Comments - Radical Launches SR1 Cup Spec-Racing Series

Published: Jul 19, 2012
Description: Track days fun and all, but those looking for a bigger thrill enroll in spec racing series. Generally cheaper than more competitive championships, spec racing series pit fields of identical machinery ...
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Bruno Rocha Jul 19, 2012
I love this car because is cheaper than any other. The SR8 was sold for U$ 90.000. For a concept, the price were reasonable
Description: More cost-effective than the existing PR7, SR3 or SR8, the new SR1 packs a 1340cc Suzuki motorbike engine tuned in-house, pitting 185 horsepower against just 480 kg of weight for an unbeatable power-t...
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Brandon Lidy Jul 20, 2012
That's one bad ass deal for buying I e bad ass car
Aaron Cartwright Jul 19, 2012
That's it, I'm moving to England!
John Park Jul 19, 2012
Ya! But its track only aint it?
August Burrichter Jul 19, 2012
That's dirt cheap! Well, compared to other divisions of racing..
Aaron Cartwright Jul 20, 2012
not sure why anyone wouldn't want to drive one. It's a lot safer to drive this fast than driving any street car fast!
Brandon Lidy Jul 20, 2012
As with anything this fast there's risk. That's what makes it so fun right ?
Michael Davidson Jul 20, 2012
I don't think safety is an issue at all with this car. It's designed to race, so I'm sure it's safe.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 19, 2012
I value my life so much I'd never not drive one if given the opportunity, after all we only get one life to live!
Chris Penza Jul 19, 2012
Then you are not a true gearhead...
Tino Shepherd Jul 19, 2012
It's just scary, value my life too much to even step into that lol
Michael Davidson Aug 24, 2012
Im not saying it is though. Because this thing is a monster on the track.
Michael Davidson Aug 24, 2012
Haha yeah, that exhaust makes it looks so wimpy.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 20, 2012
besides the xhaust, i quite like it