Comments - Smaller Engines for Future Astons?

Published: Jul 17, 2012
Description: The bulk of the cars that Aston Martin makes are built around the same engine that debuted in the DB7 Vantage way back in 1999. It's a 6.0-liter V12 that was built by Cosworth out of two Ford V6 ...
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Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
This company should be banned for life ....... Enough said
Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
Okay blue steering wheels doesn't go along with dark wood and leather .. I'd rather have that in Paige
Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
@adam hahahahah u funny
Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
3D works well
Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
I think this car is doctaM3's
Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
Is the yellow doctam3's ?
Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
I'm a die hard fan of this car.. But that engine is useless .. v12 produces less than a 600 hp ? You see what I mean
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jul 17, 2012
Is that a timing belt?
Kyle Anderson Jul 17, 2012
Gorgeous work of timeless art
Description: So what would Aston develop to replace to complement its ubiquitous twelve? Anything from an inline three to a V6. Because Aston Martin, you see, is not aligned with any of the major automakers (like ...
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Axel Morales Jul 19, 2012
I think that the right step would be to produce a brand new, powerful and balanced V12 making 600-700 HP, keeping it normally aspirated and reducing the displacement. It's perfectly doable and would be perfect at the price point Astons sell for.
Axel Morales Jul 19, 2012
For the last 10 years the V12s have gotten terrible. They barely touch 500 HP with them. Power is not everything.. but astons are known for being terrible in power/weight ratio and being supercars, should be more powerful.
John Park Jul 18, 2012
@Christo its understandable how the need to do that. Where will the line be drawn between a regular car and a super car? What about tuned cars or classic cars? And its fair because everyone is subjected to it. Aston could partner to cut it...
Christo Savaides Jul 17, 2012
It just doesn't make any sense that supercars should be held to the same standard as regular cars. There is not nearly the same volume produced and that should be taken into account. A Veyron shouldn't be subject to the same regulations as a Civic.
Paulo Garza Jul 17, 2012
Calm down everyone! Its Aston, they have awesome engineers designers an everything!! They won't "kill" it or produce bad cars, it's all a matter of engineering a new, lower emission engine :) i believe everything will be fine
Domi Bsaibes Jul 17, 2012
Totally agree with adam
Adam Reisdorf Jul 17, 2012
It's rubbish really, it all has to do the the CAFE numbers, the average economy of all models produced by a manufacture. Lamborghini never has to worry, all the polos and small cars VW makes covers them too.
Josh Banning Jul 17, 2012
I don't get it when supercar manufacturers have to build smaller engines to cut their emissions, when companies like ford and VW produce more emissions, because they make more cars
Thibault Leroy Jul 17, 2012
The day Aston Martin makes an inline 3 well you might as well call it dead
Description: That doesn't mean, cautions CEO Ulrich Bez, that Aston would give up on its exclusivity. But seeing a new GT rolling out of the factory in Gaydon with a three-, four- or even six-cylinder engine ...
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Zach Sullivan Jul 18, 2012
this sounds like this could be the beginning of the end for aston! somebody please please please tell me I'm wrong
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 17, 2012
Big displacement V6 supercharged with equal length headers. I mean we could see a 400 hp plus. The equal length would sound good (not typical Austin). Or if things go Pagani Huayra way twin turbo it and get some whistle action.
Lou Guerrero Jul 17, 2012
Direct injected 3.0 I6, 5.0 V8, 6.5 V12. Done!
Besim Hojhalli Jul 17, 2012
I here wastegates coming...
Ryan Spencer Jul 17, 2012
Here's the most viable answer: forced induction. It's an easy way to make power without loosing ridiculous amounts of mpg. And look to the new GTR if you don't think they can still perform...
Josh Banning Jul 17, 2012
They should just say screw you to the emission regulators, and just build a dirty great big V12 just to annoy them
Rohil Chauhan Jul 17, 2012
I hate this. With Astons it's either v12s or v8s or nothing. They should just sell more cygnets. Even though I hate those things it is the only way around this stupid emissions regulations.
Paul Lissona Jul 17, 2012
I think they should stay naturally aspirated too.
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
@tony I agree, but I think a twin turbo halo car would be great, maybe less expensive (400k maybe) than the one-77, and have it be a proper supercar, unlike the rest of their GT car lineup
Sam Oglesby Jul 17, 2012
Well all this would simply go away if they teamed up with a big brand such as ford again
Nick Schnee Jul 17, 2012
Oh great. First the Cygnet, then the horrible SUV concept, now THIS. And Aston used to be my favourite brand...
Christian De Prisco Jul 17, 2012
True, astons are luxury sports cars IMO and as long as the ride is smooth and perhaps the cost a bit lower I think there is a Market for it, as long as they don't make it all look the same again!!!
Drake Nailon Jul 17, 2012
I would love to see them return to inline 6's. They could easily use forced induction to keep the horsepower up but also offer a normally aspirated choice for those not needing the uber power, without giving up the smooth running characteristics.
Alice Corduban Seifert Jan 06, 2013
A dream on wheels ! This must be the most elegant sexy car I've seen!!
Asad Yusufzai Jul 20, 2012
God I wish for a supercharged version please
Laguna Seca Jul 19, 2012
It really is a great design, fantastic job boys!
Jt Collier Jul 18, 2012
@Corey, hopefully those numbers will come with an S variant. The old vanquish S topped out at Over 200. I agree that this is automotive perfection though
Corey Alan Kelley Jul 17, 2012
This car is sexy by the way definitely one of the best looking inside and out Just wish they had low 3 second 0-60 and 200+ mph capabilities
Corey Alan Kelley Jul 17, 2012
Let's hope they dual-charge it make it run on alcohol and throw a jet engine in there or else they won't even keep up with the mustangs and camaros
Daniel Sullivan Jul 17, 2012
@extremis. No. Smaller engines are more technical and probably cost more.
Extremis Colson Jul 17, 2012
Car is so sexy... but if they want a smaller engine would that effectively make the aston martin cheaper??? hmmm? lol. just a question.
Kenan Alkhawam Jul 17, 2012
Best looking aston, i never really likes the look of the db9
Timothy Hooker Jul 17, 2012
sex on wheels! this thing is hot
Taylor Aspinwall Jul 17, 2012
Oh and btw its actually 5.9 litres not the advertised 6
Taylor Aspinwall Jul 17, 2012
It looks toooo good
Brian Snyder Jul 17, 2012
Exotic and classy, beautiful design.
Sam Oglesby Jul 17, 2012
And can you imagine it with a three or 6 cylinder in it no. It pains me to say this but why don't they keep the v12 and add some electric motors to boost economy
Kai Andrew Carlson Jul 17, 2012
I'll agree with that Phillip.
Phillip Chan Jul 17, 2012
One of the most beautiful cars I've seen.
Janak Solanki Jul 17, 2012
Wow that is stunning.
Den Zo Jul 17, 2012
This is perfection!
Craig Lafey Jul 17, 2012
Love the new Vanquish
John Francis Jul 17, 2012
@Tony Same here. They look amazing in picture but in person... All Astons are STUNNING. From the Rapide to the V12 Vantage to the One-77. Except for the Cygnet, of course.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 17, 2012
i want the rapide-s
Thibault Leroy Jul 17, 2012
i know but by that he was saying it was really big and i was saying that it really isnt
Thibault Leroy Jul 17, 2012
@Tony no its not! Its no bigger than a panamera
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
I like the fact that it is big, tony
Grant McHendry Jul 19, 2012
@Brian did I not just say that it was over priced? Yeah, I did. But obviously if its an aston its gonna be amazing quality and a high tag. Hopefully you would know that.
Rocky Rocker Jul 17, 2012
Ummmm, where did they stick a V12 in this???
cmas Jul 17, 2012
and it was stupid to compare a dodge challenger to an aston.
cmas Jul 17, 2012
ill admit dodges aren't the best built cars. I'm a Chevy guy and chevys aren't much better. but to say dodges are crap is a little much. I do think the challenger is a better deal that the aston. the aston is only a upgraded smart car and ot looks retarted. your paying more money than a challenger for a car that doesn't even have much of a trunk. IT ISNT PRACTICAL AT ALL!!! DODGE CHALLENGER IS BET...
Devin Babyn Jul 17, 2012
Bill did you seriously compare a luxurious city car, to a pony car? Probably the dumbest comparison I've seen on here
Eric Dare Jul 17, 2012
The dodge challenger is a piece of crap, you get such a big engine for such a low price for a reason
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
I dont really like it, but I can see the point if the car.
Andrew Hossann Jul 17, 2012
Do not mock me but aren't all Astons hand assembled? I think that would raise the price tag. But not to this stage
Grant McHendry Jul 17, 2012
But yeah, its definately over priced.
Grant McHendry Jul 17, 2012
@Bill its because of the workmanship in the interior.
Matt Piccolo Jul 17, 2012
This is a good lookin little car
Neil Thomason Jul 17, 2012
Sounds like it's out of this world!
Sam Oglesby Jul 17, 2012
Yeh and the whole front end is different maybe this needs a v12
Jt Collier Jul 18, 2012
Yeah, a rapide S tore ass around me and my god did it sound beautiful. I have to say though, the best engine sounds I've heard in person are the SLS and a Maserati gran turismo
Mark Suvorov Jul 17, 2012
I think this engine makes the most beautiful sound in the world Even better that Ferrari v12 Once I saw 458 italia and rapide in one road They both accelerated but I didn't hear Ferrari at all I heard only 4 door sallon v12
Wyatt Gordon Jul 17, 2012
please dont leave big engine, we love you
Alex Vasquez Jul 17, 2012
This is what I like to see
Mark Suvorov Jul 17, 2012
This one is good too
Marino Robles Jul 17, 2012
im getting this for my ek
Theviper007 Jul 17, 2012
but me like big engine Don't go
Pablo Herasme Jul 17, 2012
Please don't go away
Serge Pankratov Jul 18, 2012
Those are WICKED headers =]