Description: The VE Veeco RT is an interesting proposition. For those desiring an EV with serious range and cutting-edge looks, the RT delivers in spades. The biggest drawback - and distinguishing feature - of Vee...
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Paul Lissona Jul 20, 2012
I really wish we didn't get stuff from china, it takes away so many jobs.
Jv Jul 20, 2012
Wow, 250 miles on one charge is impressive.
Jason Brown Jul 19, 2012
Where are you getting that pollution info Doug?
Sam Oglesby Jul 19, 2012
Also the amount of pollution created from just making the battery's is incredibly huge
Brennan Taylor Jul 20, 2012
@Connor it really does look like a viper
Connor Short Jul 20, 2012
Reminds me of a viper... Not the car... The snake
Description: The Veeco RT puts out 108 horsepower and 331 pound-feet of torque from its electric motor right off the line. These figures are good for a 0-60 sprint in about 8 seconds and an electronically-limited ...
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Freddy Garcia Jul 19, 2012
At 1:30 it looks like a half of a car
Christian De Prisco Jul 19, 2012
Honda s2000 mated with the Hinda cbr 1000 fireblade...I like it! How much
Description: VE (in Portuguese, Fabricacao de Veiculos de Traccao) developed the Veeco RT with help from the Lisbon University of Engineering. It was given its official debut back in February of this year at the C...
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David Guerrero Jul 20, 2012
Reminds me of the Honda S2000 for a second
Brandon Lidy Jul 19, 2012
Very true, frank. This looks Decent for a plug in, but it could look much better as a roadster.
Frank Lam Jr. Jul 19, 2012
It has a nice body it should be a roadster
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jul 19, 2012
This is an excellent commuter, I drive a 4runner as my dd, it shouldnt be like that
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2012
I wouldn't. I'd just get a t-Rex.
Dale Schroeder Jul 19, 2012
Not nearly as classy as the Morgan three-wheeler, but I bet it's a really interesting thing to drive.
1988BMW325iS Jul 20, 2012
looks like some type of transformer haha
Brennan Taylor Jul 20, 2012
I'd get it just so I can drive a 3-wheel car lol
Ruy Bivar Jul 19, 2012
I want one! Bring it to the US
Miguel Maia Sep 18, 2012
@Jordan 1000+ charging points (and counting) sooner or later you will have similar options in your country
Jordan Jackson Jul 20, 2012
Heres a question, where the hell (other than at home) are we supposed to recharge it?
Brent Bennett Jul 19, 2012
There I was officer, just stopped at a light when this dude on a motor bike rammed me in the ass... All that's left is his back wheel!
Jason W. Evers Jul 20, 2012
The hell is Wilford Brimley doing there?
Samuel TheGentleman Harris II Jul 20, 2012
It looks like it doesn't have ac smh
Steven Whowhat Jul 19, 2012
armrest ? nvm, ill just use your shoulder....