Description: Although it won't officially debut until the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, Porsche is busy testing prototypes of its upcoming 918 Spyder. Our always-reliable spy photographers have just managed to sn...
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John Serely Jul 18, 2012
@johhny are your sure it was not the 911 Turbo 918 Spider Edition?
Johnny Hoover Jul 18, 2012
Funny I was in Vancouver bc a few months ago and there was a guy driving a gt3 911 with a 918 hat on. Ill take it he preorder a 918 and got the free gt3
Description: Power will come courtesy of a 4.6-liter V8 good for 570 horsepower as well as two electric motors for a combined output of nearly 800hp. Styling-wise, we can see that it pays tribute to the 917 racing...
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Alex Cameron Jul 19, 2012
Couldn't say but the projected power output sounds too good to care haha, id never have to money to own one so who am I to say they shouldn't build it? It does sound really good though
Christian Brown Jul 18, 2012
I am a Ferrari fan, but I must admit that's a beautiful looking car at the moment.
Matt Piccolo Jul 19, 2012
Looks great, and I'm not seeing any Ferrari
Tim Neely Jul 19, 2012
I like the Porsche F430 more than the Ferrari F430. Pretty surprising similarity. Let's hope Ferrari doesn't retaliate by making the Ferrari Cayenne ;-)
Ed Ashby Jul 19, 2012
...the designer makes it. See gallardo, f430, f360, esprit concept, mp4-12c..and this. Obviously form follows function but not very interesting when some of these cars look like a cut and shut of a bunch of others. New inspiration needed!
Ed Ashby Jul 19, 2012
Dustin and Brian I know what you're saying about mum's etc but the thing with this is that loads of these supercars are getting a kind of generic look. It's the set of the lights and the 2 main intakes at the front. The only difference is how angular
John Serely Jul 18, 2012
@justin and ghee: Yep. It has 2 headlights, definitely F430. Stop making comparisons to other cars. They are mid engines exotic cars, so they are going to have some influences lol
Tanton Stoneman Jul 18, 2012
I do see Ferrari in the front, but 360 Modena not F430.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 18, 2012
I can definitely see f430 in the front
Tanton Stoneman Jul 18, 2012
I hope they release official prototype photos of this car, it looks awesome!
Justin Brest Jul 18, 2012
why hello front end of a Ferrari f430
Bobby Junior Jul 18, 2012
That. Is. Amazing.
Craig Lafey Jul 18, 2012
@Sam. I agree with you. It slopes down too low. It'll grow on us tho. Id rather the hardtop over the spyder. I personally think it looks better as a hardtop.
John Serely Jul 18, 2012
I think this is one of the best looking cars I have seen in a while, even with the camo
Sivert Grande Jul 18, 2012
Just forget what I said. Guess it's supposed to look like that... Looks a bit odd, but I like it.
Sivert Grande Jul 18, 2012
@Sam it's a racing version of the car. It's meant to be like that.
Sam muscat Jul 18, 2012
The only part of the car I think could have been improved, is the back. It seems to drop too low on side profile. Its just as low as the front.
Ed Ashby Jul 18, 2012
It is like a Ruf. I actually prefer the CTR3 to this in looks
Michele Moro Jul 18, 2012
This is so freshly good looking for a porsche that it looks like a RUF work! Love it!
Christo Savaides Jul 19, 2012
Absolutely stunning.
Bobby Junior Jul 18, 2012
I like how they used the livery to hide the side blades
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 18, 2012
That's one of the best rears I've seen in a while
Jake Knickmeyer Jul 18, 2012
I liked the concept's exhaust outlet location more...still looks good though.
LarryandStephanie Espana Jul 19, 2012
It's a race car. It doesn't need a back window. It is perfect. Also that free up space at the bottom to shape the rear end diffuser for aero. Perfect. I hope the 918 becomes just as hardcore as the 917 was. Leave all cars in the dust.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 18, 2012
I wanna hear it already. Enough of this!!
Terrance Parker Jul 18, 2012
You won't need a rear window unless you want to see ever one that's in your dust!
Dennis Choong Jul 18, 2012
If the exhaust starts spitting flames it'll look amazing
Tanton Stoneman Jul 18, 2012
It is only a prototype, they could still change it.
Ed Ashby Jul 18, 2012
Not living the rear window area. Looks a mess
Colin Dzendolet Jul 18, 2012
loving those exhaust outlets
Kris C. Lopez Jul 18, 2012
What's not to love about this thing
Chris Cook Jul 19, 2012
to me it looks a lot better than a 911
Terrance Parker Jul 18, 2012
Sick!!!!! I love it