Comments - Flo Rida Wraps his Veyron in Chrome

Published: Jul 19, 2012
Description: We've seen all manner of cars dipped or wrapped in chrome, but the Bugatti Veyron is surely the bling king of them all. We've seen 'em in red chrome and in blue - heck, even Bugatti its...
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Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Aug 22, 2012
Wow!!!lol why so bitter!!! I thought the critique was supposed to be about the car not for a moment i thought this wasRollin Stone KKK edition!!!lmao. Just for the record it's mostly people of the caucasian persuasion buying his records. The Irony!!
Joshua Rutkowski Jul 23, 2012
1.5 mil. says this ends up in a rap video.
Rommel Powell Jul 20, 2012
So basically, according to most comments ive read, the only reason you guys love or hate a chrome wrap is who actually owns it. If an old white guy had this it would be "freakin awesome" huh lmao FOH
David Guerrero Jul 20, 2012
Flo Rida is talentless, most of his music is not originals and he just samples good songs. And chrome a veyron, cars are ugly when chromed or painted matte with exception to some cars
Kevin SubSoldier Smith Jul 20, 2012
I could see if u were like a rich ass CEO buying a lambo or a veyron or w/e but not flo rida. shit its all those ignorant ass people looking up to him that gave him the money to buy that ride! He didn't work hard. He's an idiot. k I'm done with my rant I've made my point. lol
Steven Velez Jul 19, 2012
@Dylan indeed it is although im not one for country i know alot about it from my girlfriend. i prefer rock music but country has its moments. rap on the other hand is pointless and its garbage if you ask me.
David Purcell Jul 19, 2012
Dave that's not true at all
Logan LeMonnier Jul 19, 2012
@curtis my thoughts exactly. Kid Cudi is incredible
Thomas Mackey Jul 19, 2012
Yawn....another beetle with a fancy paint job with another dumbass behind the wheel.
Jack Howard Jul 19, 2012
Dave, money doesnt buy happiness. For you to tell us that because he has more money than us, he is happier is plain retarded.
Dave Stewart Jul 19, 2012
Oh I'm sorry chrome or pink is take it bitch as you people always do talentless or not. He has one you don't. Musically sick or not it got him the money to afford it not you. And I'm sure he is happier then you and me combined.
Michael Gallagher Jul 19, 2012
The word musician has completely lost all meaning. He isn't a musician. He is an "artist".
Logan LeMonnier Jul 19, 2012
(shudder) country. Flo Rida is like tyga. Just a bad stereotype.
Jack Howard Jul 19, 2012
Jason Aldean is a terrible country artist. He featured Ludacris in a country song. Thats retarded. You dont need rap in a country song. So Jason Aldean does not have any more talent than Flo Rida. If you want good country, go with Zac Brown Band.
Paul Lissona Jul 19, 2012
Seems like a really dumb guy to me.
Barry Stewart Jul 19, 2012
Trade-in I meant
Barry Stewart Jul 19, 2012
Not bad for a one hit wonder.. I'm ready to upgrade my '10 A5 for an R8... Guess I should put out a silly song! Lol
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2012
Yay. More ridiculous things.
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 19, 2012
Sorry I meant all he does for his money is talk with music in the background and take drugs
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 19, 2012
All this retard does take drygsj for his money is talk shit with music in the background and take drugs
Kyle Janchenko Jul 19, 2012
Good point Jackson, I just meant that this music is generally written by a bunch of people nowadays, and not just one guy. Just wanted to clear that up...
Jackson Michael Jul 19, 2012
But it's pretty hypocritical.
Jackson Michael Jul 19, 2012
You're right warren. People who have earned enough money to buy a super car shouldn't because they don't deserve it. And Kyle, when you typed "create" you made it about the music by implying that he's a poor musician. I don't really care either way
Kyle Janchenko Jul 19, 2012
I don't think that preference in music is the thing in question here, it's the obnoxious stereotypical people who "create" most of it. As far as the car is concerned, I wouldn't do it, but whatever...
Jackson Michael Jul 19, 2012
Music doesn't mean his car isn't really good looking to some people.
Jackson Michael Jul 19, 2012
What's wrong with you guys? I don't think you understand that it's okay for people to have different tastes in music than you guys do. The guy who brought up Jason Aldean is an idiot because they're different genres. Just because you don't like his
Andrea Mehler Delony Jul 19, 2012
It's his car and he can design it anyway he wants. You take it too seriously.
Maria Garcia Jul 19, 2012
@Alexander, you can add kid cudi and lupe fiasco to that list since their music isn't like the majority of the things on the radio.
mitch powell Jul 19, 2012
my sister sat in his bugatti : )
Alexander Gomez Jul 19, 2012
This is a stereotypical move for a Hip-Hop artist. There are ,however, other hip-hop artists that stray away from the path. You won't catch Mos Def, Talib Kweli, or Eminem doing acts like these. But maybe they live like this to keep up appearances. Regardless, this is a waste considering Flo-rida has no musical talent.
Jackson Rojas Jul 19, 2012
he's not gonna fool me his name is Florida like the state!
Paul Trahan Jul 19, 2012
Ghee, that's because they are still stuck in clubs with no record contracts. The majority of people would rather listen to the crap you hear on the radio than actual talent.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 19, 2012
Why are most rappers are idiots? There's gotta be some decent, non druggie people in that profession, but I've never seen any
Laguna Seca Jul 19, 2012
Rappers are America's best and brightest... They all seemed destined to follow in mc hammer footsteps, they all rap about roots and how bad it was growing up in the hood yet at the first sign of money they can't seem to burn it up fast enough.
Stephen Cobbs Jul 19, 2012
Driving a Bugatti under the influence has gotta be one of the most lethal moves on Earth. With a suspended license too? Cmon now.
Description: Maybe he was in the same inebriated state of mind when he handed his keys to Metro Wrapz of Hollywood, Florida, to coat it in chrome. Check it out in the video clip and pair of images below.
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Jack Howard Jul 19, 2012
If he is going for the flashy look, why didnt he do a two tone chrome job
Quinn Shannon Jul 19, 2012
Because owning a veyron doesn't get enough attention...
Dan Ruth Jul 19, 2012
Yeah, who cares about his keys? Show me show me some more of the car.
Christo Savaides Jul 19, 2012
Man, that video was terrible. I saw more of his keys than the actual car. But the wrap isn't bad actually. He basically made it look like the Pur Sang edition Veyron which is my personal favorite. And this is coming from someone who hates chrome.
Grant McHendry Jul 23, 2012
I wonder if this chrome will stay on whiled going 200+ MPH.
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 23, 2012
I'd like to drive this car listening to flo-rida
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 20, 2012
with myself if I made such a killing off of making horrible music, whether it's country, rap, pop, or rock. Bluegrass on the other hand.... HA!
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 20, 2012
I would love to drive a Veyron drunk. Haha just kidding. I prefer a stick shift! But aside from that, don't hate on the man, I know his music is terrible, just hate on the idiots who buy and listen to his music! I personally wouldn't be able to live
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 19, 2012
oh boy, ANOTHER chrome wrap Gayron... -__-
Logan LeMonnier Jul 19, 2012
@dylan good well thought out rap (yes it exists) is better then singing about dogs and tractors. Both have their stereotypes but still. I don't care if this is a country artist or rapper the person is an idiot.
Ken Russell Jul 19, 2012
Not my style but I'm not going to hate on a man who is spending money he works for. If he replace the wheels it will look a lot better.
Cody Andree Jul 19, 2012
Dave..... Shut up
Dave Stewart Jul 19, 2012
Oh I'm sorry chrome or pink is take it bitch as you people always do talentless or not. He has one you don't. Musically sick or not it got him the money to afford it not you. And I'm sure he is happier then you and me combined.
Logan LeMonnier Jul 19, 2012
When rappers get rich they go out and buy the most expensive car you can buy. Thats how you can tell they like being flashy more the actually driving. Especially if they wrap.
Thibault Leroy Jul 19, 2012
yeah its not terrible
David Liebe Hart Jul 19, 2012
Not really that terrible to me
Dillon Olson Jul 19, 2012
Not a fan of the chrome, but it's done so well that the car still looks good
Colby Church Jul 21, 2012
Veyrons are just ugly IMO... So many nice cars you could buy for the price of one.
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 19, 2012
he prolly had to stop for gas within a mkle
Carlton Salmon Jul 19, 2012
Love the car but not the wrap. Or rapper.
Nick Mangini Jul 19, 2012
travels at the speed of a bullet...thats because it thinks its one hahaa