Comments - Elantra Becomes Zombie Survival Machine for Comic-Con

Published: Jul 18, 2012
Description: If you were preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse - which, as we all know, could come any day now - what would you drive? A beefed-up muscle car? A rough-and-tumble SUV? How about a Hyundai Elantra? Er....
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Alec Lindgren Jul 19, 2012
My 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ would be for small missions like food or fuel or water and I would have a Hummer H1 & a Marauder for the big stuff
Aaron Crisp Jul 19, 2012
Marauder or Hennessy Velociraptor... Maybe the Ram Runner, and the Challenger goes faster than 50 MPH... Some people are so ignorant, it goes at least 70.
Wyatt Clark Jul 19, 2012
A Hummer with a plow in the front! Gotta do something about MPG though
Colby Church Jul 19, 2012
How about that brabus indestructible SUV. Ha
Jordan Jackson Jul 18, 2012
How about just about anything but a Hyundai, lol
Josh Banning Jul 18, 2012
A Challenger. You can take that anywhere and smash through as many zombies as you like
Michael Davidson Jul 18, 2012
You can't ram through zombies on a bike though.
Daniel Eads Jul 18, 2012
Dirt bike. You can take it on road or off and it is very maneuverable. Good gas mileage and easy to fix.
Phillip Greene Jul 18, 2012
low consumption deisel is redundant, unless your a tool an crank up your fuel to smoke every one out
Stephen Cobbs Jul 18, 2012
@Ghee. That or a Knight XV
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 18, 2012
I'll take a marauder
Cody Fullerton Jul 18, 2012
Escalade with a 3 on the side, only way to go
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jul 18, 2012
Or the truck/tank thingy from 'death race'?
Lukas Lebs Jul 18, 2012
Yeah a now consumption diesel...Q7 lol
Christian De Prisco Jul 18, 2012
Or the mansory carbonado aventador
Christian De Prisco Jul 18, 2012
No thanks, will stick with a muscle car....or perhaps a very low consumption diesel, so that you won't need to stop for gas :-) q7 perhaps
Aaron Crisp Jul 19, 2012
Or people are getting high out of their freaking minds... Nah you guys are right, definitely a government zombie contamination cover up.
Garrett Chatterton Jul 19, 2012
@doug I know it's not bath salts is an out break that they're trying to contain
Parker Field Jul 18, 2012
I'll take the F-150 raptor 6 door
Jordan Jackson Jul 18, 2012
I 'd rather have a Bradley, or a Stryker, something with armor, lol
Jerrod Swenson Jul 18, 2012
Why would you put spikes on a plow/cow catcher? The point is to get stuff out of the way not knock it right back down in your way.
Hektor Yberg Jul 18, 2012
I would take a helicopter
Josh Banning Jul 18, 2012
I can see the Boudica wheel spikes being a problem in rush hour traffic
Cham Khiev Jul 18, 2012
H2 hummer f$&@ this crap
Domi Bsaibes Jul 18, 2012
Naa i'd choose either a hummer or FJ cruiser @ savana ur comment cracked me haha
Brennan Taylor Jul 18, 2012
Get a Hilux, they are indestructible( as proven by top gear).
Clayton Corley Jul 18, 2012
Ford F650. Would be my choice
Phillip Greene Jul 18, 2012
hybrids are retarded go deisel or flex so you can run sinthetic fuel
Max Delena Jul 18, 2012
Ford F-150 raptor would be my choice or the hybrid escalade for something that has a better mpg
Dale Schroeder Jul 18, 2012
Somehow, welding a couple hundred pounds of metal to the bumper of a front wheel drive car doesn't strike me as an ideal thing to do.
Thad Macaranas Jul 18, 2012
Why a Hyundai Elentra? You could of picked a Toyota Camry.
Saravana Pawan Jul 18, 2012
@isaac Because even the zombies would avoid!
Isaac Taylor Jul 18, 2012
I still don't understand why they would pick an elantra lol
Lukas Lebs Jul 18, 2012
And what are the rim spikes going to do?
Alexander Gomez Jul 18, 2012
Ready to take out any small woodland creatures in its way!
Description: Designed by writer/creator Robert Kirkman and brought to life by Design Craft, the heavily modified Elantra coupe, dubbed the Zombie Survival Machine, celebrates the 100th issue of "The Walki...
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Wyatt Clark Jul 19, 2012
@Manny: Your joking, right? Just because they drive an Elantra, that "ALMOST" ruins the whole show for you? Calm down drama queen!!!
Andrew McNeal Jul 18, 2012
Hoards should be "hordes".
Manny Irizarry Jul 18, 2012
Now I know why they picked the Hyundai, they frikin sponsor The Walking Dead (it ALMOST ruins the show for me)
Description: "Our custom Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine is the ultimate car for The Walking Dead fans and anyone who wants to survive a zombie invasion," said Steve Shannon, vice president of Mark...
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LarryandStephanie Espana Jul 19, 2012
The only thing that would make this car legit if it had something like 400+ hp and 350+ torque. If not. You are just a pa k of sardines going at 25 mph because the car can't go faster or even turn since its so heavy. Lol
Kevin Watson Jul 19, 2012
Ok, so which one is going out to wrap the wire around something?😳😳lol
Aaron Crisp Jul 19, 2012
Tow yourself out of a puddle of mud because the front end is so damn heavy.
Jordan Jackson Jul 18, 2012
What exactly can you do with that pipsqueak of a winch on the front of this car?
Jordan Jackson Jul 18, 2012
Hell it'd probably rip the plastic bumper off...
Parker Field Jul 18, 2012
Look at that cute little wench
Brennan Taylor Jul 18, 2012
Would not want to get in front of that thing
Jason Anaya Jul 18, 2012
Looks stupid but awesome at the same time..
David Justice Jul 18, 2012
Protect the taillights! Safety First!
Jerrod Swenson Jul 18, 2012
I guess they got inspiration from the Scorpion's Mercury from the race scene in Grease.
Brennan Taylor Jul 18, 2012
Looks retarded from the back
Steven Whowhat Jul 19, 2012
and here come the experts .....:/
Jordan Jackson Jul 18, 2012
Somehow, the hatch on top seems like a bad idea, human sardines anyone?
Dale Schroeder Jul 18, 2012
Those window guards are way too tidy looking for a post-apocalypse car. Needs to be hunks of rusty rebar crudely welded to the A pillars.