk, pimps...
Josh Negron Jul 06, 2012
But yeah, go for the low blow and make fun of Joplin, MO. That's fine--in the end, I'm not the one that had to make it personal. In the normal world, if you don't like something some one else does, the mature thing is to agree to disagree.
Josh Negron Jul 06, 2012
I had a 98 Sportage and it was a pile of junk! But I would definitely buy a 2011 and up Kia, because I'm not closed minded and can recognize incredible styling and additional features across all competing classes for less money.
Josh Negron Jul 06, 2012
Hmm... Interesting comment Matt, not really sure what that's supposed to mean. Why? Because they're buying Kias? You're hatred blinds you! Kia and Hyundai have been gaining market share every single year they have existed.
Matt Piccolo Jul 03, 2012
@ josh... Wow people in ur nabourhood/city/town must not be the brightest bunch
Paul Lissona Jul 03, 2012
I wonder how reliable the turbos will be in all these new cars. Ik non turbo Kia's and hyundais are very reliable. I worked at a Ford Hyundai dealer.
Josh Negron Jul 03, 2012
We've had none of our turbo 2.0's come back for any engine issues. Actually, we haven't had any engine-specific issues--except for that Forte that people tried to drive under water... :-( And even a Mercedes will hydrolock under water! Lol
Matty Michaels Jul 03, 2012
@William he said it was "rod" he has the turbo 4. It took like 2 weeks before he could have it again.
William Downs Jul 02, 2012
ray i wouldent worry ive had the koup since the day it hit the dealers and push this car daily and havent replaced anything outside of general maintenence. and still drives like its band new
Ray Liu Jul 02, 2012
I love the looks of optima so much and yet I'd worry about its quality issues at this point I would still think the Japanese cars are the most reliable
William Downs Jul 02, 2012
ask what it was cause if something goes wrong and it could affect the engine kia will just replaces the engine alltogether just to be safe... and hyundai makes the engines for kia rite now but there working on there own specific engine line with kinetic motorsports using there raceing expierence
Matty Michaels Jul 02, 2012
My experiences with KIA are not to good. My neighbor bought a new Optima and with less 2K, something in the engine broke, so he had to take it for a new engine. And the loaner car they gave him was a pitifully slow Nissan Altima.
William Downs Jul 02, 2012
and just an fyi for all the kia haters, they swept last weekend at road america with the optimas, started on pole position both days and took first place both days and the koups are still in points lead in there class
Paul Lissona Jul 02, 2012
My parents have a 2012 Forte and it's pretty good for a small car.
Kyle Smith Jul 02, 2012
Yeah I agree Josh, KIA has turned it around recently they're great cars
Josh Negron Jul 02, 2012
We have the highest vehicle turnover rate in our auto-group. And we have Honda, Subaru, and GM. Their averages are 4 weeks and ours is 1... Pretty sweet, no? And half of those are Kia's that are $25k and up... Glad the others aren't so close minded.
Josh Negron Jul 02, 2012
Seems like there are plenty of peeps not thinking of Kia as a throw-away car anymore. I say that mainly because our brand new SX +$40k Sorentos don't last on our lot for more than a week. Actually--most of our new Kias sell in less than a week...
Kyle Smith Jul 02, 2012
It's in pounds buddy, and this is the European (specifically UK) market. Asian brand cars in Europe are priced very high. The new Subaru BRZ (Toyota 86) is 30,000 Euros in Europe which is like 34,000 American roughly.
Andrew McNeal Jul 02, 2012
$28,000 for a cheap throwaway car like a Kia? No.
William Downs Jul 02, 2012
ehh its not bad could be worse but spotage is below the sorento and this almost cost the same.. but it also looks better then the sorento... i drove the sx version before we bout the koup, was fun as a manual but i dont see the point of a crossover or suv.. reather have a 4 door pickup
Lead Peddalin Jul 02, 2012
That's too much money for a Kia Sportage imo.