Comments - Binz Stretches Out the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon

Published: Jul 19, 2012
Description: We've seen all sorts of stretch jobs here at CarBuzz. Sedans are the usual suspects, but some companies have started turning sportscars and SUVs into limos, too. But this is new: a stretched stat...
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Description: Dubbed the Binz Xtend, the custom E-Class estate first appeared at 2010's Essen Motor Show, standing 31.7 inches longer than the standard E-Class wagon. At a total length of 224.4 inches long, th...
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Description: A special X-Orange exterior paint is available for an extra charge, of course, while under the hood Binz will gladly base a customer's vehicle on any of a range of engines that Mercedes offers, s...
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Jerrod Swenson Jul 19, 2012
Binz is an award winning hearse maker also. Which is based on the E-class.
Matt Greenlee Jul 19, 2012
lets see ///AMG try to tune this one hahahaha
Matt Greenlee Jul 19, 2012
theres not a single comment on any other part of the article..... then comes this photo lolololol god thats ugly
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Jul 19, 2012
Imagine drifting in this , now that would be fun
Ray Moreno Jul 19, 2012
Oh wait I think I can see the rappers clamoring for this piece of junk.
Ray Moreno Jul 19, 2012
Honestly looks like a wiener dog.
Carlton Salmon Jul 19, 2012
An orange hearse?
Jerrod Swenson Jul 19, 2012
I wonder if this is their attempt at repackaging a hearse?
Jack Howard Jul 19, 2012
Uhh Nino, no its not...
Jackson Michael Jul 19, 2012
Lol that's......unnecessary
Tino Shepherd Jul 19, 2012
hideous monstrosity. appalling waste of money
Craig Lafey Jul 19, 2012
I don't see the point of this car.
Julian Pilinci Jul 19, 2012
What the hell? What's the point of doing this to the car?!
Jack Howard Jul 19, 2012
And now he has an orange erection because of Snooki.
Matt Greenlee Jul 19, 2012
connor, that comment made complete sense. what are you talking about?
Quinn Shannon Jul 19, 2012
Connor, the car is orange and so is Snooki...
Jack Howard Jul 19, 2012
Nick, didnt I tell you to stay away from Snooki?
Daniel Bellafonte Jul 19, 2012
I'm a wagon enthusiast and like the E-Class. But just no to this, it's basically a pimped out hearse.
Nick Benz Jul 19, 2012
This car is my erection
Jason Brown Jul 19, 2012
Just ask the wagon enthusiast. They will most likely get an erection over this car...
Skyler Miller Jul 19, 2012
What a waste of mone
Graham Browne Jul 20, 2012
Race seats and harnesses is a stretched wagon may just be the most pointless thing in automotive news I have seen thus year.
Tin Nguyen Jul 20, 2012
What's up with the seat belts.
Grant McHendry Jul 19, 2012
they should have moved the doors back somehow and gave more room!
Reid Huff Jul 19, 2012
the definition of shooting brake says it doesn't have to be a 2 door
Jerrod Swenson Jul 19, 2012
It's not a limousine. The seats shouldn't pass the door sill for it to be a textbook limousine. But i suppose just like the Shooting Break there is no real definition anymore. Why stretch a car but not give the passengers more room?
Michael Davidson Jul 19, 2012
I wouldn't enjoy sitting in the rear seats.
Nick Benz Jul 19, 2012
Thar she blows. Ever read the book moby dick?
Rocky Rocker Jul 19, 2012
Look like a Hearst. Aren't you just dying to get in one!!!
Inem Umoren Jul 24, 2012
It would be nice if they could add more seats!
Steven Whowhat Jul 19, 2012
how a bout a casket? paint the car black i say and u good to go. and in style at that
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Jul 19, 2012
I could put a mattress in the this trunk
Tobias Mersinger Jul 19, 2012
I guess this would be my dream wagon... Keep your pick ups, I'll take this!
Mike Lasenby Jul 19, 2012
Wtf is the point of this thing? I thought it was suppose to be a limo?
David Jagiello Jul 20, 2012
I think we're missing the point. It's for lovers.
Tin Nguyen Jul 20, 2012
It's beyond retarded.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 19, 2012
I see now, it's the stuff in the back that gets the limo treatment. That must be one pampered snow board.