Comments - Porsche 911 Evolution: The Original 911 (1975 - 1989)

Published: Jul 02, 2012
Description: Probably the most significant event in the lifespan of the original 911 was the introduction of the 930. This name can be a bit confusing, but if it wasn't, we wouldn't be talking about Pors...
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John Serely Jul 05, 2012
No Elvis, not at all haha nice try though lol
Andrew McNeal Jul 02, 2012
The '80s era 911 is one of only a few 80's cars I'd love and be proud to own. The Ferrari F40 is another.
Kai Andrew Carlson Jul 02, 2012
One of the most true to their roots manufacturers. Love them!
Bob Turefannt Jul 02, 2012
Boring? Just because they focus more on engineering then looks doesn't make them boring. It makes them freaking awesome.
Logan LeMonnier Jul 02, 2012
Exactly. Just an incredible looking car
Evan Cook Jul 02, 2012
The 911 was probably one of the only cars that actually looked good throughout the 1980's and didn't really go through a very boxy stage.
Description: Then, when the 964 911 came out in 1989, the type number was applied to all 911 models. Therefore, N/A 911 models would be 964 911 Carreras and turbocharged models would be known as 964 911 Turbos...
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Description: The 911's biggest market by far has always been the US, but the gas crisis was in full swing by 1975, and sales of performance cars were slumping. Porsche therefore devised what they thought woul...
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Kai Andrew Carlson Jul 02, 2012
I'll take this one!
Petre Draghici Jul 02, 2012
This looks great
Chris Penza Jul 05, 2012
Why delete the other Chris bosh comments? Mine is irrelevant without them
Chris Penza Jul 02, 2012
He may not have made it to the London olympics, but i'm sure he went to London all the time before the continents separated
Description: What people really wanted was the 930, which was positioned at the top of the 911 model lineup for the whole time it was produced. It was originally conceived as a homologation car, but Porsche realiz...
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Description: It won a total of 123 out of the 370 endurance races it was entered in, culminating in an overall victory at the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans. So iconic was this racer that Porsche even offered the "...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 02, 2012
That would hav sucked
Bob Turefannt Jul 03, 2012
Not a fan of the slant nose. I'm more for a traditional look
Jose Alfonso Macias Jul 02, 2012
I'm really digging this slant nose
Andrew McNeal Jul 02, 2012
Guessing this is a 930??
Kai Andrew Carlson Jul 02, 2012
A thing of beauty.
quadrophine Jul 02, 2012
love it... there was one not too far from where I grew up checked it out everyday on my way to school.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 02, 2012
Ooooh thats sick
Description: But the 911 supporters won, and fresh money was put into development, starting with the Cabriolet. This convertible debuted in concept form at the 1981 Frankfurt Auto Show, and it was the first true c...
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Description: These were a big success, and the 911 got a new, bigger engine for 1983. Porsche was once again committed to 911 development, and the biggest step in this development was yet to come. IT's diffic...
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Description: It was the car which Porsche used to prove just how potent a car the 911 could be. In a way, it was a window into the future, as almost all of the features which had seemed wildly futuristic at the ti...
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