Comments - The History of the G-Class in 3 Minutes

Published: Jul 18, 2012
Description: Most vehicles need replacing every few years, but not the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It's been refined over the years, but the SUV available today is essentially the same as it was at its introductio...
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Paul Lissona Jul 20, 2012
Yah I really hate liberal stupidity, it's a serious sickness.
Description: To highlight the point, Mercedes has released this brief three-minute history lesson into what, exactly, the G-Wagen is all about. Mercedes-Benz Classic guru Michael Bock and designer Volker Leutz sho...
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Carlton Salmon Jul 18, 2012
Couldn't agree with you more, John. Would so love a G-Wagen AMG of any description.
John Serely Jul 18, 2012
Certainly my favorite SUV of all time. They look so good in person IMO
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 18, 2012
My family's '03 G500 was rated at something like 300hp 330lbft and I swear it feels and sounds like at least 365hp 400lbft. The only downside is that mercedes did cut a lot of corners/make things too complicated....
Julian Pilinci Jul 18, 2012
Let me be the first one to make a comment about G Class... It is one of the most beautiful and powerful off-road SUVs!
Bradley Masonn Jul 22, 2012
Oh yeah they don't sell them in the USA do they? I'm from Britain lol
John Serely Jul 18, 2012
I'm not so sure about that, Bradley. IMO, G class > any land rover (that's sold in the US)
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Jul 18, 2012
Benz > land rover any day.
Bradley Masonn Jul 18, 2012
Land rover would eat this thing for breakfast
Igor Natsioks Jul 18, 2012
Hey land rover, check this out :)
John Serely Jul 18, 2012
I wish us Americans got the soft top g class
Serge Pankratov Jul 18, 2012
All hail the G-wagon!!!