Description: RM Auctions at Monterey this year is being billed as one of the best ever, not least because it will be auctioning off the most successful Corvette race car of all time. Generally considered the most ...
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Scott Hanson Jul 20, 2012
Back in the 80's, I attended an L88 gathering at the Bloomington show, and was fortunate to not only stand right next to this car but also get video of it reving its engine along with 30 other L88's. Something I will never forget!
Description: Honors include the 1969 and 1972 SCCA National 'A' Production Championships and the 1969 and 1970 GT Class wins in the 24 Hours of Daytona. Presented in its 1971 24 Hours of Daytona livery, ...
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Abraham Mendoza Jul 19, 2012
I think Cham thinks it's worth less.
Clayton Corley Jul 19, 2012
Yea he saying that he wouldn't be surprised if it went into million(s)
Cham Khiev Jul 19, 2012
Seven figures is a million
noahcollins Jul 20, 2012
the corvette is classic Americana. it goes down in history with the mustang and the challenger
Jamal Franklin Jul 20, 2012
wow amazing car that's worth millons
Matt Greenlee Jul 19, 2012
just....... beautiful
Brennan Taylor Jul 19, 2012
That is gorgeous.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 19, 2012
Oh son of a bitch!
Carlton Salmon Jul 19, 2012
Looks terrifying!
1988BMW325iS Jul 19, 2012
ill take this over a new vette
Craig Lafey Jul 19, 2012
Can't get enough of those vettes
Brennan Taylor Jul 19, 2012
I just love the whole thing, this was the beginning of the Corvette Revolution...
Vince DeMasi Jul 19, 2012
The rear wheel arches are my favorite on muscle cars they always give it such a mean stance
Dylan Bruder Jul 19, 2012
The body lines flow so well
Brennan Taylor Jul 19, 2012
Ahhhhhh the famous 4 tail lights.
Dylan Bruder Jul 19, 2012
It is ive been wondering if anyone else noticed that too
Brennan Taylor Jul 19, 2012
Amazing all over
Christian De Prisco Jul 19, 2012
Is it convertible? Looks like an hard top
Drew Storrusten Jul 19, 2012
Look at those leg burning pipes. Beauty!!! :')
Alex Vasquez Aug 03, 2012
Danny don't be a douche
Danny Rodriiguez Jul 23, 2012
@john- Well dude take a look to the most recent Lambo' Urus update V8 TT!!!!!!!!!! Idiot
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jul 22, 2012
@mason - That's why dry sump technology came to be. Smaller displacement engine also suffer from lack of oil so they use external oil tanks and rid them of oil pans. With no oil pan the engine now sits lower in the car and helps with weight transfer
Miguel Jimenez Jul 20, 2012
@Mason finally someone that knows what they're talking about.
Mason Langenfeld Jul 20, 2012
This is a beautiful corvette tho
Mason Langenfeld Jul 20, 2012
You DONT want to Rev a big block past 5 or 6k anyways, because on older motors, when you would Rev them that high, the oil pickup works faster for the higher rpm and if left there, pumps all the oil into the top of the motor (heads, cam) and then there is no more oil left to lubricate the bottom end...... causing to possibly wear out a crank bearing, or if its really bad, a connecting rod/ piston ...
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jul 20, 2012
High torque engine which revs low which also requires less shifting. Which I consider great!
John Jenkins Jul 19, 2012
I don't think lambo makes any v8s, oh knowledgeable one.
Brennan Taylor Jul 19, 2012
You want the revs to go as high as they can go
Danny Rodriiguez Jul 19, 2012
Well douchbag most of racing V8s,etc are free revving Lambos,Porsche,Ferraris,Audis,etc BTW I dont want to start a RPM fight so lets only talk of the vette
Alex Vasquez Jul 19, 2012
You don't need all those revs for an engine like that of a racing vette. It's not formula lol
Quinn Conner Jul 19, 2012
Looks like a redline marker sitting at 5k?
Danny Rodriiguez Jul 19, 2012
9000RPM Cluster and it only revs to 7000 hahahaha BTW Remarkable Vette'.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 19, 2012
I like that. I like that a lot.