Description: The Lexus LFA is close to finishing production, however that isn't stopping the Japanese manufacturer from producing one special final edition. Last week we saw photos of a mysterious, blue LFA ...
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Phillip Greene Jul 03, 2012
Ha yeah I saw a roles in the gallaria area, stoped at a chevron right next to me and a few days ago a gallardo passed me on 610
Drew Kennard Jul 03, 2012
Ha nope just don't pay attention to Lexus and live in a city that has way too many super cars zipping by on any given day. The guy who owns the car lives a few blocks away and parks it open air in his driveway.
Paul Dickey Jul 03, 2012
You didn't realize the lfa was rare? Sarcasm hopefully?
Drew Kennard Jul 03, 2012
I live in Houston and see a white one on the streets from time to time. Didn't realize they were rare.
Description: The green LFA seen in the following clip has a Superleggera-ish stripe down the sides and is rocking the model name "AD-B." What do these names mean, you might ask? Well, the popular idiom i...
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Steven Velez Jul 03, 2012
i see what you did there carbuzz
Description: Until then, check out the live footage of the Lexus LFA cruising around the wet streets of Nurburg, Germany.
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Trevor Armand Aug 27, 2014
That ass!
Brandon Carr Jul 03, 2012
Why was there a bread van on the track? (I'm joking)
Devin Stair Jul 03, 2012
Yeah these are traditional LFA pipes
Mario Callirgos Jul 02, 2012
The exhaust is different then the last one. The blue one had 4 pipes, two on each side
Brandon Carr Jul 03, 2012
Will someone move the van so this thing can really run?
Edwin Klinkenberg-evans Jul 03, 2012
I reckon that AD-A and AD-B are test mules,A may have different underpinnings and B may just be a stock one tuned. They could be testing which one is quicker round the ring.
William Downs Jul 02, 2012
the other one was an ad-a, this one is an ad-b.. come on whats going on lexus
Christo Savaides Jul 02, 2012
It looks much better with the exhaust in the normal placement like this.
Alberto Rajerno Jul 02, 2012
Ya the ada car had the exhaust under the taillights. What's going on?
Riley Gonzales Jul 02, 2012
no no no I meant led brake lights. 3rd? really autocorrect
Riley Gonzales Jul 02, 2012
Oh hey that 3rd brake light is new
Abraham Mendoza Jul 02, 2012
pipes underneath the tail lamps, why the change of heart?
Abraham Mendoza Jul 02, 2012
Wait, the first prototype I saw had the tail
Matt Piccolo Jul 02, 2012
Agreed, very nice car!!