Comments - Nissan Planning Juke-Based Mini-Z to take on FR-S/BRZ?

Published: Jul 18, 2012
Description: There's little question that Toyota and Subaru developed a winning package with the vehicle alternately sold as the Scion FR-S, Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ. And you can bet that the competition i...
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Lee Cascio Jul 18, 2012
Because they are not in the same class genius.
Michael Gallagher Jul 18, 2012
The only competition is price. The 370 and even go back to 350 is better in all areas of performance
Description: Its 370Z did, after all, wear the crown as the world's favorite front-engine, rear-drive Japanese sports car. But in order to take on the Toyobaru, will the company formerly known as Datsun downs...
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Joe Brooks Aug 11, 2012
Nissan has to make it rwd its a waste if they dont who wants fwd ? Not me
Corey Mullis Jul 31, 2012
driving enthusiasts, like the people these cars are aimed at, prefer RWD. Duh. If nissan makes a front drive little Z to compete with the FRS/BRZ then they have completely missed the point
Kevin Watson Jul 19, 2012
They should make the maxima as the mini m. as a former owner(1990-1997) is a great car, that's where they should start at. And I know that it's a four door, that shouldn't be a problem for the Nissan to come up with a two door. IMO.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Jul 19, 2012
No! would be better if both icons will stay as is. Only one Zed car and no competition for the 86
Aaron Cartwright Jul 19, 2012
@kevin ya they did a lousy job advertising those two cars. so I'm really not suprised that people thought they were ff cars.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 19, 2012
@vincent yup and most will never actually learn to drive as well. So glad cars like the z's and fun well balanced drivers cars exist for the rest of us.
Vincent R Butler Jul 19, 2012
Carlo is Right, most people don't really care if it's awd,rwd, or fwd. they just want a nice looking car that's reliable has good gas mileage that takes you to point A to point B.
Joao Batta Jul 19, 2012
Carlo... You have probably never driven a rwd car..... Its one of the best driving experience!!!!
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 19, 2012
Carlo if you have to ask that question its obvious you haven't did your homework on the difference between RWD & FWD performance cars
Kevin Irish Jul 19, 2012
Thanks for correcting me Aaron. For some reason I was under the impression they were FWD. I guess my previous comment is invalid.
Carlo Luciano Castellana Jul 19, 2012
Why is it so important that it is a RWD? Just so you can do donuts and shyt?
Danny Burns Jul 18, 2012
Another front drive ????
Ale-x Kalashnik Jul 18, 2012
This would b sooooo gayy
Lou Guerrero Jul 18, 2012
I called this in the last Z article.
Kyle Schott Jul 18, 2012
The juke is not an suv, its a cuv based on a car platform. This will fail if it is not RWD. AWD sounds nice but it's more expensive and adds weight.
Tanton Stoneman Jul 18, 2012
Why would you give a sports car the platform of an suv?
Aaron Cartwright Jul 18, 2012
I saw pics of the possible car that Nissan is thinking of using and its more of a rival for a gti than the br-z/fr-s. it's just a small 3 door hatch. Would be awesome to have a rear drive hatch but it won't happen..
Besim Hojhalli Jul 18, 2012
Reads title *facepalm* I seriously believe Nissan forgot about there S-chassis
Aaron Cartwright Jul 18, 2012
@Kevin the solstice/sky were rear drive and mostly made by Opel. They didn't sell well because they did a lousy job with the PR and they where over priced, but a really a fun car and definatly rear drive, hard to do donuts in a ff car going forward.
Kevin Irish Jul 18, 2012
I get a flashback to the Solstice/Sky twins from GM. They were made to be a cheap, 2-seat convertible like the MX-5. Only problem? Front wheel drive. No one wants a sports car that's not rear wheel drive. This mini-Z should be fine for emerging markets, but when sold in a place that also sells the Toyobaru, it has no chance.
Zach Sullivan Jul 18, 2012
@Kyle ur right they do cost more but they can still be decently priced the frs/brz have proven that considering they r priced competitively with the gti I think the key is that if the rest of the car is made to compliment an under powered engine u can have something fun to drive that doesn't cost 30+
Kyle Smith Jul 18, 2012
The reality is, RWD cars cost more to produce and it looks like Nissan won't be going down that route. At least it should be cheaper as a result. Sporty FWD cars can be done right - the GTI is a prime example. I'd prefer RWD myself regardless.
Manny Irizarry Jul 18, 2012
"350 Z pilot" Don't even TRY to compare those 2 cars. The stang is way above it
Lukas Lebs Jul 18, 2012
I like that toyabaru
Zaire Wilkins Jul 18, 2012
well all i know the AWD will be a brz killer subaru should have did the same so is the STI version
Johnny Hoover Jul 18, 2012
No one wants a sentra R turbo front drive died lets relive rear drive sports cars
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 18, 2012
Why do they need another sporty fwd car in their lineup they have the sentra spec-v, the civic si competer,and Altma coupe
Matthew Park Jul 18, 2012
Smaller+ FWD, how is this a competitor against the fr-s?
chikenbag Jul 18, 2012
I'm pretty sure that the altima coupe is already kind of a fwd mini z.... it is a nice looking car, but needs rwd to be a good car
chikenbag Jul 18, 2012
basically this story is just saying that nissan is upsetting their true driver fans by making another rubbish fwd car
chikenbag Jul 18, 2012
wait a tick, a fwd car would not be competition for the toyobaruion, nor would it be a mini z- that's essentially what the sx series was. s16 would sell like hotcakes
Ray Moreno Jul 18, 2012
I hear ya Devin my thoughts exactly! But with a modern 240 the output would be over in HP compared to the BRZ/FRS. Maybe 200sx while boosting??? If they build it , they will come.
350Z Pilot Jul 18, 2012
A mini Z would do nothing but cheapen the [maxi] Z. Throw in front wheel drive and less power you might as well start planning for lost sales Nissan. Of course Ford has gotten away with building 1,000 variations of its Mustang for years so maybe I'm wrong.
Matt Piccolo Jul 18, 2012
But still, if they wanna compete with the mx5, brz and ft86 it'll need to b rear wheel drive or itll b competing with cars like the si, mazdaspeed 3, focus st, gti etc
Joel Hope Jul 18, 2012
So a civic si competitor?
Matt Piccolo Jul 18, 2012
Remember that this is the mini Z that's gunna b fwd, at least they're stayin with rwd for the real thing!!!!
Zach Sullivan Jul 18, 2012
Bring back the 240 problem solved. a s16 would sell like crazy. BUILD IT!!!!
Devin Babyn Jul 18, 2012
Damn I was so stoked for this car till they said FWD. Hopefully they stay RWD and make a modern successor to the 240sx. I'd be so damn happy if they did
Tara Fitria Jul 18, 2012
Seems a more natural competitor for the civic si than the brz
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 18, 2012
So in actuality the TOYOBARU have nothing to worry about from this FWD Mini Z, is that what they are telling me!
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 18, 2012
FWD would kinda defeat the purpose of a car like that, wouldn't it?
Ryan Douglas Hie Jul 18, 2012
A front wheel drive could hardly be considered in the same class as the Toyobaru. Nissan should make it rear drive, or better, give it the same torque vectoring AWD system that's available in the Juke. Also add a 6 speed manual .
Dan Ruth Jul 18, 2012
Come on nissan, you know better
Max Bonds Jul 18, 2012
agreed fr is balls period
Jose Carlos Jul 18, 2012
I agree. Not RWD, what's the point comparing?!?!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 18, 2012
RWD or dont build it
John Serely Jul 18, 2012
What? It may be front wheel drive? I would not even consider it then. They really need the keep the Z rear wheel drive IMO
Alexander Pecheny Jul 19, 2012
@Danny below, pretttttty sure this is just a 370z
Danny Burns Jul 18, 2012
It's got some sweet lines but if its front drive it's gonna blow...
Matt Piccolo Jul 18, 2012
I love the 370z, so sexy
Description: That's because the project is said to be based on the Juke's platform. Which is no bad thing, except it's front-drive. The fact that the Juke is available in all-wheel drive as well doe...
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Zaire Wilkins Jul 18, 2012
nope but weather conditions and AWD are best friends
Aaron Cartwright Jul 18, 2012
@jack and oversteer is bad?? lol
Lou Guerrero Jul 18, 2012
There could always be less weight.
Stephen Tyler Learn Jul 18, 2012
That's like saying it's big car so dont worry about adding any more power
Zaire Wilkins Jul 18, 2012
well its a little car so it dosent have to save weight
Stephen Tyler Learn Jul 18, 2012
Make it rwd to save weight
Colin Dzendolet Jul 18, 2012
there wouldn't be much modification needed to the juke platform to make it rwd, its already got a driveshaft tunnel for awd, just need to adapt for a transmission tunnel, problem solved
Jack Howard Jul 18, 2012
And RWD is known to oversteer
Cory Deines Jul 18, 2012
@Lukas: It all depends on the setup. Not all AWD drivetrains are created equal.
Lukas Lebs Jul 18, 2012
No RWD would handle better because AWD is known to understeer
Aislin Cooper Jul 18, 2012
AWD would be a winner
Description: Basing it off the Juke, however, would reportedly allow Nissan to undercut Toyota and Subaru with a $22,000 price tag, while packing a 190-horsepower 1.6-liter turbo four that, while offering less pow...
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Lee Cascio Jul 18, 2012
I'm wondering what trans they will go with only because the juke is available in a 6-speed and the cvt but the awd is only available with the cvt the manual is fwd only which boggles my mind.
Lou Guerrero Jul 18, 2012
The torque of the 2.0 boxer is reported to come only when the engine is screaming so a direct injected 1.6 turbo could have the advantage.
Kevin Irish Jul 18, 2012
The mini-Z they're talking about is NOT replacing the current 370Z. It would be a brand new car to, supposedly, compete with the Toyobaru twins.
Byakka Hirakawa Jul 18, 2012
Dont do it nissan!!! Dont u four bang that 370!!!
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 18, 2012
If they are making fwd they should just rebadge an Altma coupe because the Altma got redesigned
Heshoo Hanna Jul 18, 2012
So basically Nissan are struggling to get the price down but they make one of the best supercars GTR cheaper than its compitiors by half as much
chikenbag Jul 18, 2012
lolz james, i don't think it works quite like that...
James E Caldwell Jul 18, 2012
If developing a smaller front engine rear drive configuration is too expensive. Nissan should build an equivalent to the MR2. Put one of their manny front wheel drive engine+transmission behind the driver.
Matt Piccolo Jul 18, 2012
220hp would b perfect, cuz it would be lighter than a genesis coupe so it wouldn't need the extra power, considering the brz and ft86 have enough power!
Devin Babyn Jul 18, 2012
If they make this it has to be RWD with at least 220hp. If they cheap out on it I will be quite unhappy
Dan Ruth Jul 18, 2012
More than 190hp would be nice, how about 200-250 zone, like the genesis coupe?
Forrest Wood Jul 18, 2012
I'm actually quite curious about this mini-Z they talk of, the next article needs to have some concept art
Corey Mullis Jul 31, 2012
i dont mind the looks except for the lights, especially the bit of lights on the hood
Puneet Dass Jul 19, 2012
Terrible design but surprisingly good seller. Who woulda thought ?
1988BMW325iS Jul 19, 2012
ya looks terrible. i dont get it
Ray Liu Jul 18, 2012
The most hideous looks ever; applause to the Nissan design team
Corey Mullis Jul 31, 2012
that engine was specifically designed for weight balance and a low center if gravity, dropping another motor would be stupid. Supposedly scion is going for a supercharger kit, and subaru a turbo.
Vincent R Butler Jul 19, 2012
Main Reason this Mini Juke Z will be FWD, if it's a beautiful Hatch that's RWD and cost 20-24k. I'm sure the Z will take a Hugh Hit.
Vincent R Butler Jul 19, 2012
It will destroy the WRX STI Sales.
Vincent R Butler Jul 19, 2012
I've seen the BRZ STI concept at the Car show in Anaheim CA, In the Honda Center. It had 250hp with the Original taillight and a nice spoiler. BRZ STI will be sold around 30-32k. That's 10-12k difference between the WRX STI with 300hp
Sascha Wyss Jul 19, 2012
Now put the impreza wrx sti engine in it and it will be awsome!
Zaire Wilkins Jul 19, 2012
but subaru didnt feel like diffrentiating it by giving it AWD the STI version stays RWD also
Tristin Fridgen Jul 19, 2012
I still can't believe they made a rear wheel drive Subaru
Lee Cascio Jul 18, 2012
Lol that's like saying well I still want the panamera though because it is faster and more practical than the scion IQ.
Ray Liu Jul 18, 2012
Still want the IS F though it is better looking faster and more practical; that justifies its high pricing
Cho Dan Jul 18, 2012
I saw one of these on the road for the first time the other day. It looked good but not as good as the 370Z. Still though, I would take this because it's so much cheaper than the 370.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 18, 2012
doubt it they wont make this into no type of super car killer just a drift monster with a LEXUS IS-F engine it
Aaron Cartwright Jul 18, 2012
Such a great car, really can't beat a light weight well balanced car! Just can't wait to see this thing turned into a supercar killer.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 18, 2012
no i seem one in real life also its just the headlights and tailights
Matt Piccolo Jul 18, 2012
This thing is so sexy, just saw a white one on the road and photos do this car no justice
Zaire Wilkins Jul 18, 2012
it may be fun but ugly
Matt Piccolo Jul 18, 2012
Yea and remember, this things really light, so I think you'd be surprised at how hard it pulls
Zeus Mocha Jul 18, 2012
I get your idea but don't get it wrong it's a pretty fun car. Actually slides like in the commercials haha
Max Bonds Jul 18, 2012
wake me up when they strap a snail onto this slug. say what you will about how it handles... if it doesn't pin me to the seat in a straight ill have nothing to do with it.