Description: Practice time at the X Games in LA is in short supply, so RallyCross drivers try to make the most of every opportunity afforded to them to get in a few flips. Toomas Heikkinen is a rookie whose practi...
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Mark Reider Jul 02, 2012
That had to hurt!
Federiko Knaudt Jul 02, 2012
i watched that happen
quadrophine Jul 02, 2012
maybe standing here wasn't such a good idea... hahahaha
Domenic Sergi Jul 02, 2012
That's true, and I agree they'll make this newer style of motorsport safer. It is really fun to watch.
Zach Sullivan Jul 02, 2012
random religon hating ok?
Brendon Davis Jul 02, 2012
DON'T thank God? I love how one of the guys simply sees the crash and simply begins to walk away as the video ends.
Rowan Rdizz Welch Jul 02, 2012
dont thnk god for their saftey equiment thank the people that made it and invented it and spent alot of time building it
Michael Page Jul 02, 2012
It stinks someone had to go to the hospital for them to realize you shouldn't have that gap. The tabletop they used later didn't change the race at all. Rallycross is still young, I hope it still continues to refine itself
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 02, 2012
I was like "Okay, this looks cool.." Then I was like "SHIIIIIIIITTT!!"
Max Waite Jul 02, 2012
@Luis, I know someone with the exact same name as you..
Zach Sullivan Jul 02, 2012
@dom yea but that can be said about anything with a fuel tank from ur daily driver to a f1 car they all have the potential to explode but I do agree that the jumps are a little unecessarily dangerous but it is the xgames
Domenic Sergi Jul 02, 2012
The RallyCross is pretty cool in the Xgames and all, but I can see someone being killed by the stunts. These aren't BMX bikes, they're 2000 lb cars with potentially explosive fluids.
Zach Sullivan Jul 02, 2012
brutal crash glad he's ok
Jordan Jackson Jul 02, 2012
Yea, all they'd really be doing if they ran in and tried to help was get in the way
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 02, 2012
Yeah, the best thing to do in this situation is to get away from the wreck and let the safety professionals do their job. You don't wanna be close if the car catches on fire, which it did
Greg Lewis Jul 02, 2012
The reason they "run" away is they are photographers, there are safety professionals right there ready on case that happens. In that situation you stay clear if your not part of the clean up crew... Er... Safety guys.
Thibault Leroy Jul 02, 2012
@Michael there is a longer video from a different POV and it shows the car catching on fire and the fire crew putting it out
Michael Riley Jul 02, 2012
@aaron, when I first saw your picture I thought it was Rebecca Black. And holy shit titties, I'm glad he is okay but wish the video was longer.
Christian De Prisco Jul 02, 2012
Nice to see everyone rushing to help...
Travis Larson Jul 02, 2012
Damn..missed it by that much! | |
Riley Di Pol Jul 02, 2012
They made it a table top for the races
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2012
That's the risk they take! Thank god for all the safety equipment and requirements.
Description: Heikkinen hails from Finland and this year would have marked his first time competing in the X Games. After flipping his Ford Fiesta, he was quickly extricated and rushed to a local hospital. Luckily ...
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Luis Lujan Jul 02, 2012
What's with the 2 second videos? Hope that dude recovers well. Also, poor Fiesta.
Michael Page Jul 02, 2012
They ran because they're not safety pros, which races have. Broken necks can be worsened and cracked ribs can puncture lungs.
Paul Dickey Jul 02, 2012
Would you rather everyone get in the way of the safety people?
Sam Oglesby Jul 02, 2012
Oh that looked bad everyone run away
Scott Harrington Jul 02, 2012
oooook why is everyone walking away. Flippin buttholes
Description: The Fiesta, lying in the middle of the 50-foot gap, leaked fluids and caught fire shortly after the crash. He won't participate in the race set for later today, however he can take solace in know...
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Chris Penza Jul 02, 2012
Later today? The race was early yesterday
Vincent Butler Jul 03, 2012
Ghee is ur Dad Anderson Silva?
Kyle Kloewer Jul 03, 2012
Somebody thought it would be so funny to move the ramp a few inches back
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jul 02, 2012
Damn. Almost made it.
Caner Ozdemir Jul 02, 2012
And this is why you dont drive a ford :)
Patrick Joseph Jul 02, 2012
That's one way to pop the bonnet open.
Austin Bride Jul 02, 2012
No driver only suffered a fractured ankle.
Nick Sti Jul 02, 2012
I think the driver had some bleeding in the brain as a result
Derek Hedtke Jul 02, 2012
well it wasn't very unstoppable
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 02, 2012
That's gonna hurt in the morning
Vince Patzke Jul 02, 2012
Unstoppable force, meet immovable object.