Comments - Honda Developing Non-Hybrid NSX?

Published: Jul 17, 2012
Description: The original Acura NSX combined a supercar shape with a high-revving V6 engine where you might otherwise have expected a V8, V10 or even V12 engine. The new NSX, however, is going the high-performance...
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Henz Herrero Jul 18, 2012
I dnt get why ppl say hp per L dont matter.. Not everyone wants huge displacement.. My acura gets 240hp out of 2.3 and i think thats pretty good..
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 18, 2012
Hp/L proves you don't always need huge displacement to make reasonable power. Plus it's shows that Honda knows how to make great motors. It comes down to power to weight and making more power out of a smaller and lighter motor matters.
Cham Khiev Jul 18, 2012
ENGINEERING... Any car company can put a big engine in a car n get good power.. Thats my opinion anyways
Tim Preisinger Jul 18, 2012
I'll admit Honda makes pretty good cars to get you from point A to B. As far as sports cars go, Haven't seen anything exciting in a long time. Also, Cameron (or whatever) HP to liters doesn't mean anything. Why do some people think it matters..
Terrance Parker Jul 17, 2012
This all sounds like blah blah blah to me. Put up or shut the F#%^ up Honda. Show us something and stop all this talking!!!!!!,
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 17, 2012
Race car driver you would want to produce fun cars. That's why he's put all the money into Lexus ex. LF-A. Toyota meant to sell and you know he's doing a damn good job with number one car sales.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 17, 2012
Haha I knew Toyota would come up. CEO/race car driver Akio Toyoda specifically has the brand Toyota deadly bland and boring. If you notice the sister company which is also run by him Lexus has the more appealing cars. As a CEO and more importantly
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 17, 2012
They sell fo not mean there good
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 17, 2012
Honda has no excuse to be bland they have a sporting heritage and need high revving cars, better transmissions a 5 speed won't cut it. Look at the shit Toyota is making cough corolla cough there Intire line up is bland yet they sell so just because
Ray Liu Jul 17, 2012
The accord euro is still quite popular in Australia and is it also boring and bland as many of the below would say? At least it looks sporty and cool......
Paul Lissona Jul 17, 2012
Yah I like doing all my own maintenance on my civic. If I couldn't do it, I'd feel stupid cause it's very easy.
Michael Davidson Jul 17, 2012
I work on cars for a living, and Hondas are one of the most if not the most reliable cars out there. And maintenance is super easy on them.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 17, 2012
And in my opinion the new Si coupe and sedan have some edge to them. And at the kid who hates v tech pretty much every manufacture has there spin on v tech. Nissan VVL Ford VTC Mitsubishi MIVEC. Just to name a few.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 17, 2012
At the end of the day what major manufacture doesn't?
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 17, 2012
Honda made the most HP per L motor in a production car until the 458 Italian came out. So bash Honda all day but there is a reason why they don't depreciate like most brands *cough* American *cough*. You can say there line up is boring and bland but
Alex Vasquez Jul 17, 2012
What I want to know is what size engine they're gonna put in it, does any of y'all lnow
Zachary Maurer Jul 17, 2012
Coming from the family that owns only Hondas, sure their bland, but not every car company is going for "bold styling" on all of their models, Hondas are more about practicality and reliability. But even if they are bland on the out side, vtec in all
Dale Fredriks Jul 17, 2012
And the first NSX, of course.
Dale Fredriks Jul 17, 2012
I'd say the best Honda cars were the S2000 and the Civic Si of last generation.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 17, 2012
@ Matt, the S2000 was decent a under powered sportster that's more of a niche car that was never a serious contender for the Supra, RX-7, or 300Z; slow sales also caused it to be discontinued HONDA REALLY NEEDS SOME EXCITEMENT BACK IN THEIR LINE UP
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 17, 2012
Ok Matt, the NSX was a good mid-engine RWD car but was more near the supercar category not in the other 3 sport cars I mentioned earlier; & slow sales caused it to be discontinued
Matt Piccolo Jul 17, 2012
@ Bruce, what about the s2000 and nsx, I know it was under the Acura name brand in the us, but else where it was a Honda, and it really is a Honda at heart
Henz Herrero Jul 17, 2012
I dk.. I dnt think the fit, the accord and the pilot, the 3 hondas id consider, are ugly.. I think thy look good..
Brad Gougler Jul 17, 2012
how has no body mentioned that honda might just give up and make a v8 engine for one of its public cars.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 17, 2012
Im talking about Honda not AURA(yes I know Honda made Acura to compete with BMW, MERCEDES BENZ,& AUDI)
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 17, 2012
Honda has never had a true sports car in its line up like Toyota(Supra), Nissan(370Z), & Mazda(RX-7); hell even Hyundai has one. In there line up all they cars cars are FWD passenger cars, & one AWD, nothing to excite the soul. THEY NEED ONE BAD
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 17, 2012
But Honda really is a good brand. They're safe, reliable, and get good mpg's. And though they have some boring models, their cars are generally more exciting/fun to drive than competing cars. And it'll be so awesome if they make a non-hybrid NSX!
Kyle Smith Jul 17, 2012
Good looking Hondas I like are the S2000 NSX JDM Accord (CL9 and CU2 chassis) CRZ Civic Si FA5 Accord Coupe 7th and 8th gens They've slipped just recently in designs. But the new NSX looks good, the ILX I like, 9th gen Accord coupe concept etc
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 17, 2012
Henz said, "Can you name a car manufacturer that doesn't have a bland car in their line up?" I say, "Lamborghini."
Sam Hansen Jul 17, 2012
I'm sorry, but you cannot compare Honda to Mazda... Mazda builds 10x the car that Honda ever could
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Jul 17, 2012
They used to make good looking cars. After 2000 all their cars started to look ugly. S2K is an exception
Henz Herrero Jul 17, 2012
Im sure its a matter of taste and ur on the minority cuz honda is still one of the best sellers.. Can u name a brand that doesnt have a bland car on their line up? Personally i hate the civic but im obsessed wid acuras..
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 17, 2012
Look at the current civic and call it sporty, and u can't, look at the entire Honda lineup and say there not all bland because they are and the accord is getting old it needs a refresh
Nick Sti Jul 17, 2012
And I'm not a Honda fanboy, I'm a Subaru one. <3 WRX & Rally
Nick Sti Jul 17, 2012
You guys saying Honda sucks are so biased. Honda has a LOT of racing heritage and they make their cars sporty an efficient, just like Mazda. Toyota makes the soft and bland cars, not Honda
Henz Herrero Jul 17, 2012
I didnt read the whole article, but im assuming they wont get acuras sh-awd? If then ill prolly still go for the acura if i can save up the money til 2017.. Haha
Matt Piccolo Jul 17, 2012
This would b great!!!! And yea what's wrong with Hondas (excluding the rediculois riced up civics) like they make great, reliable, good looking cars! And they've always been on the fun side compared to other automakers... I dont see a problem
Paul Lissona Jul 17, 2012
Why do you hate Hondas? I like the stick shift in my civic and the 40 mpg. I don't like the really custom civics through.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 17, 2012
That's what they should have made the first time!
Chris Penza Jul 20, 2012
It'll never be as beautiful as the original
Terrance Parker Jul 17, 2012
Seen it 300 times before still looks the same
Wyatt Gordon Jul 17, 2012
if you rid of the acura grille, put on less boring wheels, and accentuated the curves a bit more, it would look fantastic
Alex Vasquez Jul 17, 2012
Idk why I said that lol
Alex Vasquez Jul 17, 2012
Looks like the Acura
Nick Sti Jul 17, 2012
Too plain for me. Spice up the wheels and front end
Timothy Hooker Jul 17, 2012
and the other half says...ugly. what's with the headlights?
Grant McHendry Jul 17, 2012
This car is amazing!
Matt Piccolo Jul 17, 2012
Agreed, this looks absolutely amazing!!!! I LOVE it!
Description: The impetus for developing the conventional NSX, according to the report from AutoGuide, is racing regulations. While Le Mans and Formula One racing allow for hybrids to compete, others do not. For in...
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Description: Japan's own Super GT series is another likely destination for the competition-spec NSX, particularly considering that the original NSX and the HSV-010 that was originally planned to replace it bo...
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Malachi Monteiro Jul 18, 2012
Simple do what NISMO did with the Z-Tune Super GT Engine
Aaron Crisp Jul 17, 2012
Tampon on wheels
Nick Sti Jul 17, 2012
Hahaha reminds me of the movie Horrible Bosses. "I dont win a lot of races"
John Park Jul 17, 2012
Who would ever race in a prius?!
Serge Pankratov Jul 18, 2012
Fantastic ass end but they still gotta work on the front a bit and plz acura, change the wheels!!
Anthony Calderaro Jul 18, 2012
Forget it I get to be as cool as the NSX?! Forget it!
Malachi Monteiro Jul 18, 2012
@Matthew Lol I was thinking the same thing.
Matthew Crighton Jul 17, 2012
Wheres that dipshit that was posting "seen it 100 times" on each picture?…oh ya, thats right this car is bad ass.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 17, 2012
i dont like comparing cars, but besides the headlights this reminds me of the ferrari 599 GTB/GTO
Abraham Mendoza Jul 17, 2012
This thing blew my got damn mind when I was little.
Kevin Rehbock Jul 17, 2012
should have made a street version of this.
Victor Takhanov Jul 17, 2012
This thing is bad ass
Abraham Mendoza Jul 18, 2012
I saw mules based off this once before, but they killed the project not long after that.
Tim Preisinger Jul 18, 2012
Wish they would model a street car after this. Real nasty looking. I love it!
Bob Jones Jul 17, 2012
Its the HSV-010, Honda racecar in the Super GT series
Pratik Parija Jul 18, 2012
This was the best! Loved it! Miss it!
Terrance Parker Jul 17, 2012
You'll never go wrong showing these old Japenese race cars, they are amazing!
Sam Oglesby Jul 17, 2012
Love it the originals are the best
Kris C. Lopez Jul 17, 2012
I was sad when the NSX's raced it's last race