Comments - Overfinch Evoque GTS Unveiled at Goodwood

Published: Jul 02, 2012
Description: Based on the Range Rover Evoque Coupe SD4, the Overfinch Evoque GTS, packing a 190hp 2.2-liter engine, was unveiled at the Goodwood FOS over the weekend. A styling kit consisting of aerodynamic body p...
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Marcin Bednarski Jul 02, 2012
90000 £ it means 111.000 € it is creazy. Car looks very good but price is absolutely creazy. It is just 4 cylinders diesel.
Craig Lafey Jul 02, 2012
Couldnt agree more. 190hp for 90k? Not worth it at all. Like the guy said on the next pic 400hp would be better.
Description: A unique shade of ultraviolet purple completes the exterior makeover, while inside a Lotus White full napa leather with contrasting black stitching is complemented by a piano black veneer set. Followi...
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John Serely Jul 02, 2012
I agree victor. For that much money, they could have gave it at least a little more power
Victor A. Frederick Jul 02, 2012
Needs more power for the price. 350-400 hp would be enough.
Craig Lafey Jul 02, 2012
These are starting to grow on me. Liking them a lot
Aidan Ingram Jul 02, 2012
Love this purple shade! 💜
Doug Stewart Jul 02, 2012
Like color purple so nice .
Bob Jones Jul 03, 2012
The Evoque hasn't been out for 3 or 4 ears yet
David Liebe Hart Jul 02, 2012
I like all of overfinch's Rovers, this one is hella nice
Lee Gardner Jul 02, 2012
Yea I saw that I think it was three or four "ears" ago
Semuel Maysonet Jul 02, 2012
I could be mistaken, but west coast custom built this car a couple of ears ago. They called it the storm. I like the two door look.
Patrick Schalk Jul 02, 2012
Hate the wheels but really like that purple
Lee Cascio Jul 02, 2012
That is one nice shade of purple right there.
Tyler Wallace Feb 26, 2013
I like
Christopher Wallace Jul 02, 2012
yeah that looks really nice
Charlie Gray Jul 02, 2012
I think that shade of purple contrasts well with the white interior.
alvincar Jul 02, 2012
after 2 months will be become yellow colour