Comments - Caterham Planning New Sportscar

Published: Jul 18, 2012
Description: Among the myriad niche sportscar companies in England, Caterham would hardly rank as the most advanced. But that could change in the near future as the company plans an all-new model. Caterham primari...
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Description: Around the same time that Lotus sacked its CEO Dany Behar, so did Caterham with its longtime managing director Ansar Ali. Now the company is in the hands of Graham Macdonald, who moved up to the top p...
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Description: Although a six-cylinder engine hasn't been ruled out, a four-banger looks more likely, with the possible boost of a supercharger. The report from British car blog PistonHeads suggests a price tag...
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Luke Murray Jul 18, 2012
What hell are those some cheap stick on daylights I can see there !!
Cho Dan Jul 18, 2012
I want one of these!
Moe Sargi Jul 18, 2012
Hahah mike any lower itl be a cement grinder lool. But i totaly agree :)
Stefan G. Whittaker Jul 18, 2012
Does anyone know what the SP300R costs?
Aaron Cartwright Jul 18, 2012
Looks awesome!! I want to drive one of these so bad!!