Comments - Lexus IS F Convertible at the Ring

Published: Jul 17, 2012
Description: Lexus did one heck of a job turning the IS sedan into the IS F performance machine. But the four-door isn't the only version of the IS. There's also a two-door hard-top convertible, and as t...
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Paul Lissona Jul 17, 2012
Kinda funny they said "f it all up" haha.
Description: The IS F sedan features a 5.0-liter V8 with direct injection to deliver 416 horsepower to the rear wheels for a 4.6-second sprint to 62. Expect the convertible to mimic these numbers, but with two few...
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Ray Liu Jul 17, 2012
Is M3 only manual? So an auto M3 will ruin this car?
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
@tony I wish I did. I was on a four hour car trip, and only saw two, parked right next to each other (blue convertible, silver coupe) there are not much at all where I live. There are lots of 550i's, but for the same money, no one got an m3
Kyle Smith Jul 17, 2012
Lexus is going to have to step up it's game once the new M3 comes out.
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
@bull ehh not too much lol
Bull Dogone Jul 17, 2012
That oughta' take a bite out of M3 sales.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 17, 2012
i dont think this a mule they figured lets put the IS-F engine inside the IS-C which does have a better looking rear
Thad Macaranas Jul 17, 2012
If they cover up the Lexus bage you'll obviously know its a Lexus.
Ray Liu Jul 17, 2012
@David that was because it looks like an Is250 rather than the Lfa? LOL
David Liebe Hart Jul 17, 2012
I absolutely respect this car and it's performance, but it's just not exciting to me, like a sports car should
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
@doug I was wondering that same thing
Zaire Wilkins Jul 17, 2012
basically they should have called it the IS-CF
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
All company's do that, reece
Reece Rhys Loughmiller Jul 17, 2012
I love the fact that they tried to cover up the badge, as if anyone dosnt know it's a Lexus.
August Burrichter Jul 17, 2012
I actually kind of like it. They should make a hard top coupe though.
Brian Snyder Jul 17, 2012
The curves don't attract me to this car. I'll stick with my IS 250 :-/
Terrance Parker Jul 17, 2012
It does however, sport the LED lights. That my friends is not bad for a test mule!
Terrance Parker Jul 17, 2012
No,spindle grill
Janak Solanki Jul 17, 2012
There's not one line that I like on this car
Serge Pankratov Jul 18, 2012
Lexus should just stick to building comfortable cars.. Their F division is just a waste of time IMO..
Devin Babyn Jul 17, 2012
They really did butcher it when they made it into a convertible
Russell Jul 17, 2012
I think the Lexus IS convertible is the worst convertible job ever done