Description: The 2013 GT350 Mustang has just been given its official release by Shelby American and from the looks of things, it's different in a good way. 'A good way' in the sense that a slew of n...
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Phillip Greene Jul 03, 2012
Anyone who knows anything knows this car should only come in one color scheme.... White with blue rally stripes
Description: The wheels can be finished in either Satin Black or Bright Silver metallic. An optional glass roof, Recaro Racing seats and a modified custom rear valence are also offered. Available in a limited run ...
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Paul Roberts Jul 04, 2012
Same car different badges
Jt Collier Jul 02, 2012
I wish that they'd just let the 350 be. The first gen (of the new ones) was absolute perfection. These don't have the same flare. Dual exhaust etc..
Brendan Bell Jul 02, 2012
Gray/red stripes would be nice
Patrick Schalk Jul 02, 2012
Yeah I like the dual tips too
Devin Babyn Jul 02, 2012
Not liking the tips
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 02, 2012
Can I get mine in Gray/with Black stripes!
Knox Ferraro Jul 02, 2012
I love that color.
Alberto Marquez Jul 02, 2012
This car is definitely gorgeous. I'd love to own of these.
Description: A one-piece drive shaft, bigger brakes and a cooling system are also optional for the 2013 GT350. "The Shelby GT350 is one of the world's most celebrated and iconic modern muscle cars. For t...
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Description: The 2013 Shelby GT350 post-title package begins pricing at $26,995 for the normally aspirated version and $33,995 with the addition of a supercharger. Prices do not include the cost of the base car.
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Phillip Greene Jul 03, 2012
Yeah it doesnt matter who limits it its still limited... Dumbass, and yeah its a yearly thing so its not even that exclusive so its a huge waist unless your spesificly a gt350 colector who has all of em or some shit
Paul Dickey Jul 03, 2012
And there's where I disagree. If they're limiting the amount of packages they put out that's a limited production run.
Tin Nguyen Jul 02, 2012
I wouldn't call this a limited production car because it is not manufactured by ford. You have to buy the gt and then Shelby does the mods. A limited production would be something that comes directly from the manufacturer.
Tin Nguyen Jul 02, 2012
I'd take the gt500 over this. what other cars can you get for under $60k that can go 200mph? Not to mention it can smoke a lot of cars double or even triple its price. This is just a modify gt.
Kyle Anderson Jul 02, 2012
I agree with Devin
Devin Babyn Jul 02, 2012
I would so rather have one of these over the GT500
Zachary Maurer Jul 02, 2012
It's limited production for every year
Avery Williams Jul 02, 2012
Rip off but it may be worth it, you never know.
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2012
The gt350 differs from the gt500 in many ways, there are too many to list here so if you are interested look it up
Victor A. Frederick Jul 02, 2012
So it's 33,000$ extra after you buy a gt? If so its insane. I respect the output it boasts but I can't justify that kind of money for a stang.
Extremis Colson Jul 02, 2012
Batman: does it come in black?
Jordan Jackson Jul 02, 2012
Still, it looks really good
Jordan Jackson Jul 02, 2012
Good point, it's really just for the body kit, and a modified 5.0
Jt Collier Jul 02, 2012
I'll take mine in the old white blue stripe combo
Zachary Maurer Jul 02, 2012
Watch out guys, Elvis is going to be the new troll
Eric Alcantar Jul 02, 2012
It's not boring, just not $55,000+ kind of "wow".
Cody Joe Pew Jul 02, 2012
anyone notice it doesn't have the 2013 headlights? hmmm
Zachary Maurer Jul 02, 2012
Yes! It's beautiful! And I'm not blocked!
John Serely Jul 02, 2012
I love that color
Tino Nickolas Alanis Jul 03, 2012
Wow Evan... Just wow.
Evan Cook Jul 02, 2012
Yah a cummins could puddle jump that! Lol