Comments - Renault Alpine Ready by 2015?

Published: Jul 18, 2012
Description: When Renault unveiled the stunning A110-50 Concept as a tribute to the original Alpine 110, those that had predicted the Alpine brand would one day rise from the ashes saw their prophecy about to come...
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Reggie Small Jul 20, 2012
That thing is stunning!
Dillon Magee Jul 18, 2012
If they make it, I hope that it looks just like this. This looks incredible.
Sam Oglesby Jul 18, 2012
I hope they make it and bring alpine back because that is awsome
Description: That's according to Renault's Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares who spoke with Auto Express. "I'm determined to relaunch the Alpine brand," said Tavares. "The first ...
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Christian Brown Jul 18, 2012
Reasonable price. Looks interesting too!
Cameron Dean Jul 18, 2012
Was not expecting that price range at all.
Description: To turn a profit Renault will have to team up with another carmaker. "A deal exists and it's progressing," Tavares admitted. "We'll make a decision on the car by the end of 20...
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Bob Jones Jul 18, 2012
*SLC, haha wtf is wrong with my autocorrect
Bob Jones Jul 18, 2012
I thought Mercedes wasn't making the ALCOHOL anymore?
James E Caldwell Jul 18, 2012
If they want to get anywhere near the 50,000 euro target, Lotus is their best bet. Evora chassis with a Nissan GTR engine maybe?
Description: If all goes to plan we hope the sensational design, including a carbon-fiber body and scissor doors, inspired by old models built by Alpine between 1955 and 1985, and on the Dezir concept car Renault ...
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Terrance Parker Jul 18, 2012
Look at the size of the intakes
Tino Shepherd Jul 18, 2012
Dream on, Renault are broke, and are cutting dealerships and car ranges, they won't make this
Puneet Dass Jul 19, 2012
Looks like its about to take off
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 18, 2012
I love the rear. And it does remind me of the furai
Lukas Lebs Jul 18, 2012
This reminds me of 2008 Mazda Furai.