Comments - Mercedes Preparing 400hp Diesel SLS AMG?

Published: Jul 18, 2012
Description: German automakers have long had a love affair with the diesel engine. While American carmakers have largely ignored oil burners, the Germans have continuously refined thisir diesels to the point where...
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Cody Andree Jul 19, 2012
1000$ tune= an extra 200hp
Cody Andree Jul 19, 2012
Diesels will outlive gas engines. There much more powerful and have alot of untapped potential. they def. Belong in sports cars. A diesal will destroy any gaser the same size. Period. Anyone who disagrees never owned a diesal and modified it.
Jason Brower Jul 19, 2012
Diesel is great and all, but why is the cover photo of this article a pagani wheel and caliper?
Max Bonds Jul 19, 2012
I live diesels in proper applications. unfortunately a sports car is not one of them even this
Paul Lissona Jul 19, 2012
I like diesels a lot, would like a tdi jetta or 335d.
Cody Andree Jul 18, 2012
Diesels are sick. Get some common sense guys. They've come a long way with computers. CHIP IT!!!
Michael Page Jul 18, 2012
Diesels have been tearing up LE Mans proto 1 for years now. And they are surprisingly quiet too.
Devin Babyn Jul 18, 2012
How could anyone not want to roll coal in a beautiful super car. I think it would be so freakin cool
Max Bonds Jul 18, 2012
it makes sense I'd they wanna tow boats... but a stinky noisy peaky supercar? id rather drive a 400 hp turbo 4
Brian A. Hatcher Jul 18, 2012
Yes, yes yes! We want a diesel supercar we can enjoy.
Christian De Prisco Jul 18, 2012
Not gonna happen....bets anyone?!
Robbie Mullenix Jul 18, 2012
"Thisssr" is wat weez callz diesel lol
Nick Schnee Jul 18, 2012
Isn't this one of the promo pics for the E-Cell?
1988BMW325iS Jul 18, 2012
the body-color emblem is odd but i kind of like it
Description: We may even see it arrive as early as the Paris Motor Show this September. The best part? Power could come in the form of a triple turbocharged six-cylinder diesel with 400 horsepower. Although nothin...
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Jason Brower Jul 19, 2012
Otherwise couldn't provide. But today's v8s put out so much power, 16 cylinders isn't ever necessary, it's just a show off move.
Jason Brower Jul 19, 2012
The veyron has 16, it's not impossibly difficult to make. But the usable applications for them are very few. They would have to go in a mid engine car so as not to ruin handling/steering. The car would also have to need that power that a v8 or v12
Kyle Hardisty Jul 18, 2012
I agree with Lukas. We need to brin the big v8, v10, and v12 back. Gtr with v6 is good. But Not these four or 2 cyl. engines
Lukas Lebs Jul 18, 2012
Lol earlier this month i posted a comment of BMW sizing down cylinders and putting on more turbos and i was right when i said by 2015 motors will come in 2Cyl .5L and 4 turbos...sad sad times
Nick Schnee Jul 18, 2012
Is the R18 a joke because of it's diesel engine?
Christian De Prisco Jul 18, 2012
Perhaps they will make a c class or an e class, maybe an ml class but IMO not turn the Sls in a joke
Description: For Mercedes to jump into the game with a diesel-powered version their halo model would not only be incredible, but it also makes a decent business case considering the company's two main domesti...
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Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jul 18, 2012
I saw it on top gear, it's dead silent
Grant McHendry Jul 18, 2012
That's absolutely amazing.
Dan Marino Jul 18, 2012
I can't find something that I don't like about this interior
Julian Pilinci Jul 18, 2012
Like the shape of that screen.