Comments - Rare 1966 Ford GT40 Crashed in Tennessee?

Published: Jul 18, 2012
Description: According to a news report coming out of the state of Tennessee, an extremely rare 1966 Ford GT40 crashed on a highway over the weekend after its driver lost control. Now, it's important to bear ...
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Dale Schroeder Jul 19, 2012
That looks like fiberglass to me, so hopefully it was just a replica.
Alex Vasquez Jul 19, 2012
Nooo!!!!! Another great loss!!
Daniel Peters Jul 19, 2012
Incredible I actually sent this tip into them!
Greg Lewis Jul 19, 2012
Even if it was an original and not a rep, cars are built for a reason. To be driven. And these cars were built to be driven hard. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it's due to unforeseen conditions. Either way, he was enjoying his car.
Kevin Watson Jul 19, 2012
πŸ‘cho dan great reporting!πŸš—...πŸš“πŸš‘
Jason Dannheim Jul 19, 2012
I know someone who owned one of the real GT40s would definitely never take it out for more than a small trip around the block. A major highway is no place for such a car.
F1 Fanatic Jul 19, 2012
Hey Wyatt If the shoe fits......
Michael Gallagher Jul 19, 2012
People don't read other peoples comments. thank you Cho. Sucks being replica or not. But thank goodness it only was a replica
Jon Dustin House Jul 19, 2012
Everyone, I think Cho has something to say. Maybe.
Cho Dan Jul 18, 2012
This is a Superformance replica.
Amir Emarati Jul 18, 2012
Unfortunately this looks like the real thing, the hood, the size of the car can't be faked. also the wheels are original and I believe they were MADE for GT40 and the rear suspension is a match. Sad... hope no one got hurt
Cho Dan Jul 18, 2012
@Carlton, read the three post before yours.
Carlton Salmon Jul 18, 2012
That is so sad. I just hope it was a replica.
Cho Dan Jul 18, 2012
Cho Dan Jul 18, 2012
The damage looks worse in the photo than it actually is. Apparently the fibreglass body was ruined, but the structure remains undamaged. All it needs is a new front nose, radiator, two rims and a set of a rear clips.
Cho Dan Jul 18, 2012
According to the owner, he had been travelling along the I-26 when a cloud burst happened. The car simply lost traction at around 45-50mph before hitting the barrier.
Cho Dan Jul 18, 2012
Rain is being blamed for an accident involving a Ford GT MkII in Tennessee. It’s believed that the car is replica built by American company Superformance and based on the 1966 Ford GT MkII.
Dillon Magee Jul 18, 2012
It better have been a replica, otherwise someone may have to die.
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 18, 2012
someone just please sedate me now..
Maurice Gamble Jul 18, 2012
I really doubt the owner of a real gt40 would have the car out on a rain soaked road.
Chad Hunter Jul 18, 2012
Whats up with all the recent Ford GT crashes? I mean mainly the new ones have been getting into accidents but looks like the trend continues. Replica or not
Jerrod Swenson Jul 18, 2012
Looking around the web looks like it was probably a Superformance replica.
Craig Lafey Jul 18, 2012
I feel your pain Ford guys. What an idiot. It's such a beautiful classic
Hektor Yberg Jul 18, 2012
If that isn't a replica a part of fords history has just died
Brennan Taylor Jul 18, 2012
I'm gonna cry!!!!!!! That dude can't drive:(
Jerrod Swenson Jul 18, 2012
The hood is missing break vent intakes on either side of the radiator
Phil McKrackin Jul 18, 2012
This was on another website with a value of $159,000 which tells a lot ! Replica . .
Malachi Monteiro Jul 18, 2012
I pray it is a replica, I hate it when supercars crash. Also hope the driver is ok.
8cyl4thekill Jul 18, 2012
The stripes on the hood lead me to believe its a rep hope so at least
David Purcell Jul 18, 2012
Hope it was a rep
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 18, 2012
This can't be the real GT40 for this "JACK ASS" to be crashing, what a shame!
David Liebe Hart Jul 18, 2012
Of course, all the wild shit happens in Tennessee when I'm out of town
Kevin Rehbock Jul 18, 2012
Hope nobody got hurt and hope this was a replica.
Description: The Tennessee Highway Patrol told WCYB News that the car in question crashed last Saturday at around 2 p.m. due to wet road conditions. Fortunately the owner wasn't hurt, but a second crash occur...
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Chris Huff Nov 26, 2012
John Serely Jul 19, 2012
@oren much better? no way lol
Garrett Chatterton Jul 19, 2012
Coming from an Italian lol but he is right Italy knows their shit
Carlo Luciano Castellana Jul 19, 2012
No. italy knows how to make a sports car.
Pratik Parija Jul 18, 2012
I agree with Keenan
Oren Blumenstein Jul 18, 2012
i know what you mean keenan, ferrari would have become much better if the deal actually went through
Keenan Casteel Jul 18, 2012
I'm really glad that deal fell through! Who knows what Ferrari would have become if Ford had actually bought it.
Description: The mid-engined V8 supercar (not to be confused with the 2005 Ford GT that aped its design) went on to dominate Le Mans, winning the French endurance race four times in a row. Only 107 examples of the...
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David Purcell Jul 19, 2012
I think I did 106 if it was real
Abraham Mendoza Jul 18, 2012
Woah Calm down David, its just simple math here.
David Purcell Jul 18, 2012
Colin your a fag why are you on car buzz this isn't fag buzz
Aaron Crisp Jul 18, 2012
107 examples were made, that's history, nothing can change that. Now if there are only 107 examples in good condition and this one is totaled... There are 106.
Zachary Maurer Jul 18, 2012
I'm really confused, carbuzz says 106 would remain if one crashed along with David, then two people say there would still be 107 β€’__β€’
Thibault Leroy Jul 18, 2012
no they made 107 so with one less its 106
Quinn Conner Jul 18, 2012
Actually he still fails at simple math or simple reading. His answer should read.... 107 if it was a real one.
Colin Dzendolet Jul 18, 2012
nice subtraction job there
David Purcell Jul 18, 2012
106 if it was a real one
Jairo Garcia Jul 18, 2012
GT40 for the win :D
Clark Thompson Jul 18, 2012
Bad photoshop of the guy waving the flag...
Hektor Yberg Jul 18, 2012
My new screen saver
Kyle Hardisty Jul 18, 2012
a beautiful picture!
Brennan Taylor Jul 18, 2012
Oh good something intact
Jason W. Evers Jul 19, 2012
Yeah, cause a 1989 Tempo is also just as good looking today...
Sivert Grande Jul 19, 2012
It was made in the 60's, and it still looks modern today. This is why I love Ford!
Aaron Crisp Jul 19, 2012
He's referring to the GT40 that was wrecked.
John Serely Jul 18, 2012
@johhny um...yea it is in the back. Where else would it be? Lol
Johnny Hoover Jul 18, 2012
Is it that red one in the back?
Kyle Kloewer Jul 20, 2012
this is the mark 4 race car
Zachary Maurer Jul 20, 2012
I didn't recognize the model, but I wasn't around during this I don't really "study" old cars
Laguna Seca Jul 19, 2012
This is what happens when you let kids use this app, if you don't recognize these cars you shouldn't be here.
Kevin Watson Jul 19, 2012
I thought I saw a putty tat? I did! I did!
Aaron Crisp Jul 19, 2012
I thought it was a boob
Abraham Mendoza Jul 19, 2012
I thought it was a Fridge.
Patrick R. Manuel Jul 19, 2012
I thought it was a Prius
Pratik Parija Jul 18, 2012
This is the GT40 Mark IV
Theviper007 Jul 18, 2012
I thought that was a p70
Alex Santaspirt Jul 18, 2012
Everyone is all over the place on this one
Aislin Cooper Jul 18, 2012
I thought that was a Porsche 917
Brennan Taylor Jul 18, 2012
Thought that was a Ferrari GTO for a second
Alex Vasquez Jul 19, 2012
My all time fav, gulf paint job.
John Jenkins Jul 19, 2012
I've seen a newer gt like this, along with the brand new srt viper and an s7 as well. not to forget the zl1 (before it was out for sale and the recall)
Abraham Mendoza Jul 18, 2012
Aww man I can't even fit in there.
Keenan Casteel Jul 18, 2012
Best livery of all time!
Trey Phillips Jul 18, 2012
I met to put in my city on my previous post*
Trey Phillips Jul 18, 2012
There is one of these and it's the real thing. It's painted exactly like this. And that bastard when it rolls by you will shake your insides! It's so damn loud!
Aaron Cartwright Jul 18, 2012
Such a great looking car!
Steven Johnston Jul 18, 2012
Black works for that car