Comments - 5 Terrible Traffic Jams

Published: Jul 18, 2012
Description: Traffic jams are easily the worst thing about driving. There's nothing like having the open road ripped away from you by bumper-to-bumper traffic. That being said, chances are that you've ne...
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Description: This epic traffic jam stretched some 62 miles and occurred in Inner Mongolia. Drivers reportedly covered the 62 mile stretch of road in 40 hours.
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Description: This video may have been shot with a potato, but you can still make out the horror that is traffic in Karachi, Pakistan. Hopefully all of the horn honking helped to speed things along.
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Tyler Torres Jul 20, 2012
Looks like a fine day to own a bicycle.
Colby Church Jul 19, 2012
It's about like leaving a NASCAR race. Haha. Get good parking in advance, it's worth it.
Dale Schroeder Jul 18, 2012
@nick: From what I understand, the rule in places like Pakistan and even parts of India is "My vehicle is bigger than yours so I drive on whatever part of the road I feel like. Now MOVE."
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 18, 2012
More like a baked potato...
Jose Carlos Jul 18, 2012
Incredible. I mean how...smh...they might still be in a jam right now... : )
Rockesh Boulder Jul 18, 2012
It would be hell if all the cars were Yugo's or Aztek's
Nick Schnee Jul 18, 2012
WTF. Did anyone determine if they drive left or right there, or do they choose what they like best?
Description: At 31 miles, this traffic jam is technically half as bad as the one that happened in Inner Mongolia. Still, this Chinese traffic jam on the Shaanxi Highway gets points for being in place for over a mo...
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Alec Lindgren Jul 19, 2012
Powered by SMG? Sub Machine Gun?
Freddy Garcia Jul 18, 2012
It's called back roads
Jose Carlos Jul 18, 2012
So what did you do last month? I was in a traffic jam the whole time. We scavenged for food and drank pee to stay alive.
Description: Ridiculous doesn't even begin to describe this Indian traffic jam. While it's a lot shorter than the other jams, this one is great simply due to the wide variety of vehicles present.
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Evan Cook Jul 18, 2012
And that's why I hate immigrants. They think that they can drive however they want over here and don't obey any rules of the road and then wonder why they get into accidents.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 18, 2012
They need a serious birth control campaign there.
Daniel Levy Jul 18, 2012
Lol and then all those motorcycles decide to join smh
Description: Remember that 62 mile traffic jam? After it finally cleared up, a 75 mile traffic jam promptly took its place. Chinese truck drivers can never catch a break.
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Kev Berkel Jul 18, 2012
I love these pictures, makes everything look like miniature model
Henz Herrero Jul 18, 2012
Some cars are turned off or on their parking brake thats why their brake lights arent on..
Domi Bsaibes Jul 18, 2012
First the guy driving the motorcycle can't be a toy Second notice the brake lights! Very confusing photo though
Zachary Maurer Jul 18, 2012
Look! Cars from the dollar store!!!
Frederic Brimsø Jacobsen Jul 18, 2012
The photo is taken with a tilt-shift lence, google it and you'll understand :)
alvincar Jul 18, 2012
this real, this is Bangkok. normal there see traffic like this
Daniel Levy Jul 18, 2012
Yeah the guy on the moped seals the deal, it has to be real
Jake Marra Jul 18, 2012
Hahahaha who sees a pontiac ricer in the red with lettering all,over it
Jake Marra Jul 18, 2012
That buick or whatever it is i cnt tell has its brake lights out on the left
Henz Herrero Jul 18, 2012
These arent not toys.. R u guys assuming that the guy in the bike is a lego person?
Paul Dickey Jul 18, 2012
No devin it's real. It's a special camera lens. I forget what it's called though.
Devin Babyn Jul 18, 2012
Come on people it's not real, there toys. I could tell that from the pic In the articles
Nick Sti Jul 18, 2012
Shit, I woke up at 5:25am to work and this picture is trippy. I'm confused
Nate Vongshotivat Jul 18, 2012
it is real! this is asoke montri junction in thailand and it's always has a traffic jam on rush hours. so sad but true
Michael Davidson Jul 18, 2012
This looks really cool.
Jonathan Tjandra Jul 18, 2012
This is miniature effect dmbass
Roger James Franco Jul 18, 2012
Yeah it looks like a Lego set up
Christian De Prisco Jul 18, 2012
This pic is weird, I am confused, I am sure it's real yet I can't stop thinking that it seems a model